PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024 – Education Qualification & Age Limit

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  Do you intend to appear for the PTE 2024? Well, applying for the PTE Exam comes with specific eligibility requirements. Understanding the PTE Eligibility 2024 is crucial to apply for the exam. It will define who can participate and apply for the universities abroad.


Here, we have provided you with complete information on PTE Exam Eligibility 2024, its age limit, education qualification, and minimum score requirement on top universities abroad. Let’s read the blog and know whether you are eligible for the exam.




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  1. PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024

  2. PTE Eligibility 2024 - Age Limit Criteria

  3. PTE Eligibility 2024 - Education Qualification Criteria

  4. PTE Eligibility for Top Universities

  5. List of All Countries that Accept PTE Scores

  6. PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024 for Top Countries

  7. How many times can a student appear for the PTE Academic Exam?

  8. FAQs


PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024

Pearson PTE has released the 2024 eligibility requirement to appear in the test. You can check these criteria for international students below.

Eligibility Factors

PTE Exam Eligibility Criteria 2024

PTE Age Limit 

Minimum age - 16 years

Parent Consent Required - 16 to 18 years

Maximum Age - No Limit Mentioned

PTE Exam Education Qualification

Minimum/maximum qualification is not mentioned by conducting body 

PTE Score Acceptable Countries (Major Countries)

Universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand

PTE Eligibility 2024 - Age Limit Criteria

Understanding the age limit criteria is pivotal for individuals planning to take the PTE Academic Exam in 2024. The PTE eligibility guidelines specify certain age restrictions that candidates must adhere to. By familiarising themselves with these criteria, prospective test-takers can ensure they meet the necessary age prerequisites for a successful PTE examination experience.


The minimum age limit criteria for the PTE Academic Exam 2024 is 16 years. However, candidates aged 16 to 18 years required Parental Consent. The officials have not mentioned any maximum age limit criteria for the PTE 2024 exam.


PTE Eligibility 2024 - Education Qualification Criteria

Pearson PLC Group, the conducting body, has not released any specific education qualification criteria for candidates aspiring to appear for the PTE Academic test in 2024.


This signifies that individuals from diverse educational backgrounds are welcome to undertake the examination, allowing for a broader and more accessible scope. However, candidates must have a minimum PTE Score to apply for university and visa applications.


Further, you can check these criteria for top universities.


PTE Eligibility for Top Universities

Here are the top 10 universities and their PTE Eligibility requirement for the 2024 exam.

QS World University Rankings 2024

PTE Exam Eligibility 2024

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

65.0 & Above

Cambridge University


Oxford University

76.0 & Above

Harvard University

70.0 & Above

Stanford University

68 overall score & Above

Imperial College London

62.0 & Above

ETH Zurich


National University of Singapore (NUS)

62.0 & Above

University College London (UCL)

62.0 & Above

University of California, Berkeley Campus


Below, you can check the list of all universities that accept PTE scores. Candidates can apply for these universities with their PTE scores.


List of All Countries that Accept PTE Scores

Many candidates have a question – which countries accept PTE scores?


According to the official PTE website, 73 countries worldwide recognise and accept PTE Academic scores for purposes such as studying abroad and migration. The complete list of countries accepting PTE scores is as follows.


South Korea




South Africa






Hong Kong








Sri Lanka



Saudi Arabia















New Zealand


Czech Republic















PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024 for Top Countries

Many candidates frequently inquire about the acceptance of PTE scores for top nations like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand. It is crucial for you to know the minimum PTE scores as they hold significant importance as an admission requirement for universities and visa applications.


Hence, you must get the required PTE Score recognised and accepted by the university admission committee and the visa-issuing authority. This ensures a smooth application process and enhances the chances of successful admission and visa approval.


Below, we have provided you with the minimum PTE 2024 Eligibility score requirement for top countries.


PTE Eligibility Requirement for Canadian Universities

Check the PTE Eligibility Requirement top universities in Canada if you want to study in Canada.

Top Universities in Canada

PTE 2024 eligibility Score Requirements 

The King's University College

59 & Above

Simon Fraser University

65 Points & Above

University of Manitoba

UG - 58 Points & Above

PG - 61 Points & Above

Algoma University 

63 Points & Above

Conestoga College

Diploma: 53 - 57 Points & Above 

Grad: 58 - 60 Points & Above

PTE Eligibility Requirement for Australian Universities

Check the 2024 PTE Eligibility Criteria for leading Australian universities if you are considering pursuing your education in Australia.

Top Universities in Australia

PTE Exam 2024 eligibility Score Requirements 

The University of Melbourne

58 Points & Above

Monash University

58 Points & Above

University of Sydney

68 Points & Above

Deakin University

57 Points & Above

RMIT University

57 Points & Above

PTE Eligibility Requirement for New Zealand Universities

Explore the PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024 concerning renowned universities in New Zealand if you aspire to pursue your academic journey there.

Top Universities in New Zealand

PTE Exam 2024 Eligibility Score Requirements 

University of Auckland, Auckland

58 Points & Above

University of Otago, Dunedin

58 Points & Above

Auckland University of Technology, Auckland

58 Points & Above

Massey University, Palmerston North

58 Points & Above

Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington

58 Points & Above

University of Canterbury, Christchurch

58 Points & Above

Lincoln University, Lincoln

58 Points & Above

Otago Business School, Dunedin

58 Points & Above

PTE Eligibility Requirement for UK Universities

If you have plans to study in UK, be sure to review the PTE Eligibility Requirements for top universities in 2024 which are mentioned below.

Top Universities in UK

PTE exam eligibility 2024 scores requirements

Coventry University

59 Points & Above

King's College London

54- 59 Points

London School of Economics and Political Science

58 - 65 Points

Teesside University

51 - 56 Points

University of Bath

62 - 69 Points

PTE Eligibility Requirement for USA Universities

If the USA is your chosen destination for studies, make sure to familiarise yourself with the PTE Eligibility Requirements for top universities in the year 2024.

Universities in USA

Minimum Score Requirement for PTE 2024

Colorado State University


State University of New York, Binghamton


Pace University


University of Illinois (Chicago)


George Mason University


Arizona State University


New York University


The University of Texas at Dallas


Columbia University


Harvard University


How many times can a student appear for the PTE Academic Exam?

The conducting body does not restrict the number of attempts a candidate can make for the PTE Academic Exam. The only requirement set by the board is that candidates must wait for a minimum gap of 5 days before taking their next exam. As a result, candidates can take the PTE Academic exam as frequently as they wish.


As mentioned above regarding the PTE Eligibility Criteria 2024, it is evident that meeting the specified criteria is essential for a smooth and successful PTE Academic Exam experience. Whether considering age limits, educational qualifications, or country-specific requirements, aspiring test-takers should thoroughly understand and fulfil the eligibility criteria for a confident approach to the examination. Although each university has its own PTE Eligibility Requirement, there are some common age criteria to appear for the exam. Candidates must check the score requirement and age limit criteria before applying for the 2024 exam. We hope the above information regarding PTE Exam Eligibility 2024 is helpful to you.



1. What are the age limit criteria for the PTE Academic Exam in 2024?

The minimum age limit criteria for PTE 2024 is 16 years. There are no maximum age limit criteria mentioned by the official for the 2024 exam. 


2. Can I take the PTE Academic Exam multiple times a year?

Yes, students can appear for the PTE Academic Exam many times a year. However, they should consider their preparation and exam fees before retaking the test. 


3. Are there specific educational qualifications required for PTE eligibility?

Yes, educational qualifications are part of the eligibility criteria. Above, we have provided the minimum PTE Score required to get admission to universities abroad. 


4. Which universities accept PTE scores for admissions?

Various universities around the world accept the PTE Score. However, the minimum PTE score may vary depending on your chosen university program. Above, you can check the complete list of universities globally that accept PTE scores.


5. What are the country-specific eligibility criteria for PTE in 2024?

Each country, such as Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA, have different eligibility criteria for international students. It is advisable to check the PTE official website of the university where you want to study.

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