IRCC Visa Processing Time Update

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IRCC Visa Processing Time Update


12 January 2023


Recently, IRCC updated their online process tool in 2022 to facilitate visa applicants with clear information on average visa processing times. Now, the visa applicants will be able to have an estimate of how long their applications may take to process. Additionally, applicants will perceive what to expect before filing for their visa. 


The visa processing time starts as soon as IRCC receives the application and ends as soon as the immigration officer gives their decision on the application. The recent update on the visa processing times ensures that visa applicants get a faint idea of their application's processing. IRCC will provide the estimated visa processing time to applicants based on the data collected over the past 6 months.


Moreover, the IRCC has been dedicated to reducing backlogs and supporting visa applicants. According to the most recent data from IRCC officials, the Canadian immigration backlog stood at 1.09 million. However, 1.02 million applications were still in process in accordance with the IRCC service standards. IRCC was processing about 2.1 million applications as of November 30, 2022. According to the data in 2022, IRCC processed more than double the files in 2021.


Canadian visa applicants can now expect a reduction in visa processing time. Also, the Canadian government plans to approve more visas to address the country's labour shortage. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for students planning to study in Canada due to more chances of getting a visa.


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