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The United States of America is indeed a great destination to study. Many students from India opt to study in USA every year. Many students plan to study in USA after class 12th because it opens the door for great opportunities.

The United States is also known as the land of aspirants; the country has exceptional education facilities for every level of education. That is why many students start their study abroad journey after 12th by enrolling in top universities in USA.

The USA is home to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. These institutes have dynamic and culturally diverse campuses. It helps students in learning with various great minds. Further, it helps students in expanding their networks. Enrolling in USA institutes after 12th helps students explore the country more often. Also, admission to a master's degree becomes much easier for students who have studied in USA after the 12th.

Benefits of Studying USA After 12th

The more time students spend in the USA, the more they become fond of the country. Students who aspire to study in the USA also aspire to work there and settle in the beautiful country. Pursuing a bachelor's followed by a master's degree in USA increases the chance of getting jobs in USA. Apart from this, there are many other benefits to studying in USA after the 12th; these are:

  1. USA has leading institutes according to QS world ranking. More than 30 institutes in the top 100 institutes of the world are situated in USA.

  2. Students get a plethora of research and training opportunities in well-equipped universities in USA.

  3. Studying in USA after the 12th is extremely flexible. Students get a lot of majors to choose from and frame their careers according to their choice.

  4. Unlike India, USA has a lot of sources to offer. Many courses are not available in India. One can easily study them after 12th in USA.

  5. After getting an undergraduate degree from the top universities in USA, one becomes competent enough to work with various big firms worldwide. Students also get various well-paying job offers.

  6. Students who study in USA after 12th get to explore life apart from academics. Universities organize various student events for personal development like hiking, ted talks, skiing, museum visits, trips etc.

  7. Various master's courses in USA require a four-year bachelor's degree. To become eligible for this, students from India need to take a bridging course. Pursuing a bachelor's degree from USA would remove the requirement for the bridging course.

How to Study in USA After 12th

The first thing students must do to study in USA after the 12th is to clear the English proficiency exam. For this, students need to have a valid score on TOEFL or IELTS exam. Whereas many universities also give a waiver on the IELTS exam, one needs to get counselling from experts to learn how to study in USA without IELTS.

Another important exam score that student needs to study in USA after 12th is SAT score. Students need to have a score between 600-800 to get into universities in USA.

Students must have completed their secondary education from a respected board and have more than 70% marks in grade 12th. After having all these documents in hand, students can get in touch with experienced USA counsellors and make applications to different universities. Making an application with the help of education counsellors can help you avoid making mistakes. After the application, students usually get a reply from the university in 15-30 days. After receiving an offer letter, one can apply for an F-1 student Visa and start their study abroad journey.

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Cost of Studying in USA After 12th

Average cost of studying USA after 12th is nearly 15-20 lakhs per year for public universities. For private universities, the cost ranges from 20-35 lakhs (depending upon the university and course chosen). The fees of universities depend upon their location; there are also various affordable cities in the USA for studies.

Top Universities to Study in USA after 12th for Indian Students

In America, switching institutions after two years of undergraduate coursework in the same faculty is extremely common. For the same subject, the majority of colleges accept transfer credits from other universities. As a result, you do not need to finish your four years of education at the same institution to graduate. Various students also use this technique to get their F-1 Visa, and further change their universities.

There are various top universities in USA that offer the diverse course. Here is the list of them:

  1. New York University

  2. Arizona State University

  3. Cleveland State University

  4. Stanford University

  5. University of Alabama

  6. University of Illinois Chicago

  7. Columbia University

  8. Governor's State University

All these universities offer various undergraduate courses. The acceptance rate for international students in these universities is also great. One needs to make their application at the right time with the proper documents to get an offer letter from US Universities.

Documents Required to Study in USA After 12th

Studying in USA after 12th requires the student to submit various documents; these are:

  • ACT/SAT Scores

  • Offer Letter from SEVP approved university

  • I-20 Form

  • Birth Certificate

  • IELTS/TOEFL score (can get waiver too)

  • Mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard

  • Certificates of achievements and proof of participation in extracurricular activities

  • Letter of Recommendation from previous teachers or professors or teachers

  • Proof of funds

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Valid Passport

Admission Intakes in USA

Unlike India, admission in the USA is offered in three intakes in an academic year. These intakes are referred as semesters in the USA. Here is the name of these intakes/semester:


Starts From


Fall (August Intake)



Spring (January Intake)



Summer (May)



Of all three intakes mentioned above, August and January intakes are the most popular among Indian students. Universities in USA also offer major courses in these two intakes.


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