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As the demand for international studies is rising day by day, students need to know where they can best get the opportunities to study as well as work. If we talk about Canada, it lies in North America and is the second-largest country in terms of geographical area. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories and is a neighbour of the USA. It also lies between the two great oceans, namely the Pacific Ocean on the left and the Atlantic Ocean on the right.

Because of its location near the North Pole and between two oceans, Canada is always colder than India. Its summer temperature remains between 25°C and 30°C (approx.) and goes very low during the winter, i.e., -20°C (approx.).

There are some reasons mentioned below for Indian students to  Study in canada as compared to other countries for their international studies


Canadian colleges and universities possess very remarkable rankings at the global level. The QS World University Rankings 2022 include 28 Canadian universities. The University of Toronto is ranked 26th in the QS World University Rankings, with McGill University in Montreal ranked 27th and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver ranked 46th. Canada has both public-funded and private-funded colleges and universities. Like Seneca College, the University of Toronto, Conestoga College, and the University of Manitoba, etc., are the most recommended and public-funded ones, whereas Fairleigh Dickinson University, University of Canada West, and Yorkville University are the private ones and are also in demand. Rankings always matter because they are judged on a number of parameters, so choosing a highly ranked university can never go wrong.


In Canada, there are a variety of work opportunities that students can take up. Jobs are available in both part-time and full-time fields. Some part-time jobs that can be taken up are being a translator, tutor, dog walker, writer or content editor, charity fund raiser, cafeteria worker, researcher, or driver. There are many colleges/universities that offer programmes with paid internships or co-ops, which attract students looking to get jobs easily. There are various on-campus and off-campus jobs also available for students, which make their lives comfortable in Canada. Full-time jobs available are higher in the IT sector, nursing, logistics, transportation, sales, and accounting, shipping, construction, and fishing industries, where one can get a job with 1-3 years of experience also. The Canadian government also provides health care facilities to its entire population free of charge as the tax which the citizens pay also includes the healthcare tax. And especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high demand for skilled workers in Canada across all industries.

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Every student has a different priority in mind while choosing a country and university for studying abroad. Both these factors play an important role because they primarily determine the quality of education you will receive. Canada flairs beautifully in both departments. The Canadian fee structure is pocket-friendly to a large degree, as well as having a low cost of living for international students in comparison to other countries. In Canada, students' expenses may cost between $15,000 and $25,000 CAD (10–15 lakhs) per year, which is less in comparison with others. Also, the Canada Student Visa application process is very simplified, which acts as an encouraging factor while planning to study in Canada.


In some international countries, discrimination on grounds of race and nationality is prevalent. But that is not the case in Canada. The environment is very student friendly. As of 2020, Canada had more than 1 million Indians residing there. In some cities, you might not even feel that you’re not in your home country. Indian students face almost no issues in sourcing Indian home-cooked food, which is a win-win situation. Canada ranks 15th on the happiness index, while India ranks 136th, making Canada an attractive place for students, raising families, and making its surroundings happier. Students can realise their potential while working and studying simultaneously when away from home if they get the right kind of environment. Canada is one such place.


The majority of students' reasons for wanting to go abroad for studying is to settle there in the long term. It is also an important consideration when deciding which country to visit. A Canada PR Visa status provides numerous benefits, including free access to an effective health care system, free high-quality education, easily accessible housing, access to social security and service benefits, and participation in a thriving economy. It is also quite convenient to apply for a permanent residence visa for Canada as the immigration process is very simple, provided you meet all the necessary eligibility requirements. And the biggest advantage of having a PR is being eligible for all the benefits that are given to the domestic citizens of that country, which brings equality amongst all citizens.


Like India and Nepal, which maintain VISA-free movement for their respective passport holders, the same lies between Canada and the USA, where Canadians do not require a non-immigrant VISA for travelling to the USA. It means that a Canadian citizen can travel to the US with minimal VISA requirements. Canadian PR holders can also work in the United States with minimal paperwork and travel to and from the country.


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