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Speaking is more than just using fancy words; it is about expressing ideas clearly. In the IELTS speaking test, the cue card section is your opportunity to show how well you can talk and explain things in detail.


This section is about speaking for 2 minutes and sharing your thoughts properly. However, talking for two minutes seems a bit scary for some candidates. If you are one of them, then don’t worry; this blog is here to help. Here, we will explain the topic of IELTS Cue Card - Describe a Bag You Want to Own. This topic is chosen because it lets you share your thoughts, showing how good you are at speaking.


Describe a Bag you want to own cue card - sample Answer 1

Below, you can check the IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 1 on the topic describing a bag you want to own.



In the busy world of working women, picking the right handbag is more than just adding something pretty – it's like adding a useful sidekick to your style. Women use bags for lots of different things, and for me, the next bag I want to get is a handbag that's just right and useful for my workplace.


What kind of handbag is it?

This handbag is not just any bag; it is significant and stylish, made especially for the stuff I need to do at work. Handbags can look different, but I am searching for one with enough space for my laptop, papers, and important daily stuff. There are lots of brands out there, like Lavie, Caprese, Baggit, Lino Perros, and more. But I like Caprese because they make bags with cool designs.


Where do you want to buy it?

I want to get this handbag from the Caprese store, a famous shop known for selling good stuff. Going to a good store means I will get a handbag that looks nice and robust. While buying Caprese handbags online might give me good deals, I prefer going to the Caprese store to choose a good handbag for myself. The store is close, just 2 km from my home, and I can go there anytime between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM by using my vehicle.


How much is the cost?

I am ready to spend around INR 2000 to INR 2500 on this handbag. This amount is good enough to get a nice handbag and cannot be considered too costly. I also have some vouchers that can get me an attractive discount.


Why do you want this kind of handbag?

The cool thing about this handbag is that it is cool, stylish and spacious. It has enough space for important things like papers, my laptop, and my stuff, making it perfect for looking professional and stylish at work. This handbag is just right for me because it is a perfect blend of style, good quality and utility. Moreover, choosing a Caprese handbag and carrying it daily makes me feel good.


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Describe a Bag You Want to own cue card - sample Answer 2

You can check the IELTS cue card sample answer 2 on the topic describing a bag you want to own below.



Navigating the challenges of influencer life requires a luggage bag that goes beyond being a simple accessory; it needs to be a reliable companion on the influencer journey. The luggage bag I am searching for is not just about carrying clothes; it is about handling my cameras and all the props required for shoots.


What Kind of Bag Is It?

The luggage bag I am seeking is a strong and large companion crafted to tackle the challenges of an influencer's life. It is not just any bag – it is chosen for its ability to accommodate a variety of items and an extra compartment for shooting props. The ideal luggage bag for me should have a capacity of 30 inches. Waterproof features are a must to safeguard my shooting props, laptop, clothes, and other personal stuff.


Additionally, high-quality wheels, adjustable handles, and 3 compartments are essential for better organisation of all the stuff.


Where do you want to buy it?

I plan to acquire this essential luggage bag from renowned trolley bag brands like American Tourister, Skybags, Safari, Tomi Hilfiger, and others. These brands are trusted for their robust designs, making them the perfect choice for a luggage bag that can withstand the challenges of an influencer’s life. To ensure the best fit for my needs, I will start by checking customer reviews. Then, a visit to a nearby store will allow me to assess the quality of these top brands personally. Once satisfied, I will compare prices online and at the store to ensure it fit my budget before making a purchase.


How much is the cost?

I can buy approximately INR 12000 to INR 15000 reliable and long-lasting luggage bag which is within my budget. With a willingness to invest around INR 12000, I aim to secure a trustworthy and durable luggage bag that will be a constant companion throughout my journey. Exploring options on Amazon becomes enticing, as they offer EMI options that require no down payment, making it a financially savvy choice.


Why do you want this kind of bag?

The necessity for a spacious and durable luggage bag becomes evident in the hustle of influencer life. With its multiple compartments, this bag has become the cornerstone for holding all my essentials, ensuring durability that matches the demanding nature of travelling. It is not merely a carrying tool; it transforms into a dependable companion, ready to face the challenges and adventures that define my experience. The right luggage bag, chosen carefully, becomes an essential part of my journey, blending functionality with durability.


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IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Follow-Up Questions

In the speaking part 3 segment, candidates may face supplementary inquiries about bags. These could encompass topics like the changing trends in bag preferences, the environmental implications of different bag materials, or the cultural significance associated with specific bag styles. Being well-prepared to handle these follow-up questions not only deepens one's ability to discuss this ubiquitous yet diverse accessory but also contributes to an improved overall proficiency in communication during the examination.


Q1. Is the backpack useful in everyday life?

Ans. Yes, without a doubt. People now require backpacks to carry their belongings safely when they sometimes go to remote locations.


Q2. Why are kids required to carry uniform school backpacks?

Ans. I believe that teaching youngsters about equality is essential. Since schools are the finest places to instil moral principles, the administration favours uniform school bags for all students to promote equality.


Q3. Why do you suppose women enjoy purchasing bags?

Ans. Women are typically drawn to style and fashion. Women like to purchase bags since they are more of a fashion accessory. In particular, they want handbags to hold their credit cards, cash, mobile phones, and little beauty kits.


Q4. Do you believe that purchasing a bag is essential to our survival?

Ans. Yes, a bag is essential for survival and day-to-day use to store or transport stuff from one location to another.


Q5. What modifications will bags undergo in the future?

Ans. In the future, bags may include intricate sections designated only for different electronics, literature, food, etc. Bag manufacturers will give comfort, design and elegance more importance while the price will surely increase in the future with added features.


Q6. Why are some individuals willing to purchase expensive bags?

Ans. Some people prefer luxurious and expensive bags as they are brand-centric and are eager to buy them. People buy costly bags without giving much thought because they seem nice and have extra functionality to carry stylish stuff.


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IELTS Speaking cue card Topics

 These are some additional subjects that may be included in your IELTS Speaking Cue Card during the test. Thus, it is necessary to prepare for other subjects as well adequately.

  • Favourite

  • Time-Based

  • Person

  • Family

  • Object

  • Place

  • Work/Study

  • Emotions/Aspirations

  • Occasions

  • Recall

  • Popular

  • Activity

  • Something Important

  • Life

  • Event

  • Someone

  • Child

  • Who You Admire

  • Useful

  • App/Mobile

  • Business

  • Movie

  • Interesting

  • Famous

  • Gift

  • Change

  • Health

  • Your Country


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We learn about the IELTS speaking cue card topics through this assessment. To do well on the test, practice answering questions about similar topics. You may find some sample answers for the topic "Describe a bag you want to own a cue card" in this blog. You may construct an IELTS cue card by practising these kinds of questions. Hopefully, you now know how to respond to questions along the lines of "Describe a bag you want to own" on your IELTS speaking exam.


We hope this blog has helped you understand how to answer the IELTS speaking cue card questions. However, if you have doubts, contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011.

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