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Canada is among the most popular and attractive destinations for students undertaking degree courses abroad. It is noted that around 435,000 Canada study visa or study permit applications were processed in the first half of 2023, indicating a 49% increase from the last year. More and more international students prefer to Study in Canada due to the country's friendly immigration policies and world-class education. However, Canada student visa processing time is a concern for every student, with a yearly increase in the number of applications. It becomes difficult for students to predict Canada study visa processing time as the immigration department recently upgraded a novel processing time tactic.


Therefore, Indian aspirants are interested in knowing the Canada student visa processing time. In this regard, the blog comprises all the significant details of the Canada Study Visa and Canada student visa processing time in 2024 for better assistance and a smooth journey abroad.


What is a Student Visa?

It is a non-immigrant visa for international students who want to pursue an academic degree in an overseas country. Study permit is the name given to Canada study visa, and with this, they can get an education at Designated Learning Institutes (DLI) in Canada.


Canada Student Visa Processing Time

A student should have a tentative idea of the time a Canada student visa takes for complete approval. The standard Canada student visa processing time is approximately 7-9 weeks. But students are receiving PPR in 20-30 days. However, the time may vary according to the number of applications submitted.


Canadian embassy has to meet the target of processing 80% of applications in the decided weeks. The process may take longer for candidates in case of any application mistakes. Moreover, the candidates can check their application's estimated Canada study visa processing time by visiting the official website.


Documents for Canada Study Visa

Certain documents must be submitted to the embassy to apply for a Canada study visa. The candidate should ensure they apply for the visa as soon as they receive an acceptance letter from the university.


Letter of Acceptance from Designated Learning Institutes (DLI)

It is the first document that is presented to the embassy. Through this document, the candidate shows that the university has accepted his admission request. Thus, in order to study, they need a visa.



Every nation asks for a passport showing the aspirant's identity and proof that he is a resident of the declared country. A passport will have an expiry date. Hence, candidates should ensure that this date does not fall during their stay.


Documents Showing Funds

The immigration department checks whether the candidate is financially stable enough to support their tuition and stay expenses. A student needs to have 10,000 CAD for living expenses.


Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

A medical certificate showing the aspirant is medically fit is requested. Please note that your medical certificate should be valid at the time of arrival in Canada. Also, it is important to ensure that all the tests need to be done by any of the listed doctors.


Passport Size Photographs

Two passport-size photos are to be submitted if someone is applying offline. In the case of an online application, the size of the photo should not be more than 4 MB.


The photo should be clicked within 6 months of the application, and its size should be 35mm x 45 mm. The back side of the photo should have the name and DOB. No headscarf, with the exception of religious reasons. The photograph should be on a white background.


Statement of Purpose (SOP)

An SOP for a Canada study visa is mandatory as it increases your chance of getting admission to your desired course. It is mainly a personal statement that encompasses details of your academic journey and professional journey alongside information about your career aspirations and the reason behind choosing a particular course or place to study.


English Proficiency Exam Scores

Exams like IELTS or TOEFL and others, as mentioned in universities’ admission guidelines, need to be submitted by the students for a Canada study visa. 


Factors Affecting the Canada Student Visa Processing Time

Canada student visa processing time is computed from the date the application reaches the authority accountable for visa approval. There are some of the aspects which can impact Canada student visa processing time:-

  • Type of application submitted to authorities

  • Completion of information and evidence of all the necessary documents 

  • Number of applications received by the visa authority

  • In case of the criminal record of the candidate, the visa processing time is either delayed or study visa approval is rejected by authorities

  • Any travel ban imposed by the country

  • Change in the political power


Canada Student Visa Fees

The current Canada student visa fee is CAD 150, which can be paid online. Additionally, a biometric fee of CAD 85 also needs to be paid. Primarily, students can apply for the study permit through online mode.


Right Time for Applying for a Canadian Student Visa

All Canadian institutes give admission to students on a semester basis. As per our experts, the candidate should apply for a Canada student visa 3 months before the Fall intake. Thus, according to your flexibility, you can choose your preferred semester.









Common Reasons for Student Visa Rejection

Some common reasons for Canada study visa rejection are as follows:

  • Financial History or Background: Students applying for a Canada Study Visa have to prove that they have adequate money to support their stay while studying. The embassy officials can only accept your application if they find that the candidate is financially strong enough to take care of their studies in Canada.

  • Academic Performance: Every university or the Canadian government sets eligibility in terms of academic credits. If you do not fulfil the academic credits eligibility, the chances of further processing of your visa decrease.

  • Letter of Acceptance: A Canadian student visa is applied on the basis of a letter of acceptance from the university. If you have not received the letter of acceptance, there is a high chance that your application will be rejected.

  • IELTS or TOEFL Score: The visa application will be terminated unless the minimum required marks are obtained in the English proficiency test. Moreover, please note that the minimum IELTS and TOEFL scores vary according to the program chosen.

  • No relevancy of the program

  • Poorly written SOP 


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In summary, Canada is an enticing study-abroad destination for international students due to the country’s top-quality education system, high visa approval rate and welcoming environment. Moreover, to study in Canada, it is essential to know the details of a Canada study visa, the required documents, the major reasons for student visa rejection, and the Canada student visa processing time in 2024. Further, it is crucial to understand that 7-9 weeks is the standard processing time for a Canada student visa, but this time can vary in accordance with the number of submitted applications. Furthermore, students must keep in mind the common reasons for student visa rejection mentioned in the blog to enhance their chances of successful visa application.


We hope the complete guide shared in the blog regarding Canada student visa processing time offers valuable insights. However, if you are seeking more information on this topic or on how to study in Canada contact our expert country counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC), who’ll help you in every step of your study abroad journey.  Visit our website for free online counselling, or contact us at or 1800-1230-00011 for personalised support.



Q. Is there any fixed minimum amount required in the bank to deposit for the Canada study visa?

A: Yes, you need to pay the minimum bank balance of CAD 10,000 for living expenses in Canada.


Q. What can I show as evidence of funds for the Canadian student visa?

A: You can utilise a loan approval letter as evidence of funds for the Canadian student visa.


Q. What are some major Canada student visa requirements?

A: An acceptance letter from an accredited university in Canada, sufficient funds covering the cost of living in Canada and your tuition fee as well as English proficiency test scores are some of the major requirements for a Canada student visa. Other than this, medical results, letter of explanation, clean background and application fee payment also fall under mandatory student visa requirements in Canada.


Q. Am I allowed to study in Canada without a student visa?

A: No, you mandatorily need to apply for a Canada student visa to study there or complete a course or degree from there.


Q. Is it mandatory to provide English language proficiency proof to obtain a Canada student visa?

A: You need to provide an IELTS, PTE or TOEFL score to prove your English language proficiency if you are from a non-native English-speaking nation. Also, ensure a minimum of 6.0 IELTS band score and 6.5 band score while applying for an undergraduate and postgraduate degree, respectively.

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