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Questions like "Describe a person who you believe dresses well" on IELTS cue cards test a student's ability to talk concisely and clearly in a short amount of time. The candidates have one minute to prepare a response and two minutes to debate the issue. The examiner will then ask questions regarding the topic.


To learn how to respond to the "Describe a person who you believe dresses well" speaking cue card type, make sure to read this blog post all the way through if you're preparing for the IELTS.



I always had a good eye for people's routines, and one aspect of that is definitely how they dress. Although most people these days seem to be well-groomed, I believe that a decent dressing style is one that allows a person to wear the look with ease.


Who is this person?/ How do you know him/her?

Shruti, a friend of mine, is someone I believe dresses very smartly and carries herself with ease. She has a distinct sense of style and consistently puts together ensembles that are both attractive and functional. Shruti and I first met in the 11th grade of our school, and we instantly became friends. After that, our friendship continued in college as well. I noticed that she always looked put together, regardless of the circumstance. Whether we were heading to a party or running errands around town, she always dressed stylishly and confidently.


What kind of dresses does he/she wear?

Shruti prefers to dress in outfits that reflect her enthusiastic and creative nature. She doesn't hesitate to explore new outfits and usually dons vivid colours and bold patterns that make her look confident. Shruti is also concerned with minor things, such as accessorising with jewellery, bracelets, rubber bands, and hairstyles. She isn't afraid to stick out and has a unique style. She exudes confidence and honesty, which are her admirable traits.



Overall, I believe Shruti is an excellent example of a well-dressed individual. She uses fashion as a means of self-expression since she is confident about the way she looks. Every time I see what she's wearing, it inspires me to get more creative with what I own.


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In my perspective, individuals who possess the skill of dressing well do so with a certain flair. However, a person overly fixated on their appearance, going to great lengths to adhere to a specific look, doesn't appeal to me. Let me talk about Prachi, a colleague of mine who, in my view, exemplifies dressing well in a unique manner.


Who is this person?

Prachi, one of my colleagues, appears to pay close attention to her attire and style. Although she is in a different department, we keep on meeting during breaks in our pantry area.


How do you know him/her?

Prachi's approach to style is notably relaxed. She dresses in tight tops, loose tops, baggy tops, and crop tops, all very casually, as if she were born with that look. Rather than meticulously coordinating outfits, she aims for a clean and tidy appearance. According to her, the goal is to look tidy without being overly concerned about fashion norms.


What kind of dresses does he/she wear?

Prachi wears formal dresses and gowns to formal events and Indian wear to festivals and traditional events, but she is never overdressed. Even during casual outings with friends, she avoids being overdressed, maintaining a distinctive cool style. Her fashion choices transcend trends, and her casual demeanour sets her style apart.



In conclusion, Prachi's ability to dress according to her comfort and personal style serves as a prime example of dressing well from my perspective. I personally appreciate it when people are not crazy about following certain trends in fashion and dress in a clean and decent manner while still looking fashionable.


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An individual's manner of dressing often reflects their manners and discipline. Those who exhibit these qualities tend to have a unique and well-thought-out approach to clothing. Today, I will share insights about my previous manager, who consistently stands out for her impeccable dressing sense and professional attire.


Who is this person?

Her name is Hemal Tripathi. She is in her early thirties, married, and has one cute daughter. She's a mature, knowledgeable woman who wears simple and decent clothes. Mrs. Tripathi serves as a Content team lead in our office, writing informative blogs and social media content related to students’ academic journeys abroad.


How do you know him/her?

My introduction to Mrs. Tripathi occurred when I joined the organisation, and she became my supervisor. Over the past four years, she has held the role of content team lead, overseeing various aspects of all the content requirements.


What kind of dresses does he/she wear?

She dresses formally in a white shirt and black trousers. She pays careful attention to the fit, ensuring that her clothes are well-fitted, neat, and presentable. Her approach to makeup is minimal or nonexistent when dressed formally, contributing to a basic yet well-organised appearance.



To sum up, well-fitted clothes and dressing according to the place and occasion come under dressing well. So, I personally commend my manager’s neat and professional dressing sense.


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The examiner may ask follow-up questions in the IELTS speaking test part 3 based on your response to the cue card “Describe a person who you believe dresses well”. The following are questions which can be asked.


Question: Do you think online shopping will replace in-store shopping in the future? Why?

Answer: Because of the ease that online shopping provides, online buying may become more popular than in-store purchasing in the future. However, it won’t be replaced completely. People may prefer the convenience of Internet shopping because they can browse and purchase products from the comfort of their own homes. In-store shopping, on the other hand, has the benefit of being able to see and touch products before purchasing, as well as the social aspect of shopping with friends and family. Individual interests and circumstances will ultimately determine the outcome.


Question: Where do Indians actually buy clothes?

Answer: Generally, the young generation in India prefers purchasing clothes online mostly. However, the old generation still prefers purchasing clothes from local markets, street markets, and stores.


Question: Why is fashion very important to some people?

Answer: Fashion is significant to some people because it boosts their self-esteem. They appear to be good. Aside from that, some people are naturally drawn to fashion, new trends, trying new foods, and so on. They may feel gloomy without fashion at times.


Question: Do clothes affect people’s moods?

Answer: Absolutely! People's moods are affected by their clothing. Many people go shopping to make themselves feel better. It instantaneously shifts their mood from negative to positive. However, this pleasant attitude shift is only transitory and only stays for a short time.


Question: Are women more fashionable than men? Why?

Answer: It is widely believed that women are trendier than men. However, this is not totally correct. Men are just as concerned about their appearance and clothing as women are. Men's fashion has evolved over time, and there is now a diverse selection of apparel and accessories available for men to pick from. Men's fashion has grown in popularity, and there are now men's fashion shows and periodicals. Furthermore, the growth of social media has made it easier for guys to stay current on fashion and style. Men's fashion has been more adventurous in recent years, focusing on colour and design. Overall, both men and women are interested in fashion, which is a matter of personal preference.


Question: What do people consider when buying clothes?

Answer: People examine the occasion (casual or formal), the quality of the material (silk, cotton, or wool), how long it lasts, colour shading, size fit, accessories (if any), and finally, the price, offers, and discounts available while purchasing garments.


Question: Are older people as fashionable as young people? Why?

Answer: Absolutely not. Older people tend to be conventional and do not like to try new things; thus, older people are not as fashionable as young people, who are more modern and willing to experiment with different outfits and colours.


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In conclusion, the IELTS Speaking Cue Card task "Describe a person who you believe dresses well" enables candidates to show off their language skills and ability to convey personal experiences. By thoroughly analysing their personal beliefs, candidates can easily demonstrate their ability to describe imaginative occurrences or specific people, use appropriate language, and maintain coherence and fluency in their speech. Overall, with practice, students can strengthen their narrative abilities and manage this cue card task in the IELTS Speaking exam with ease.


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