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 Are you ready to ace the PTE in 2024? Choosing the right books for your PTE preparation is crucial, but with numerous online and offline options, it can be overwhelming. You might ask yourself, "What are the best books for PTE Exam?"


We have created this guide with a list of recommended PTE books to simplify your decision-making process. You can easily pick the ones that suit you best by checking out these books. Moreover, we have also covered the details of official PTE study material and online coaching. This guide provides insights into choosing the most effective books, ensuring that your PTE preparation experience is comprehensive and tailored to your needs. Get ready to enhance your journey with the right PTE Exam Books.




Table Of Content
  1. List of Best Books for PTE Preparation

  2. Importance of Best Books in PTE Preparation

  3. Top 5 Best Books for PTE Exam and Why These Are Best?

  4. PTE Books 2024 – Section-Wise Books for Academic & General Exam

  5. PTE Study Material

  6. PTE Online Coaching

  7. How to Choose Best PTE Books?

  8. FAQs


List of Best Books for PTE Preparation

We have provided you with the list of recommended PTE preparation books for the 2024 exam below. However, when selecting books for PTE, it is important to consider your individual learning preferences, areas of focus, and the specific sections you aim to strengthen.

Book Name - Author


Official Guide to the Pearson Test of English Academic - Pearson

The official Pearson handbook offers real-world practice problems along with an overview of the structure of the PTE Academic test.

PTE Academic Testbuilder: Student's Book + Audio Pack - Sam McCarter

A thorough book with a variety of practice questions for every area of the PTE Academic exam and audio resources for the hearing portion.

PTE Academic Expert Book B2 - Bell, Gammie, Luoma, & Sachs

A comprehensive manual that includes practice questions, test-taking techniques, and advice on all the subjects covered in the PTE Academic exam.

PTE Academic Practice Tests Plus - Pearson

Multiple practice tests are included in this book to assist test-takers in honing their abilities and becoming acquainted with the exam format.

PTE Academic 79 Plus: Your ultimate guide to boost your Pearson test of English, PTE Academic Score - I Ibrar

This guide, which is geared toward getting a high score, provides advice, practice questions, and ways to enhance PTE Academic performance.

Barron's PTE Academic Test - Pamela J. Sharpe Ph.D.

A thorough study guide that includes practice questions and a summary of the PTE Academic exam.

PTE Academic Practice Tests: Practice Tests Plus with Key - Neil Wood

A set of practice exams that thoroughly explain the right answers is a great resource for improving abilities and learning different kinds of questions.

PTE Academic Expert: Teacher's Book - Clare Walsh and Lindsay Warwick

This book is helpful for self-study even though it was written with instructors in mind because it includes extra material about the PTE Academic exam and teaching techniques.

PTE Academic Scored Practice Tests - Pearson

This Pearson-published book offers real practice exams that mimic the real-time exam setting, enabling candidates to gauge their level of preparation.

Importance of Best Books in PTE Preparation

The books you choose to read for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) will determine how well your study strategy works and how well you perform on the test. This highlights how crucial it is to choose the best books for PTE preparation.


Perfect Alignment of Content

Choosing high-quality PTE preparation books guarantees that the material aligns with the test syllabus. Excellent PTE books are created by professionals who have a deep understanding of the format of the test, ensuring that you concentrate on relevant topics and task types.


Detailed Discussion on Exam Sections

The top PTE study guides offer a comprehensive strategy by reviewing each of the four sections: writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Thorough covering guarantees you are suitably equipped to tackle the variety of issues outlined in each area.


Successful Study Techniques

A quality PTE study guide will frequently contain thorough study techniques and tricks. These materials help you prepare for different types of questions, learn time management techniques, and acquire the abilities you need to ace each test part.


Authentic Practice Resources

Practice questions that mirror the real test are included in the best PTE books. You can familiarise yourself with the various questions you face on test day. The reliable material will also help you know the exam's format and difficulty levels.


Delightful Conceptualisation

The best PTE exam books include questions along with thoughtful justifications for the right responses. Comprehending the reasoning behind appropriate answers is essential to reinforce your grasp of important topics and learn from your errors.


Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

Assessments and progress-tracking tools are often included in excellent PTE books. By allowing you to evaluate your exam results and pinpoint areas for development, these tools help you prepare in a more focused and efficient manner.


Exam Conditions That Are Simulated

Top-tier PTE preparation books frequently provide practice exams replicating actual exam circumstances. Exam-day tension can be reduced by practising under these situations since it simulates the time limits, question types, and general atmosphere you'll face on test day.


Top 5 Best Books for PTE Exam and Why These Are Best?

Below, you can check the top 5 best books for PTE that you can consider to prepare for the 2024 exam.

PTE Paper Book Name


Why Best

The Official Guide to PTE Academic by Pearson PTE Academic


  • Authored by the official test makers, this guide is a go-to resource for authentic PTE Academic preparation.

  • Provides detailed insights into the exam format and valuable tips and strategies.

  • Offers practice questions to help test-takers become familiar with the question types.

PTE Practice Test Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2


  • Volume 1 and 2 of this practice test series offer a comprehensive set of realistic practice tests.

  • Each test comes with a key, providing detailed explanations for correct answers.

  • The variety of question types covered in these volumes ensures a well-rounded preparation.

Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key


  • The Aspire C1 practice tests with key are designed to help candidates prepare for advanced English proficiency exams.

  • It includes practice tests to evaluate and enhance skills needed for the C1 level, suitable for PTE Academic preparation.

Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2

Bell, Gammie, Luoma, & Sachs

  • The Expert PTE Academic Coursebook is structured to guide candidates through the B1 and B2 levels of English proficiency.

  • Offers a comprehensive approach with exercises, practice tests, and strategies for effective preparation.

PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2022


  • This official vocabulary guide focuses on essential words and phrases relevant to the PTE Academic exam.

  • The inclusion of vocabulary exercises helps in building a solid foundation for the language skills assessed in the exam.

  • The 2020-2022 edition ensures up-to-date content aligned with the current test standards.

PTE Books 2024 – Section-Wise Books for Academic & General Exam

Below, you can check the section-wise PTE Exam Books for the 2024 exam.


PTE Academic Books

Here are some recommended PTE Academic books that cover various sections of the exam

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic" by Pearson PTE Academic

  • PTE Practice Test Plus with Key, Vol 1 and 2

  • Aspire C1 Practice Tests with Key

  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2

  • PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2022


PTE General Exam Books

The following PTE Exam books are created to assist candidates in preparing for the various levels of the General exam, offering practice tests and exercises to enhance their language skills.

  • PTE General Skills Booster Level 4

  • PTE General Level 3 Practice Test Book

  • PTE General Level 2 Practice Tests

  • PTE General Level 1 Practice Tests

  • PTE General Level 5 Practice Tests


PTE Study Material

Securing a good score in the PTE (Pearson Test of English) exam requires a well-structured study plan, and the choice of study material plays a pivotal role. In the market,  different PTE study materials are designed to cater to various learning styles and proficiency levels.


Comprehensive guides by Pearson, such as "The Official Guide to PTE Academic", are essential tools. These resources provide a thorough grasp of the test format and real practice questions, which the test creators frequently create. Moreover, reference materials such as "PTE Practice Test Plus" provide helpful additions by providing real-world practice and mock exams to determine exam preparedness. Furthermore, it is important to increase vocabulary, and tools such as "PTE Academic Official Vocabulary" are helpful in it. With a carefully selected list of terms pertinent to the PTE Academic test, these study materials help improve language proficiency and promote a stronger command of the English language.


With the growing integration of technology in education, dynamic study materials may also be found on online platforms and mobile applications. Meridean Overseas Education Consultants is the most reliable PTE website (MOEC). To make studying more effective, it offers students interactive activities, video lessons, and sample examinations for the online PTE Academic and General exams.


PTE Online Coaching

Many candidates want to learn in a way that can be done from anywhere. PTE (Pearson Test of English launched the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). It is like an online course that makes learning for the PTE test easy and available to everyone. Moreover, Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) also provide PTE book PDFs. They have a special online PTE course for 2024 test takers. You can check the details of both courses below.


MOOC Launched by PTE

The  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) has made PTE simpler to study. For PTE preparation, it offers various fun activities, videos, and practice exams. The best part is that MOOC is free for all users, which is its finest feature. Candidates who signed up for this course can access free from any location. Moreover, they can learn at their own pace and take their time, without feeling rushed, to fully comprehend everything.


MOEC Online Coaching for PTE

Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) is providing a personalised touch in their Online PTE tutoring. Experts familiar with the PTE test's nuances have carefully planned MOEC's tutoring programs. With study guides, practice sessions, and mock exams, their specialised online teaching offers a methodical approach to PTE preparation.


How to Choose Best PTE Books?

Choosing the best PTE books is crucial for effective preparation. Here are some tips on how to select the right ones:

  • Recognise Your Needs - The PTE components (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening) need you to assess your strengths and limitations. Selecting books that specifically target your areas of growth is crucial.

  • Examine Reviews - Before choosing a book, go to the opinions and suggestions of other PTE exam takers. Many internet forums and platforms offer information on the relative merits of various works.

  • Official Material - Using the Pearson-provided official PTE preparation resources is a wonderful idea. 

  • Comprehensive Coverage - Select books that address every topic on the PTE exam for comprehensive coverage. A thorough covering of the books you have selected will guarantee that you are ready for the range of assignments in each part.

  • Practice Tests - You have to choose books with practice exams in them. Frequent practice exams help you acquire used to the structure and time limits of the exam by simulating real exam settings.

  • Updated Editions - Make sure the PTE Books you have chosen are current and relevant. Using the most recent versions guarantees applicability to the present test format because PTE exam patterns are subject to change.

  • Authentic Content - It is important to seek publications that have genuine PTE-style questions. Genuine information offers a practical sneak peek at what to anticipate on test day.

  • Study Techniques - Pick books that offer useful study techniques and advice. Getting strategic advice on tackling various question types will greatly improve your readiness.

  • Accessibility - Prior to choosing the PTE books, you should take accessibility into account. Whatever your preferred method of learning - books, e-books, or internet resources - it is essential that you select PTE materials that align with it.

  • Budget Consideration - Assess how much you can afford to spend on PTE study materials. Select books that meet your budgetary constraints from the many reasonably priced and useful selections accessible.


Keep in mind that the PTE books that work best for one individual might not work best for another. Your decisions should be based on your requirements, interests, and learning styles. Consequently, a variety of materials should be employed for a thorough and customised preparation strategy.


To succeed in the PTE exam, you must use the right study materials and the best PTE books help you in it. These books cover everything you need, share smart ways to learn, and give you plenty of chances to practice.


In this guide, we have provided you with details on how to pick the best books for PTE. Additionally, we have a list of top-notch PTE preparation books recommended by experts in the field. On your PTE journey to get the targeted grades, you may consider each important book a valuable resource. We hope the above information regarding the PTE Exam books will be helpful for you.



1. What makes section-wise books different from general PTE preparation guides?

Section-wise books specifically focus on individual skills such as Reading, Writing, Speaking, or Listening, providing in-depth practice and strategies tailored to each section's requirements.


2. Are official PTE books necessary for preparation, or are there alternative options?

Official PTE books provide authentic content, but alternative reputable guides are available. You must choose materials that align with your learning style and offer comprehensive coverage of the test.


3. How often should I update my PTE section-wise books?

It is advisable to use the latest editions to ensure relevance to the current PTE exam structure. Studying with updated books helps you stay familiar with any changes in question patterns.


4. Can I rely solely on section-wise books or supplement them with other resources?

While section-wise books are valuable, supplementing your study with additional resources, such as online practice materials and official PTE resources, can provide a more holistic preparation experience.


5. Are there budget-friendly options for PTE section-wise books?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options available. Many reputable publishers offer cost-effective section-wise guides, and online resources provide affordable practice materials. Consider your budget while selecting materials to ensure a sustainable study plan.

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