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Overseas Education trends

Globalization not only favoured industries and people in business but also helped widen the scope for education. Students worldwide are exploring universities that can help them acquire quality education in their field. Many countries willingly accept international students and further allow them to work in their country. There are thousands of universities out there that offer the same courses at different costs and in different places.

But, the dilemma here is if you can only choose one country for your education, then which country should it be? There are plenty of countries that provide undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various domains. Below is the list of average enrolments of international students in the best countries to study abroad.



Average enrollment

United Kingdom

6,05, 130

United States of America




New Zealand





32,000 - 35,000




These are the priority choices of students to study for a long time. Apart from US and UK universities, various new countries have also come on the list. Various factors influence the selection of a country for international studies. Other than geographic factors and cost factors, numerous other factors decide the trends of immigration among international students. These immigration trends are highly influenced by global economic trends.

Immigration and Visa policies

Different nations have different policies regarding overseas students. They aid in determining the standard of living that international students will experience. Government policies help decide international students' fate in the host country. The number of international enrolments in the universities also depends on the host country's government policies.

The most crucial government policy considerations when choosing a country for education include:

  • Visa issuance ease

  • Visa extension options

  • Post-study visas

  • The flexibility to convert student visas into work visas

  • Part-time employment allowance


Immigration policies of the host country decide your process of entry to exit from the university and country. You should always choose a country for international studies that eases your visa issuance and allows you to work part-time during your term.

Linguistic Factors

Most Indians are only familiar with English as their second language. Courses available in the English language influence the decision-making process of international students. When choosing the country for international education, you should check the availability of courses available in English. The student should have the choice of communicating in English with the natives of the country. Since most students of India are familiar with English, their first choice in selecting a country for higher education is the UK, USA and Canada. But nowadays, the trends have certainly changed. Countries like Germany and Italy are falling on the top of the lists of students who are planning to study in Europe. These countries offer a variety of English-taught courses. On-campus you can easily communicate with professors and your peers in English. Communication off-campus is also not an issue. You can easily learn their slang by living there for a while or taking up classes to learn their native language.


TIP: Prospective international students should always visit a country that is providing their desired course in a known language.

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Improving Transversal Skills

Many people refer to these soft skills as transversal skills. Transversal skills are skills that in general help us lead a better life and grow and develop personally. These are not directly related to our job. For example, communication, resilience, working with others, problem solving, leadership. While staying in your home country, the chance of gaining transversal skills is significantly less. Whereas, while choosing the country for higher education, students should see how the migration can enhance their skills. From a sociological vantage point, studying abroad develops a student's personality in various ways. These factors are significant since they aid in finding employment options to study abroad.

Studying abroad helps people learn more about other cultures, develop soft skills, and, most importantly, push themselves outside their comfort zones. The students meet people from all parts of the world, which improves their personality.

These abilities are crucial in today's world because businesses require workers who can act appropriately in an agile work environment while also fostering the growth of others.

What is the use of international education if you are unable to imply it in your daily life? It would help if you went to a country and university that enables you to improve as a person. This can be done by seeing the campus life and extra-curricular activities of the university you are choosing. The country's culture also greatly improves a student's transversal skills.

Quality of Education

By examining the rankings of universities, one can determine the university's reputation in academics. Before enrolling, prospective students should verify a course's accreditation and the validity of that degree. This information will let you know how valuable and widely recognised the course is. Additionally, the university's infrastructure has to be examined. The student should gain the appropriate quantity of practical knowledge through properly equipped labs. Other aspects to consider while choosing a destination for international studies include the availability of student exchange programmes and the educational system.

You should check whether the university has a good amount of international students apart from India and the affordability of your chosen course. you can get in touch with experienced study abroad consultants for getting a clear view in your study abroad journey.

Another factor overseas students must consider while choosing their host country is how hospitable the culture is. The nation should be generous because this significantly impacts students' mental health. Other draws for the foreign student community include the protection of students, the absence of prejudice on campuses, and the incredible diversity of cultures.

UK, USA, and the UK are the top choices for prospective international students. Along with these three, other developing nations that draw the attention of international students are Italy, Germany, and other members of the European Union. You should not go to university just because it is located in a popular and robust economy. Research well before enrolling.


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