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The University of British Columbia was established in 1908 and opened in 1915. It has helped numerous minds shine and conquer the world with education. It is a public university in the Canadian state where students from across the world come to study.

People who wish to study in Canada always have UBC on their list. The reason is that UBC has a wide range of courses. No matter which field you are in, you can surely find a suitable course taught by experienced faculty at UBC.

The University of British Columbia has excelled in research-centric education. This makes it a first-step destination for curious scholars. One can dive into the world of education and research with UBC's outstanding infrastructure and get great jobs after that.

International Students at UBC

Every year, UBC hosts a huge number of international students. These students enrol at different levels: bachelor's, master's or PhD. UBC experiences exponential growth every year in international student enrolment. For the past 4-5 years, UBC has seen a consistent 10% increase in international student applications.

The acceptance rate of UBC fluctuates every year. Not every student can get into UBC unless they have made their application right at once. This can be done by fulfilling all the requirements and providing all the necessary documents.

While applying at UBC, one should not worry about competing with the domestic students seats. The university has separate seats for domestic students that are funded by the government whereas international students compete for seats that are not government funded.

International students at UBC come from different corners of the world. One can study in a diverse place and learn to work in different communities. The majority of international students at UBC are from the USA, India, China, and the Republic of Korea. Most of the time international students enrol in undergraduate courses at UBC. After completion of their degree, many of them start working with firms in Canada.

Tuition Fees of International Students at UBC

International students are charged higher than domestic students in every university. At the University of British Columbia, international students have to pay a set amount of fees decided by the university. Every course has a set fee structure and requirements. The tuition fees get slightly higher than other institutions because of UBC's degree's value.

UBC demands tuition fees from international students at the commitment of outstanding education, great infrastructure and fantastic student experience. The tuition fees of international students are used in funding:

  1. Faculties: The major part of tuition fees is allotted to faculties for providing the best educational services. This includes hiring the best research faculties and giving them the infrastructure and surroundings to deliver the best teaching experience.

  2. Services for students: UBC is not only famous for its academics but also for the services it offers to international students. The university has invested a great amount in laboratories and libraries and conducts an end number of events for the development of international students. UBC also has a different department of career counselling for international students. This can help students always be on track with their studies and help them make wise decisions for their future.

  3. UBC excellence fund: This fund helps British Columbia University recruit and redeem experienced faculties. All these things help international students acquire the best education and jobs after education.

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Placement Cell of British Columbia University

The University of British Columbia trains students in a way that they develop skills in a way that doesn't get them rejected during placements. UBC has 20 state-funded colleges in Canada and tie-ups with renowned firms in Canada. These firms willingly accept skilled international students.

UBC programs aim to assist every international student in choosing their career path. It is done through endless counselling and exceptional teaching. According to a survey, more than 93% of graduates get placed after studying at UBC. The starting salary of UBC graduates is nearly CAD 29,000/ year. An international student can easily extract their tuition fees in a year or two after working in Canada. As the average fee for international students at UBC is CAD 50,000- CAD 60,000 (it differs with the course one chooses)

Canadian education standards are praised worldwide. But, only a few universities in Canada offer great placements alongside great education. UBC Canada is one of those universities. UBC can be a great option if you're planning to settle in Canada after studying there.

Top Courses at UBC

University of British Columbia is seen as a global centre of education because it offers a wide range of courses. Some top majors offered at UBC are

  1. Medicine

  2. Biotechnology

  3. Economics

  4. Behavioural neuroscience

  5. Law

  6. Pharmacy

  7. English

  8. Civil Engineering

  9. Political Science

  10. Computer Science

These courses are offered at both levels; bachelor's and master's degrees. UBC has experienced faculty for each of the majors mentioned above. Students are challenged daily by faculties to learn something new, making them skilled with each passing day.

After pursuing these courses, one can be placed at various designations. Some job titles and their salary are:

Job Title

Salary (annual)

Software Developer

58-60 lakhs

Project manager

59-62 lakhs

Software Engineer

55-58 lakhs

Mechanical Engineer

43-47 lakhs

Legal and Paralegal

55-58 lakhs

Financial Services

74-78 lakhs

Executive Director

45-50 lakhs

Program Options at UBC

UBC offers two core types of programs that are:

  1. Course-Based Programs: These programs are also referred to as professional programs at UBC. In this program, students need to complete a fixed number of courses to get a degree. These programs require major projects, internships and other work placements. Students get to do a lot of work in these programs, but they do not need to do a thesis to acquire a degree in a course-based program. The cost of these programs is higher than general programs. At the same time, these programs are more flexible and of short duration. Students with prior work experience and who want to gain a new skill in the same field can opt for this course.

  2. Research-Based Programs: Research-based degrees typically start with some coursework and then concentrate on students conducting their own independent research under the guidance of faculty members, which leads to the creation of a thesis or dissertation. PhD programmes typically need between 5-7 years of study, while most master's programmes call for two years. Research degrees offer the chance to become an authority in a selected subject of study, with the option to pursue both fascinating professions outside of academia, such as those as professors. While direct entry into PhD programmes is possible at UBC, many programmes there require applicants to hold a master's level education before applying.

Requirements for UBC

One needs to fulfill certain requirements to study at UBC. Every course has different requirements; here are the basic requirements for undergraduate and graduate courses:


  • 10th and 12th-grade mark sheets with at least 85% aggregate marks.

  • English Proficiency Score; IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or Duo lingo


  • 4-year bachelor's degree with more than 65% marks

  • The degree should be relevant to chosen master's course

  • English proficiency test score

  • GMAT or GRE score if you want to do an MBA

  • Minimum 2 years of work experience is preferred


You can study at the University of British Columbia easily by making your application at the right time. All you need to do is talk to an experienced Canadian education counsellor. They can help you choose the best course for you and be with you till you get your visa. Reach out to counsellors of Meridean Overseas at 1800-1230-00011 or send us your queries at .


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