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Does your heart skip a beat while watching a theatre performance? Do you also feel a certain peace and calmness while listening to your favorite musician? This is the kind of beauty that lies in the performing arts.


Getting inspired by your idols and following your passion is the most important thing. Pursuing performance arts or fine arts courses in USA can help you follow your passion. In this blog, let’s explore everything about performing art courses in USA.

What Are Performing Arts Courses

Performing arts courses are educational programs that focus on the study of various types of performing arts, including theater, dance, music, and film. These courses aim to help you develop your artistic abilities and improve your performance skills.


Performing arts courses typically cover a range of topics, such as acting techniques, script analysis, stagecraft, choreography, musical theory, and film production, depending upon the program and specialisation you choose to pursue. You may also get the opportunity to explore various genres and styles within your chosen field of study, from classical theater to contemporary dance.


Overall, performing arts courses offer a structured and supportive environment for students to develop their artistic talents, gain hands-on experience, and prepare for careers in the performing arts industry.

Best Performing Arts Courses in USA

You can find plenty of courses under art department in USA universities. Some of the best specialisations in performing art courses in USA for international students are:

  • Music

  • Theatre Arts

  • Theatre Performance

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Fine Arts in Acting

  • Theatrical Design and Technology

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Universities for Performing Arts Courses in USA

Now, you must be wondering where to pursue art courses in USA. So, let’s explore some of the best universities for performing art courses in USA for international students below.



Carnegie Mellon University

  • Architecture

  • Design

  • Art

  • Drama

  • Music

California Institute of the Arts

  • Animation, interactive technology, video graphics, and special effects

  • Acting

  • Fine/studio arts

  • Dance

  • Technical theatre/theatre design and technology

  • Photography

  • Graphic design

  • Cinematography and film/video production

  • Music

  • Music theory and composition

New York University

  • Art & Public Policy.

  • Collaborative Arts.

  • Dance.

  • Design for Stage & Film.

  • Drama.

  • Graduate Acting.

  • Graduate Musical Theatre Writing.

  • Open Arts.

  • Performance arts

Northwestern University

  • Communication Studies

  • Dance

  • Radio/Television/Film

  • Sound Design

  • Theatre

  • Music Theatre

  • Film and media studies

  • Sound arts

Columbia University

  • Film

  • Film and Media Studies

  • Theatre

  • Visual Arts and Sound Art

  • Writing

  • Joint Programs

University of Southern California

  • Arts and Design

  • Cinematic Art

  • Dance

  • Dramatic art

  • Music

University of California

  • Theater

  • Arts and Architecture

  • Music

  • Film, Theater, and Television

Yale University

  • Drama

  • Music

  • Theater Studies

  • Dance Studies

  • Repertory Theatre

University of Notre Dame

  • Art, Art History and Design

  • Film, Television, and Theatre

  • Music

  • Creative Writing Program

  • Sacred Music

  • Studio art

Stanford University

  • Art & Art History.

  • Creative Writing.

  • Dance.

  • Design.

  • Digital Media.

  • Film.

  • Music.

  • Theater & Performance.

Career Opportunities After Performing Arts Courses in USA

If we talk about the career options after pursuing performing art courses in USA, then it depends on the specialisation you choose. There are many career opportunities available for those who have completed performing arts courses in the USA. Some of the career paths that you can consider include:

  1. Actor/Actress: You can pursue a career in acting, which involves performing in theater, television, or film productions.

  2. Director: You can become a director, overseeing the creative process of production and working with actors, designers, and other professionals.

  3. Dancer: You can become a professional dancer, performing in productions such as ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, and hip-hop.

  4. Stage Manager: You can become a stage manager, overseeing the logistics of a production, including scheduling rehearsals, managing props and costumes, and coordinating technical aspects.

  5. Choreographer: You can pursue a career as a choreographer, creating dance routines for theater, film, and television productions.

  6. Musician: You can become a professional musician, performing in orchestras, bands, or as a solo artist.

  7. Vocalist: You can become a professional singer, performing in musical theater productions, concerts, and other events.

  8. Technical Director: You can be a technical director, responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of production, including lighting, sound, and set design.

  9. Set Designer: You can become a set designer, responsible for designing the sets and backgrounds for theater, television, and film productions.

These are just a few examples of the many career opportunities available to those who have completed performing arts courses in the USA. It is important to note that the performing arts industry can be highly competitive, and success often requires a combination of talent, hard work, and networking.


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