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English is the most widely used language in international universities as the language of instruction. Universities require English language proficiency proof to accept applicants from non-English speaking countries.


There are hundreds of scholarship opportunities around the world that are offering scholarships to students without the IELTS requirement. You must have an English proficiency certificate from your previous institute to apply for the programs. This blog aims at providing you with all the details related to top scholarships without IELTS.

Study Abroad Without IELTS

Most well-known study abroad locations demand that students pass language competence exams. One such test well-liked by international institutions is IELTS (also known as the International English Language Testing System). It evaluates a student's reading, writing, and English proficiency.


Top Scholarships without IELTS Score for International Students


Nevertheless, some universities do not require IELTS from students. This implies that you can still pursue an international education even if you have never taken the IELTS test. The nations without universities and IELTS are listed below.

Scholarships to Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be expensive due to high tuition and living costs. Top universities offer a wide array of scholarships to study abroad for international students. These scholarships provide a waiver from educational fees and expenses, study visa assistance and funding, travel fees funding along with other benefits.

To make studying abroad less difficult, students should review the prerequisites of the universities in different countries. Students can select their ideal university from nations like Australia, the UK, Canada, Germany, and Norway, as many universities accept applicants without IELTS or TOEFL. To do this, students must enrol in a Pathway programme, which lasts nine to fifteen months. Through this programme, students can enrol in colleges that don't use high school grades as a direct admissions criterion.

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Scholarships Without IELTS 2024

Top universities in Europe, China, Thailand, Canada, the UK, Japan and South Korea offer a wide range of scholarships with IELTS 2024. You can directly apply to the top institutes in these countries without showing proof of English proficiency exams.

  1. IU Germany Scholarships

  2. NCTU Scholarships, Taiwan

  3. KAIST University Scholarships, South Korea

  4. SIIT University Scholarships, Thailand

  5. International Taught Master Merit Scholarship

  6. University of Tokyo Scholarship 2024, Japan

  7. Qatar Government Scholarships

  8. Fully Funded Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS, Global

  9. Fully Funded Government Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS, Global

  10. Schwarzman Scholarship, China

  11. CSC Scholarships

  12. Fridrich Eber Stiftung Scholarships

  13. Rhodes Scholarship, UK

  14. Russian Government Scholarships

  15. Sabanci University Scholarships, Turkey

  16. Clarendon Scholarship, UK

  17. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships

  18. Koc University Scholarships, Turkey

  19. Helmut Scholarship Program

  20. Masters and PhD. Scholarships in Canada for 2024, Canada

  21. Graduate Studies Scholarships, Doha Institute

  22. European Government Scholarships 2024 Without IELTS, Global

  23. British Chevening Scholarships, UK

  24. University of Brunei Darussalam Scholarships

  25. Gates Cambridge Scholarships, UK

  26. Reach Oxford Scholarship, UK

  27. Korean Government Scholarships

  28. UTS Global Ambassador Scholarship

  29. Hokkaido University Scholarships, Japan

Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students

Many universities from different countries provide fully funded scholarships to international students. You can check the details of these scholarships on their official websites. Some of these fully funded scholarships for international students are mentioned below.

  1. Fulbright Scholarships USA

  2. KFUPM Masters and PhD. Scholarships

  3. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTPS)

  4. Hochschule Hof Scholarships

  5. The Kind Abdulaziz Scholarships

  6. AAUW Scholarships USA

  7. Schwarzman Scholarship China

  8. Rhodes Scholarships UK

  9. Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarships

  10. Chinese Government Scholarships

  11. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

  12. Turkiye Burslari Scholarships

  13. Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship

  14. Commonwealth Scholarships

  15. The Swedish Institute Scholarships

  16. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

  17. Manaaki Scholarships New Zealand

  18. Johnson & Johnson Scholars Program

  19. Knight-Hennessy Scholarships USA

  20. Canadian Government Banting Scholarships

  21. Singapore International Graduate Award

  22. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship

  23. Google PhD. Fellowship

  24. Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

  25. Asia Kakehashi Scholarship Japan

  26. Holland Scholarships

  27. Rotary Foundation Global Study Scholarships

  28. EIFFEL Scholarships France

  29. Swedish Institute Scholarships

  30. Agha Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

  31. New Zealand International Scholarships

Universities Accepting Applications Without IELTS

Many universities around the globe accept college applications and offer letters of admission without IELTS. There are around 100 universities providing access to study abroad without IELTS, but applicants need to prove their language skills. The list is such universities is below.

Best Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Indian diaspora is forming the largest group of international students in countries like Canada and Australia. Studying abroad is the dream of many Indian students. Here are some of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students.


Q. Are there any alternatives to the IELTS exam?
A. Yes, there are some alternative exams to IELTS. PTE, TOEFL, Duolingo test, CAE and Password English Language Test are some common alternatives.


Q. Which country is the best to study abroad without IELTS?
A. Many countries offer admission to students without IELTS. Some of these countries are Canada, the US, France, Ireland, the UK, Japan, China and Thailand.


Q. Can I get scholarships without IELTS 2024?
A. Yes, you can get scholarships to study abroad without IELTS. You can check the details of such universities on their official website. Some of the best scholarships are mentioned above too.

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