SAT Preparation Tips 2024: Section-wise Tips to Prepare for SAT

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Updated on Jul 24, 2017 12:45

 SAT is a gateway to esteemed educational institutions, and mastering the SAT requires a meticulous and strategic approach. In 2024, understanding a well-crafted SAT preparation strategy is paramount.


Why is the right SAT exam preparation necessary? How can a tailored strategy elevate your chances of success?




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  1. SAT Preparation Tips 2024 - Section Wise Tips

  2. How to Start Preparation for SAT?

  3. Best Online SAT Preparation

  4. SAT Preparation – Exam Day Tips

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Well, starting your SAT best preparation is required to make your dream come true. In this section, we have provided SAT preparation tips for 2024 and section-wise strategies suggested by experts. You should follow this strategy to prepare best for the exam. It will help you identify the exam's complexities and empower you to approach each section confidently and precisely.


SAT Preparation Tips 2024 - Section Wise Tips

The SAT Exam includes 2 sections – reading & writing and Maths. Preparing best for both sections is necessary to score high in the exam. Below, we have shared some strategic approaches that you can follow for SAT exam preparation.


SAT Exam Preparation for Reading & Writing

Mastering the Reading & Writing sections requires a blend of analytical skills, language proficiency, and strategic time management. By implementing these top 10 SAT preparation tips, you can confidently navigate these sections, ensuring a solid performance on the exam.


  • Understand Passage Structures - Break down reading passages into main ideas, supporting details, and the author's tone. Understanding the structure enhances comprehension.

  • Enhance Vocabulary - Build a robust vocabulary by focusing on context clues, root words, and word relationships. A rich vocabulary helps decipher unfamiliar words.

  • Develop Time Management Skills - Practice efficient time management for the Reading section. Allocate specific time limits for each passage to ensure completion.

  • Master Grammar Rules - Brush up on grammar rules for the Writing section. Pay attention to sentence structure, punctuation, and agreement errors.

  • Critical Reading Skills - Improve essential reading skills by practising identifying an author's argument, evaluating evidence, and drawing conclusions.

  • Utilise Official SAT Practice Tests - Take official SAT Sample tests to familiarise yourself with the Reading and Writing sections' format, question types, and pacing.

  • Annotate Passages - Practice annotating passages. Underline key points, jot down thoughts, and summarise paragraphs for better comprehension.

  • Review Mistakes Thoroughly - Analyse mistakes in practice tests. Understand the rationale behind correct answers and rectify misconceptions.

  • Vary Your Reading Material - Diversify your reading materials. Incorporate articles, essays, and non-fiction to broaden your comprehension skills.

  • Simulate Test Conditions - Practice under timed conditions. Simulating the test environment enhances focus and adaptability.


SAT Exam Preparation for Mathematics

Success in the SAT Math section hinges on conceptual clarity, strategic problem-solving, and efficient time management. By following these SAT best Preparation Strategies, you can navigate the complexities of the Math section with confidence and precision.

  • Master Fundamental Concepts - Solidify foundational concepts in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. A strong foundation is crucial for success.

  • Practice Mental Math - Enhance mental math skills to advance problem-solving during the exam. Quick calculations can save valuable time.

  • Memorise Key Formulas - Memorise essential formulas, especially in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. The quick recall is beneficial during exams.

  • Utilise Calculator Effectively - Practice using the calculator efficiently. Familiarise yourself with its functions to expedite problem-solving in the Math section.

  • Identify Patterns and Trends - Develop an eye for patterns in mathematical problems. Recognising trends facilitates more effective problem-solving.

  • Solve Real-World Problems - Apply mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios. Practice solving problems with practical applications.

  • Work Backwards - Use the technique of working backwards for problem-solving. Start with the answer choices and deduce the solution.

  • Data Analysis Skills - Sharpen data analysis skills. Interpret graphs, tables, and charts accurately for the Data Analysis section.

  • Practice with Official SAT Math Questions - Regularly practice with official SAT math questions. Familiarity with question types is crucial for success in the Math section.

  • Time Management Strategies - Develop time management strategies. Allocate time based on question difficulty to optimise performance.


How to Start Preparation for SAT?

Starting your SAT preparation with a well-structured plan and following these SAT best tips sets the stage for a successful and rewarding journey. Combining consistency, self-awareness, and practical resource utilisation allows you to confidently navigate the path to SAT success.

  • Familiarising yourself with the SAT structure, including sections, question types, and time allocation, is necessary to prepare best for the exam. A clear understanding of the SAT 2024 Exam Pattern is the foundation for adequate preparation.

  • Establish clear and achievable goals for your SAT preparation journey. Goals provide direction and motivation.

  • Develop a realistic study schedule. Allocate specific time slots for each section. It will ensure comprehensive coverage.

  • Rely on official SAT resources provided by the College Board. Practice tests, study guides, and insights are invaluable for SAT preparation.

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Tailor your study plan to address specific areas of improvement.

  • Consistent practice is key. Regularly engaging in SAT sample papers and questions will help you to strengthen your learning.

  • Feel free to seek guidance. Consider prep courses, tutors, or study groups for additional support and clarification.

  • Thoroughly review mistakes in practice tests. Understand the logic behind correct answers to avoid repetition.

  • Prioritise physical and mental health. A well-rested mind and body enhance cognitive function and retention.

  • Incorporate breaks into your study routine. Breaks maintain focus and prevent stress, contributing to more effective learning.


Best Online SAT Preparation

A preparation material is crucial to your SAT exam preparation. When it comes to online SAT preparation, multiple education courses are found online. However, Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) stands out in the top position due to its valuable features. MOEC offers a holistic and tailored approach to success. They also provide offline SAT preparation in Jaipur.

  • Comprehensive Study Material - MOEC offers comprehensive study materials covering all SAT sections, ensuring a thorough understanding of exam content.

  • Interactive Learning Platform - Their interactive learning platform engages students with quizzes, practice tests, and real-time feedback, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Personalised Study Plans - MOEC provides personalised study plans that cater to individual strengths and weaknesses for targeted improvement.

  • Expert Instructors – You can benefit from MOEC expert instructors who guide you through challenging concepts and provide valuable strategies for each section.

  • Flexibility and Convenience - MOEC's online platform allows flexibility in study schedules, enabling students to learn at their own pace and convenience.

  • Performance Analytics - You can track your progress with AI-powered performance analytics. Identify areas of improvement and monitor your growth over time.


SAT Preparation – Exam Day Tips

Here, you will find the exam D-day SAT preparation tips:   

  • Follow SAT Instructions Carefully - Read and follow all instructions carefully. Understanding the rules is crucial for a smooth exam experience.

  • Double-Check Equipment - Ensure you have all the necessary equipment. Confirm the functionality of your calculator and other tools.

  • Eat a Balanced Meal - Consume a balanced meal before the exam. Nutrient-rich food sustains energy levels.

  • Stay Hydrated - Hydrate adequately. Dehydration can negatively impact cognitive function.

  • Review Notes - Glance over any last-minute notes. Quick reviews can boost confidence.

  • Arrive Early at Exam Centre- Ensure you arrive at the exam centre well in advance, reducing stress and allowing time for check-in procedures.

  • Avoid Exam Discussion - Resist discussing the exam content with others during breaks. It may cause unnecessary stress.

  • Prioritise Easier Questions - Begin with easier questions to secure valuable points before tackling more challenging ones.

  • Stay Calm - Maintain composure. Deep breaths and a calm mindset contribute to better focus.

  • Positive Visualisation - Engage in positive visualisation. Imagine completing each section to boost confidence.

  • Use Breaks Wisely - Use breaks for relaxation. Stretch, breathe, and refresh your mind for optimal performance in the next section.

  • Pace Yourself - Manage your time effectively. Pace yourself to complete each section within the allocated time.

  • Maintain Confidence - Trust in your preparation. Confidence positively influences performance.

  • Follow a Routine - Stick to your usual routine. Familiarity breeds comfort and stability.

  • Get Adequate Sleep - Prioritise a good night's sleep before the exam. Rest enhances cognitive abilities.


As a whole, to start your academic journey for colleges abroad, you must know that a holistic approach, consistent effort, and the right resources can pave the way for success. A strategic approach helps you in your exam preparation. The SAT preparation tips for 2024 provided here, encompassing section-wise strategies, general tips, online preparation recommendations, and exam day guidelines, aim to equip you comprehensively.



1. How early should I start preparing for the SAT?

Start preparing at least 3-6 months before the intended exam date for thorough and effective preparation.


2. Is online SAT preparation effective?

Yes, online SAT preparation, especially with reputable platforms like MOEC, can be highly effective, offering flexibility and personalised learning.


3. Are breaks allowed during the SAT exam?

Yes, breaks are allocated between sections during the SAT exam. Use them wisely for rest and refreshment.


4. Can I bring a calculator to the SAT exam?

Yes, a calculator is permitted for specific sections of the SAT math test. Ensure it meets the College Board's requirements.


5. How can I improve time management during the SAT?

Practice under timed conditions, allocate specific time limits for each section and prioritise easier questions to improve time management skills. 

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