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The demand for highly skilled personnel has increased with various organisations' growing competencies and dynamic nature. There is no doubt that in saying that the people with the most remarkable talent and exceptional practical knowledge will succeed in any situation. So to gain high-quality education and create a pathway to a global career, many international students prefer to study abroad. While searching for the best study-abroad destination, international students also look at whether they will be able to achieve a student visa in that country. This blog discusses some of the best countries where students can quickly get visas.


The US is a great place to study, with high technological advancement and excellent career opportunities. The country is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. About 3,000 universities and colleges in the US accept international students' applications. More than 350 US Universities are included in the QS World Rankings 2021. The degrees and professional skills students gain from US universities are valued worldwide and easily marketable. The average student visa acceptance rate in the US is approximately 85%. There are various types of student visas in the USA.


F-1 Student Visa

The F-1 visa allows international students to enrol for full-time programmes in accredited universities or colleges.

M-1 Student Visa

The J-1 allows international students to study courses whose duration does not exceed 1 year. Students who wish to study non-academic or vocational courses in the US can apply for this visa.

J-1 Student Visa

The J-1 Visa is for international students who wish to visit the US to participate in programs that promote cultural exchange. Students with J-1 visas can stay in the US for a limited duration, perhaps one or two semesters.


The UK is the top destination preferred by many international students. The country has a long history of higher education and has some of the world's oldest universities. Also, the UK is an English-speaking country which is a global language. Hence, while studying in the UK, international students can grab a good command of the language. Also, the students get a wide variety of courses available in the UK. The country is a melting pot of different cultures, ethics, religions, and nationalities. The UK has the highest student visa acceptance rate; it is almost 100%. Due to Brexit, the UK recently started attracting skilled and talented people from different parts of the world. Also, the UK offers the opportunity of 2 years Post Study Work (PSW) permit for all international students. This is an excellent opportunity for all international students to pursue higher education in the UK and gain work experience. The different types of student visas in the UK are mentioned below.

Student Visa

Students above 16 who have been offered a letter from a UK university for a degree programme can apply for this visa.

Child Student Visa

If the student is between 4 and 17 years old and wishes to study in the UK at an independent school, they can apply for this visa. Also, the student must have an unconditional offer letter from the school to apply for this visa.

Short-term Study Visa

Students who wish to study short-term (6 months to 11 months) English language courses in the UK can apply for this visa.

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Australia has amazing scenic beauty and various places to explore and enjoy, which convinces many international students to pursue higher education there. It is a vibrant and multi-cultured country, having a tradition of welcoming people from different walks of life.. Australian Universities are globally ranked and well-known for their high education standards. Apart from this, Australian universities are known for offering the best scholarships to international students. It is a great option for students who are looking for quality education on an affordable budget.   The students also get an opportunity for Post Study Work in Australia. The duration for PSW varies from 2 years to 6 years, depending upon the course duration. The student visa acceptance rate in Australia is about 85% - 90%* for 2021-22. International students can apply for Visa subclass 500 to study in Australia.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most exciting and friendly places to study for international students. No matter which part of the world you belong to, you'll always be welcome with open arms. It is ranked 8th highest in the world for its education. The cost of living in New Zealand is comparatively lower than in other developed countries like UK and US. It is one of the fastest-growing study-abroad destinations. The Student visa of New Zealand allows international students to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. The average student visa acceptance rate in New Zealand is approximately 83%.  The different kinds of visas that international students require to study in New Zealand for different courses are mentioned below.

Fee Paying Student Visa

Students who wish to study in New Zealand for full-time courses for up to 4 years should apply for this visa.

Exchange Student Visa

If the student who wants to study in New Zealand for more than 3 months can apply for this visa.

Pathway Visa

This visa allows international students to enrol for 3 consecutive study programmes or courses for up to 5 years.


The amazing research opportunities and the growing economy of Canada attract a considerable number of international students. The country boasts some of the world's famous research-intensive universities and colleges. More than 100 universities and more than 170 colleges in Canada accept international students' applications. It is a student-friendly country where the students get the opportunity for immense career growth. Also, it is one of the safest countries in the world. The high standard of living and unique cultural experience are other reasons to study in Canada. A wide range of short-term and long-term courses are available for international students. Canada offers Post Study Work (PSW) for 3 years, like Australia and UK. The student visa acceptance rate in Canada is about 60%. There are two categories for student visas in Canada.

SDS Student Visa

For Student Direct Stream (SDS) visa, the students must pay the first-year tuition fee before applying for it. Also, the IELTS score should not exceed 6 bands to apply for this visa.

Non-SDS Student Visa

In the case of a Non-SDS visa, the students have to pay the tuition fee after the visa approval. Also, there is no such mandatory minimum score required in the English proficiency exam for this visa.


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