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The demand for highly skilled and competitive personnel has increased with the technological boom and growing globalization. So, in order to gain the most advanced skills required in today's competitive and fast-changing world, international students have started to opt for newly emerging career options instead of previous monotonous options. Compared to 5 years back, now there are huge opportunities for international students. No, matter what career you choose to enter in, the universities abroad offer a wide range of specialized course options to help you reach your career goal. In this blog, let's explore some of the best career options after class 12th that have huge demand all around the globe.

Best Career Courses After 12th

Here are some best career options after 12th for students:

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is one of the most lucrative career options of contemporary times. It is considered one of the most rewarding job opportunities of the 21st century. Graduates from this course will have a solid understanding of artificial intelligence theory and practical application in business. The artificial intelligence course contains a range of topics, including Data Visualisation and Interpretation, Image Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and Time Series. Some of the best job options after the AI course are:

  • Data Scientist

  • Computer vision engineer

  • Data analyst

  • Computer scientist

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Yet, again promising career which has truly revolutionized the entire world is Entrepreneurship. After completing a degree in entrepreneurship, one is designated as an "Entrepreneur". Entrepreneurs grab the opportunity and take the first mover advantage to establish their new business. It is a challenging but highly rewarding career path. This course will provide students with an innovative way to start their businesses. Also, it will teach them the fundamental skills and attributes they need to become successful entrepreneurs. It is among the best career courses after 12th. After pursuing an entrepreneurship course, most students try to start new businesses instead of jobs. However, there are some other career opportunities after the entrepreneurship course:

  • Business Consultants

  • Sales Managers

  • New Venture Developers

  • Business strategist

  • Fundraisers and Development Officers

  • Machine learning engineer



The pandemic and the technological boom have diverted individuals' interest toward online games. Gaming is a newly emerging industry and is expected to grow in the future. The Computer Gaming course focuses on the technical expertise required to develop computer games. This course equips students with skills in creating innovative games and published research. It is one of the best after 12th PCM career options. Some of the top career options after pursuing computer gaming courses are:

  • Game Designer

  • Freelance Game Developer

  • Character Animator

  • Art Designer

  • Game Tester

  • Game Modeller



With the growing digitalization and e-commerce, a career in journalism can be advantageous for students. While pursuing this course, students will be able to develop the skills that they need to cover stories for print, TV news/ shows, radio, and social media platforms. The course will also give you knowledge of the global impact of journalism on audiences. No, matter what stream you have in 12th, you'll be able to enrol for a Journalism course if you completed your education in English subject. Some of the best job opportunities in jornalism field include:

  • Publishing

  • Writer

  • TV Producer

  • Anchor

  • News Reporter

  • Blogger

Fashion Designing


Fashion design is one of the most creative and fast-changing industries. A fashion design course lets you explore various fields related to daily lifestyle, including dress, jewellery, footwear, and textiles. This course enables you to develop skills to forecast fashion trends, understand customer behaviour and demand, and product designing. Students from any stream in 12th can enter the field of fashion design. However, students may require a portfolio or prior work experience to enroll in some popular universities. Top career options after the fashion designing course are:

  • Fashion stylist

  • Dress designer

  • Jewellery designer

  • Textile designer

  • Fashion model

  • Fashion influencer/ blogger

Animator and Graphic Designing


Since advertisements and marketing styles are changing, the demand for graphic designers and animators is also constantly increasing. It is a creative industry that aims to grab consumers' attention through visual effects and communication. While pursuing this course, students will be equipped with industry-relevant skills in the fields of communication, creative advertising, branding, strategy, and design. Top career opportunities after animation or graphic designing course are:

  • Illustrator

  • Animator

  • Advertising art director

  • UX designer

  • Digital marketer

  • Product packaging designer

  • UI designer

Hospitality Management


With consistent growth in tourism and increasing demand for perfect staycation, many students are driven towards hospitality management courses. This course is specifically designed to train students in the different aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry, including culinary discipline, hotel operation, event management, catering, housekeeping, and client service. While pursuing hospitality management courses, students can develop various skills like leadership, people management, and identifying, understanding, and responding to clients' needs. Some of the best career prospects after hotel management courses are:

  • Event management

  • Guest houses

  • Tourist adviser

  • Tourist guider 

  • Club management

  • Catering

  • Chef

  • Receptionist at the hotel

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Product Design/Management


No matter what industry we talk about, every sector has huge competition. The company with the best quality product and attractive packaging wins the race. Moreover, since globalization is increasing and technology is improving, companies/ industries are constantly developing new products. This has led to an increase in demand for product managers. The product management/ design course focuses on designing and developing creative and innovative products, considering user-centered design, commercial understanding, and social context. Best career options after pursuing product design/ management courses are:

  • UX / UI Designer

  • Product Designer

  • Clothing/Textile Technologist

  • Customer experience architect


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