SAT Exam Dates 2024 - Exam Dates and Registration Deadlines

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Updated on Mar 24, 2019 11:38

  Are you gearing up for the SAT and want to know the SAT dates 2024 and registration processes? The journey to SAT success begins with knowing the SAT exam dates and carefully registering for them.


Recently, the official authority, the College Board has released the SAT exam dates for Indian students 2024 along with the step-by-step procedure to register for the digital SAT Exam. Here, you will find the SAT exam dates in India, exploring deadlines, anticipated dates, and digital exam options. You can also check how to choose the right SAT dates and register for the exam. 




Table Of Content
  1. SAT Exam Dates and Deadlines 2024

  2. Anticipated SAT Dates 2024

  3. Digital SAT Exam Dates and Results 2024

  4. How to Choose SAT Exam Dates in India?

  5. How to Register for SAT Exam?

  6. SAT Exam Centre 2024 in India

  7. FAQs


SAT Exam Dates and Deadlines 2024

To study graduate courses from colleges abroad, it's crucial to know the 2024 exam dates and register for them. Timely registering yourself for the chosen SAT exam dates in India is the key to securing your spot. It will ensure you have ample time to prepare for the exam.


Here, we have provided SAT exam dates for Indian students 2024, along with corresponding registration deadlines. Checking these details gives you a clear roadmap for planning your SAT preparation.

Digital SAT Test Dates 2024

Registration Deadline for SAT

Deadline for Changes, and Regular Cancellation 

9th March 2024

23rd February 2024

27th February 2024

4th May 2024

19th April 2024

23rd April 2024

1st June 2024

16th May 2024

21st May 2024

Anticipated SAT Dates 2024

While the official dates are set, exploring the anticipated SAT Test Dates for 2024 provides flexibility for test-takers. These anticipated dates allow you to plan your study schedule and select a timeframe that aligns with your preparation goals.


The College Board has provided the following anticipated dates for the SAT exam.

Anticipated SAT Dates 2024

24th August 2024

5th October 2024

2nd November 2024

7th December 2024

Digital SAT Exam Dates and Results 2024

Below, you can check the Digital SAT Test Date 2024 and its expected result date. 

SAT Digital Test Dates 2024

SAT Digital Test Score Release Dates

9th March 2024


How to Choose SAT Exam Dates in India?

Choosing the right SAT exam date 2024 is crucial in your preparation journey. Here is a guide to help you make an informed decision.


Consider Your Preparation Level - Assess your current level of preparation if you feel confident in your knowledge and skills. For those requiring more preparation time, a later date could be preferable.


Align with College Application Deadlines – Check the college application deadline in which you want to get admission and select the exam date before the deadline. Choose an exam date that allows you to receive your scores in time for application submissions.


Factor in Retake Opportunities - Understand the SAT's retake policy. If you are considering retaking the exam, choose initial SAT Test dates that leave room for a retake while still meeting application deadlines.


Balance with Other Commitments - Consider your schedule and other commitments. Ensure the chosen SAT Exam dates do not match with your major academic or personal events. It will minimise your stress during preparation.


Anticipate Additional Dates - Be aware of anticipated SAT dates. While official dates are set, additional dates might be anticipated. This flexibility can be advantageous in case unforeseen circumstances affect your chosen date.


Evaluate Test Format Preferences - Recognize your preferences regarding the test format. If you are comfortable with digital testing, consider a digital SAT date. If not, stick with the traditional paper format.


Check Test Centre Availability - Some test centres may fill up quickly, especially in high-demand months. So check the SAT Exam Centre availability and plan accordingly to secure your spot.


Account for Personal Readiness - Ensure you're mentally and emotionally prepared for the exam day. A calm and focused mindset will contribute to better performance.


Review Score Release Timelines - Understand the timelines for score releases. Different test dates may have varying score release schedules. Factor this into your planning, especially if you have specific score deadlines.


Seek Advice if Unsure - If you are uncertain about the best date for you, seek advice from teachers, counsellors, or test preparation professionals. They can provide insights based on your circumstances.


By considering the above mentioned factors, you can strategically choose SAT exam dates 2024 that align with your goals and set the stage for a successful testing experience.


How to Register for SAT Exam?

Understanding the registration process is the gateway to SAT participation. Below, you can check the SAT Registration Process for the 2024 exam.


Procedure to Register via College Board Website

Check the procedure to register for the SAT Exam from the college board website online.


Step 1 - Start by creating a College Board account. Provide personal information and set up a username and password.

Step 2 - Log in to your SAT account, choose your preferred SAT test dates, and pick a testing centre location.

Step 3 - Enter your personal information, including name, address, and school details.

Step 4 - Select additional test options, such as the SAT with Essay. Confirm your choices.

Step 5 - Upload a recent photo following specified guidelines for identification purposes.

Step 6 - Review your registration details, confirm accuracy, and proceed to the payment section. Pay the registration fee for SAT using a credit card, debit card, or fee waiver.


Procedure to Register via Email

Those who prefer a more personalised approach can register for the SAT Exam via Email.


Step 1 - Begin by reaching out to the College Board via email to request a paper registration form.

Step 2 - Once you receive the form, carefully fill in all required details, including personal information and test preferences.

Step 3 - Include payment information or indicate your eligibility for a fee waiver directly on the paper form.

Step 4 - Mail the completed registration form along with payment (if applicable) to the specified address provided by the College Board.

Step 5 - Await confirmation from the College Board regarding your registration. Once processed, they will provide details and confirm your SAT test dates.


SAT Exam Centre 2024 in India

The SAT is given at about 53 locations in 30 Indian cities and is administered by the College Board. Because the test is only administered once a month, there is still a delay in scheduling test centres despite the extensive coverage. Candidates for the test must apply nearly a month in advance due to the rising amount of applications each year. View the list of Indian SAT Test Centres here.


In summary, knowing the SAT exam dates in India is a pivotal aspect of your preparation journey. Above, we have provided you with the SAT exam dates for Indian students 2024, along with the registration process. The strategic selection of an exam date, whether adhering to official schedules or exploring anticipated options, is essential for success.



1. Why are there anticipated SAT dates in addition to the official ones?

Anticipated SAT dates offer flexibility for test-takers to plan their preparation effectively. While official dates are set, anticipating additional dates accommodates various schedules and preparation timelines.


2. How do I choose the right SAT exam date for me?

Consider factors such as your preparation level, college application deadlines, and personal commitments. Choosing a date aligned with your readiness and goals is crucial for success.


3. What is the significance of digital SAT exam dates, and how do they impact results?

Digital SAT exam dates signify a transition to an online format. Understanding this change is vital for test-takers. Results timelines remain similar, with scores typically available within 10 days after the test.


4. Can I register for the SAT 2024 exam online, and what are the steps involved?

Yes, online registration is the standard method. Follow the detailed procedure mentioned above in this blog, covering account creation, test date selection, and payment submission.


5. Is there an alternative method to register for the SAT exam if I prefer to do it offline?

Yes, an alternative method involves registering via email. This section outlines the steps to email your registration details, catering to those who prefer a different registration approach.  

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