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USA provides F1 visas for non-immigrant and international students. With an F1 visa, you can enter the United States to study at a university or college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, language training program, or other academic institution. For Indian passport holders, an F1 student visa is valid for five years. It covers the duration of the course you are pursuing. However, while your student visa may be valid for five years, your ability to stay in the United States depends on your status as a student

DS-160 Form for F1 Visa

DS-160 is the official non immigrant visa application form. International students seeking an F1 visa must submit the D-160 application form before scheduling a visa interview. The D-160 F1 visa application informs the US government that the applicant has received an offer letter from an accredited University program while meeting the eligibility requirements to study in US.

DS-160 F1 visa application form is an online application. It is essential to have the following documents and information to complete the DS-160 application:

  • A valid passport
  • SEVID ID as given in the I-20 form
  • Travel Itinerary
  • CV or Resume
  • Digital passport photo according to the photo requirements mentioned
  • US Embassy may request additional documents and information to be submitted during or before the scheduled interview

Financial Requirements for F1 Visa

Liquid assets are sufficient to fund the entire first year of the duration of the program of study. Examples of liquid assets are bank balances, fixed deposits, equity and mutual funds, stocks, gold, insurance policies, and provident funds. The following documents are required for an F1 visa:

  • Original Affidavit of support from your bank or sponsor. It helps in justifying your financial capability to live in the USA.
  • Original bank account statement or passbook of students for the past six months and fixed deposit statements.
  • Original tax returns for the last three years (especially from 2016).
  • Proof of employment of your sponsors, such as salary slips and employment letters.
  • If your sponsor is a businessman, you must provide the business's balance sheet for the past three years.
  • Provide land papers if the sponsor is the farmer.
  • If the applicant demands financial aid from the university in the form of a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship (TA/GA/RA), they must confirm first-hand that a similar financial aid will be available for the program's entire duration.
  • CA statements that show a summary of the proof of funds

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What Funds are Acceptable?

The financial structuring is crucial for US visa application, for which the following points should be considered:

  • Family sponsorship can include Parents, Grandparents, or self.
  • The US visa officer should justify the sponsor's job/business adequately.
  • Financial documents can include proof of savings balance, sanctioned education loan letter, provident fund, and income tax returns of the last three years of sponsors.
  • Sufficient funds should be shown in these documents to cover the tuition and living expenses.

What is the Intent of the US Visa Interviewer?

The interviewer has a straightforward intention to understand whether you want to study in US and return or settle in US. Secondly, To determine whether you can afford to stay in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions in Non-Immigrant Visa Interview

Questions asked in US visa interviews depend on the interviewer and the applicant’s profile. But, here are some frequently asked non-immigrant visa interview questions that can help you stay prepared:

  • What is your purpose for visiting?
  • Why do you want to pursue your course in USA?
  • Why have you selected this university?
  • Who is sponsoring you?
  • What does your sponsor do?
  • How will you pay for your education?
  • What are your plans after completion of education?


How to maintain F-1 Visa Status

Acquiring an F-1 visa is insufficient. International students need to keep their visa status to continue their studies smoothly. You must comply with the university's rules and the American code of conduct for immigrants.

To maintain your F-1 visa status, ensure that you do not land in the country before 30 days of commencement of your course. International students must regularly contact their DSO (Designated School Officer) for updates. You must maintain a decent academic report card score as an international student. The student should have required attendance and seek help whenever needed.

If students identify the need to extend their F-1 Visa, they should discuss it with their DSO. They should enrol for their next academic year before the end of their vacation.

Work Visa USA

International students can easily work on a student visa, but they must follow some conditions.

  • Amidst their academic term, students can work only on campus.
  • Work allowance is up to 20 hours per week.
  • If a student wants to work off-campus, they must have legal approval from the university.
  • International students can work full-time during holidays if their universities allow them to.

Denial of F-1 Visa

There is a high possibility of an F-1 Visa getting rejected because of the gap in documents. If the visa gets rejected, the applicant receives a letter comprising reasons for rejection. To avoid rejection of your F-1 visa, the student must seek assistance from experienced education counsellors. They can guide you thoroughly regarding the admission process. Meridian overseas education counsellors offer you services to get your US visa approved. From interview questions to fulfilling the university requirements, students can get every in one place.

Seeking assistance is never wrong; one can get an overview of how overseas education can benefit them and how to start their study abroad journey. One thing that can prevent your visa from getting denied is your confidence. Visa interviewers need to know if the student has sufficient funds to complete the education. Student needs to answer all the questions confidently to convince the interviewer that they have no intention of staying back in the USA.

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Our Suggestions

Taking guidance from expert education counsellors will surely empower you in your study abroad journey. Here are some tips from experienced overseas education consultants

  • Prepare your documents properly
  • Ask your designated counsellor to conduct the mock interview. It will help you gain confidence for a visa interview.
  • Prove that you intend to return home after the course is completed.
  • If a visa interviewer knows that you want to become a permanent resident of the USA, your application may get rejected
  • You must have your F1 visa at least 30 days before the start date of your academic program.
  • Make an appointment for your interview as soon as possible.


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