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Data science is an emerging field of study in the world. Data science deals with managing, analysing, and interpreting vast amounts of data digitally. Due to the increasing population, the data is also increasing. Also, top companies have immensely praised the use of digital data. Pursuing a data science course in Canada provides students with excellent career prospects. Meanwhile, Canada alone will produce more than 30,000 data scientists by 2023. Students planning to study in Canada and pursue data science course should read the full blog to learn more about the top universities, eligibility requirements, and fee structure in universities in Canada.

Advantages of pursuing Data Science from Canada

Many Indian students pursue Canada because of its top-ranked universities and colleges, high-level education system, and great job opportunities. It also has a low population and comparatively easier PR laws, which make it favourable for many international students to settle there. Students have ample opportunities while being in Canada through studies, internships, and work. Advantages of choosing to study in Data Science in Canada are:


Excellent Educational System

The education in Canada is flexible as well as highly reputed. The professors in colleges and universities are extensively trained in their fields of interest. Also, universities and colleges in Canada provide students with many co-op opportunities for their studies. This allows students to learn and work simultaneously.


Lucrative Job Openings

After completing the data science course, students are eligible and ready for various job roles. The average salary students earn as data scientists can be as high as 79,820 CAD per annum. The salary may vary from province to province. The positions for data scientists and analysts will be raised by 2026 as our economies are becoming more and more digital. There will be more than 20,000 jobs vacant for the students who have studied the data science courses.


Excellent Scope

The data science courses offer great scope to the students. The job of data scientist is called the most promising career by the LinkedIn application. Also, it is the best job in America, according to the Glassdoor application. Therefore, the career opportunities after pursuing a data science course are very high. From this, students can evaluate the data scientists' scope in the future. Cost of living in Canada is also quite afforadable, the students find good spaces to reside. 


PR Opportunity

Students in Canada have easy access to public relations opportunities. Students who earn higher credit points (280 credits or more) and live there are eligible for PR in Canada. Some universities, like UNBC, provide higher credit points to the students, which helps them get easy PR in Canada. So, students who want to settle in Canada should seek admission to such universities

Top Universities for Data Science in Canada

Canadian education is regarded as the world's best education. Educational institutes in Canada provide international students with a lot of job opportunities. Also, Canada has some of the world's best universities and colleges. The universities in Canada provide bachelor's, master's, and PG diploma courses to their students. However, the colleges offer diplomas, advanced diplomas, bachelors, and PG diplomas to students.

Here is a list of the top 6 colleges and universities in Canada that provide data science courses:


Top 6 Colleges for data science courses

Top 6 Universities for data science courses

Conestoga College

Ryerson University

Georgian College

University of British Columbia

Fleming College

McGill University

Langara College

University of Toronto

Durham College

Thompson River university

Loyalist College

St. Mary University


If you wish to make applications to any of these colleges and universities, contact our expert counsellors to make your application.

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Admission Criterion for Data Science in Canada

The admission criterion in Canada varies according to the level of course applied. In Canada, there are various entry levels, such as a diploma, an advanced diploma, or a bachelor's degree after the 12th. And for those students who have already completed their 12th, there is an option for a PG diploma and a master's degree.

In general, the eligibility criterion is the same for diploma and advanced diploma programs. But it varies for bachelor's, PG, and master's programs. Before applying, check with our counsellors.

The general eligibility criteria for data science courses are:

  • Students must have computer, mathematics, and English skills with high proficiency in their previous qualifications.
  • Students must have a 70% or above in the 12th standard or bachelor's degree (3–4 years). Some universities and colleges require more than 80% for admission. So they need to check the eligibility criteria first.
  • Some universities/colleges require GMAT or GRE scores for master's and PG diploma courses.
  • English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and Duolingo (DET) scores are mandatory to submit.
  • Some colleges and universities do not accept Duolingo scores so check before applying.


English tests

Certificate, diploma, advanced diploma

Bachelor’s Degree

PG Diploma

Master’s Degree


6.0/6.0 or above

6.5/6.0 or above

6.5/6.0 or above

6.5/6.0 or above


79 or above

88 or above

88 or above

90 or above


53 or above

59 or above

60 or above

60 or above


105-110 or above

115-120 or above

125-130 or above

125-130 or above

Fees & Intakes

The fee structure in Canada is very student-friendly. The universities and colleges in Canada offer various courses in every field. The general fee for all the courses ranges from 15,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD or above. But it will vary from university to university and college to college.

The fee structure for certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma courses may range from 15,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD per year. At the same time, the fees for bachelor's and master's degrees may range from 20,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD per year.

In universities in Canada, there are three intakes: fall, winter, and summer. Some universities/colleges offer all the intakes, and some offer single or double intakes only. Also, students need to check the intake when it starts as it gets filled earlier.

So, enrol as soon as possible for the upcoming intakes because seats and time in institutes are limited!


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