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 Are you curious about the changes coming to the PTE Exam Pattern 2024? If you are wondering about the modifications made to the PTE Paper Pattern, you are at the right place! Here, we provide insights into the latest pattern for the 2024 exam.


Understanding the most recent pattern is crucial, as it directly impacts your preparation strategy. Moreover, being aware of the latest PTE Test Pattern 2024 is of utmost importance, as it allows you to tailor your study plan effectively, focusing on the specific skills and formats that will be assessed.


In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with detailed information on the PTE Pattern 2024. Let’s unravel the details of the Paper Pattern for PTE 2024, ensuring you are well-prepared for success.




Table Of Content
  1. PTE Exam Pattern 2024

  2. PTE Test Pattern 2024 – A Quick Glance

  3. Section Wise PTE Exam Pattern

  4. PTE Paper Pattern for Speaking and Writing Section

  5. PTE Paper Pattern for Reading Section

  6. PTE Paper Pattern for Listening Section

  7. How Many Times Can You Appear in the PTE Exam?

  8. PTE Question Pattern 2024

  9. FAQs


PTE Exam Pattern 2024

Pearson PTE has released the PTE Test Pattern 2024. Candidates who will appear in the upcoming examination must check this PTE Paper Pattern to prepare for the exam correctly.



PTE Exam Section

Speaking & Writing Skills (54 – 67 minutes), Reading skills (29 – 30 minutes), and Listening skills (30 – 43 minutes)


2 hours and a Single test session


Computer-based with headset


Taken in a test centre / Home Edition

Test Type

Assesses real-life English

Test Layout

20 question types

PTE Test Pattern 2024 – A Quick Glance

Here is a brief overview of the PTE Paper Pattern that candidates need to adhere to:

  • The PTE exam is administered at designated PTE test centres and a convenient PTE at Home option is now available.

  • It is a computer-based test, and candidates use a headset during the examination.

  • The PTE exam evaluates practical English language skills relevant to real-life scenarios.

  • In total, the PTE pattern encompasses 20 different question types.


Section Wise PTE Exam Pattern

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) Academic Exam is structured to assess various language skills through distinct sections.


Majorly there are three sections in the PTE Exam – reading, listening, and speaking & writing. Understanding the format of each section is crucial for candidates preparing for the test.


Here is an overview of the section-wise PTE Exam pattern 2024 -


Speaking and Writing

This section includes topics such as reading aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, re-tell lectures, answering short questions, and writing essays. The purpose of including this section in the PTE Exam is to evaluate candidates’ ability to speak, convey ideas coherently, and demonstrate effective writing skills.



The Reading section comprises tasks like multiple-choice, re-order paragraphs and filling in the blanks (reading and writing), and multiple-choice, choosing a single answer. Candidates must show their reading comprehension skills, ability to understand written content, and ability to interpret information accurately to get good marks in this section.



Tasks in the Listening section include summarising spoken text, multiple-choice, choosing multiple answers, fill in the blanks (listening), highlighting correct summary, and multiple-choice, choosing a single answer. Through this section, candidates are evaluated on their listening skills, ability to comprehend spoken English, and ability to accurately respond to questions based on audio recordings.


PTE Paper Pattern for Speaking and Writing Section

Here is the PTE Test Pattern 2024 for the speaking and writing section.

PTE Speaking and Writing Section Question Topics

PTE Questions per task (w.e.f November 16, 2021)

Duration per task

Personal introduction


55 seconds: 25 seconds for prompt, 30 seconds to record

Read Aloud

6 - 7

30-40 seconds to prepare for reading out the text of 60 words

Repeat sentence

10 - 12

15 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 15 seconds to record

Describe image

3 - 4

25 seconds are granted to study the image as well as prepare your response on the same

Retell lecture

1 - 2

90 seconds for prompt length, 10 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to answer

Answer short question

5 - 6

20 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 10 seconds to answer

Summarize written text

1 - 2

10 minutes to answer to text prompt of 300 words

Write Essay

1 - 2

20 minutes to answer to text prompt of 2-3 sentences

Total Questions

28 - 36

Time Allocation: 54 - 67 minutes

PTE Paper Pattern for Reading Section

Check the reading section PTE Exam Pattern 2024 to prepare best for the exam.

PTE Reading Section Question Topics

PTE Questions per task (w.e.f November 16, 2021)

Duration per task

Fill in the blanks –reading & writing

5 - 6

Read 300 words of text

Multiple choice, multiple answers

1 - 2

Read 300 words of text

Re-order paragraph

2 - 3

Read 150 words of text

Fill in the blanks –reading

4 - 5

Read 80 words of text

Multiple-choice, single answer

1 - 2

Read 300 words of text

Total Questions

13 - 18

Time Allocation - 29 - 30 minutes

PTE Paper Pattern for Listening Section

Below, you can check the PTE Test Pattern 2024 for the listening section.

PTE Listening Section Question Topics

PTE Questions per task (w.e.f November 16, 2021)

Duration per task

Summarize spoken text

1 - 2

60-90 seconds to retain  50-70 words, 10 minutes to write

Multiple choice, multiple answers

1 - 2

40-90 seconds for prompt

Fill in the blanks

2 - 3

30-60 seconds

Highlight correct summary

1 - 2

30-90 seconds

Multiple-choice, single answer

1 - 2

30-60 seconds

Select missing word

1 - 2

20-70 seconds

Highlight incorrect word

2 - 3

15-50 seconds

Write from Dictation

3 - 4

3-5 seconds

Total Questions

12 - 20

Time Allocation: 30 - 43 minute

How Many Times Can You Appear in the PTE Exam?

Generally, there is no set limit on the number of times you can appear for the PTE exam. Test-takers can retake the PTE as often as they want to achieve their desired score.However, policies may vary, so you should check with Pearson or the specific institution or organisation you are applying to for their retake policies.


Moreover, each attempt requires a separate registration and payment of the exam fee. Additionally, while there is no limit on retaking the test overall, individual sections cannot be retaken separately – you would need to retake the entire PTE exam.


PTE Question Pattern 2024

The PTE exam consists of three main parts: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each part assesses various language skills using different question formats. Below, we have provided the PTE Question Pattern for the 2024 exam. It will help you identify the question pattern type for the upcoming PTE Test.


PTE Question Pattern 2024

Speaking & Writing

Read Aloud

Repeat Sentence

Describe Image

Re-tell Lecture

Answer Short Question

Summarize Written Text

Write Essay


Multiple-choice, choose single answer

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

Re-order paragraphs

Reading: Fill in the blanks

Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanks


Summarize Spoken Text

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

Fill in the blanks

Highlight Correct Summary

Multiple-choice, choose single answer

Select Missing Word

Highlight Incorrect Words

Write from Dictation

All in all, the PTE exam pattern 2024 is a crucial aspect of test preparation. Aspiring candidates should familiarise themselves with the specific question types, format, and time constraints across the speaking, writing, reading, and listening sections.


Above, we have covered the PTE Test Pattern 2024 for each section. This PTE pattern is designed to assess English language proficiency comprehensively, and a thorough understanding of it is essential for effective preparation.We hope the above information regarding the Paper Pattern for PTE 2024 will help you strategically prepare for the exam.



1. What is the overall structure of the PTE Academic Exam?

The PTE Academic Exam consists of three main sections: Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each section assesses specific language skills, and the entire test is designed to evaluate a candidate's proficiency in English.


2. How long does the PTE Academic Exam take to complete?

The total duration of the PTE Academic Exam is approximately two hours. However, candidates should note that the time allocation for each section varies, and they need to manage their time effectively during the test.


3. Can you provide an overview of the Speaking and Writing section?

The Speaking and Writing section of the PTE Exam includes tasks like reading aloud, repeating sentences, essay writing, and speaking on a given topic. This section evaluates a candidate's ability to articulate thoughts and ideas in English.


4. What types of questions are included in the Reading section of the PTE Exam?

The Reading section assesses reading comprehension skills through various question types, such as multiple-choice, re-order paragraphs, and fill-in-the-blanks. Candidates need to demonstrate their understanding of written English.


5. How is the Listening section structured, and what does it involve?

The Listening section comprises tasks like summarising spoken text, multiple-choice questions, and listening to lectures. Candidates must carefully listen to audio recordings and respond accurately to questions, showcasing their listening skills in English.

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