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Students aspiring to study abr+oad tend to look for the best universities and top courses to study after 12th in their desired countries. Canada is deemed to be one of the most desired and widely popular study-abroad destinations among students. Studying at internationally renowned universities in Canada is a popular choice for international students from many nations because of the top universities, diverse courses to study in Canada after 12th, globally recognised degrees, and vibrant campuses.


If you have made up your mind to study in Canada after 12th and are searching for the course availability after 12th in Canada, then read the blog till the very end. The blog encompasses comprehensive information on undergraduate courses in Canada, the best courses in Canada after 12th and courses in Canada after 12th. 


Top Universities to Study in Canada After 12th

There are several options for undergraduate courses in Canada for international students. In addition to the full-time courses, universities offer PG Diploma courses (1-2) years and Diploma courses (1-3) years. Other than this, certificate and vocational courses are also offered by some top universities in Canada. We have compiled a list of the top 10 Canadian universities to aid in the decision-making process in selecting the proper course and university after the 12th.

Country Rank

QS Ranking




McGill University



University of Toronto



University of British Columbia



University of Alberta



Université de Montréal



McMaster University



University of Waterloo



Western University



University of Ottawa



University of Calgary 

Percentage Requirements to Study in Canada After 12th

The qualification criteria may contrast from one college to another; the common percentage requirement for admission to courses in Canada after 12th is 70%. Apart from this, universities in Canada also ask for SAT/ACT scores. Further, you also need to submit a well-crafted Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation. 


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Best Courses in Canada After 12th

 Now, let us explore some of the best courses in Canada after 12th. We have curated a list of top courses to study in Canada after 12th.


First, let us delve into top engineering courses to pursue from Canada after 12th:

Electrical Engineering

Data and Technology Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Synthetic Engineering

Mining Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Primary Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Advanced mechanics Engineering

Material Engineering

Software Engineering

BSc Physics

BSc Chemistry

BSc Mathematics

Data and Technology Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering in Canada

Structural Engineering

Further, the top BSc courses in Canada after 12th for international students with a science stream are as follows:

Bachelor of Pharmacy 

B.Sc Nursing

B.Sc Biotechnology

B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

B.Sc Microbiology

B.Sc Zoology

B.Sc Biology

B.Sc Bioinformatics

B.Sc Botany

B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Tech Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology

Veterinary Sciences

In this series, let us explore some of the top courses in Canada after 12th, mainly one-year diploma courses for students with commerce stream in the table shown below:

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Lone Rangers of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Foreign Trades

Organization Secretary

Accounting Courses

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Statistics

Affirmed Financial Planner

Lone Ranger of Construction Management and Economics

BSc Actuarial Science

Lone Ranger of Computer Applications (BCA)

B.Com in Computer Applications


Apart from the mentioned courses, course availability after 12th in Canada for students without Maths or Science. The below-mentioned courses are for students with Commerce stream in 12th:

  • BBA in Marketing

  • BBA in HR Management

  • BBA in Supply Chain Management

  • BA LLB

  • Lone Ranger of Hotel Management

  • Lone Rangers in Fashion Designing

  • Lone Rangers in Journalism

  • Lone Rangers in Digital Media


Canada offers a plethora of Humanities or Arts courses for students after 12th in fields such as Journalism, Language, Law, Psychology and Tourism and Hospitality. Since most of the subjects in the Humanities or Arts stream are interconnected with different areas, you can explore courses in varied fields. Renowned degree courses, first-rate resources, and incredible modern preparation open doors, and seeking after Humanities/Arts stream subjects in Canada is the most appropriate choice. Here are some top courses in Canada after 12th for Arts/Humanities students:

  • BA English

  • BA Economics

  • BA Sociology

  • BA Psychology

  • BSc Psychology

  • BA in Political Science

  • BA History

  • BA Geography

  • Lone Ranger of Mass Communication

  • Aces in Psychology in Canada

  • Cost of Studying in Canada


Subsequently, the top vocational courses in Canada after 12th for international students are:

Modern Electrician

Veterinary Medicine


Ranch Management

PC Programming

Authorised Practical Nurse (LPN)

Designing Technology

Clinical Assistant

Data Systems


If you intend to pursue an undergraduate course in Canada in the medical field, here, we have come up with a list of top medical courses in Canada after 12th:

B.Sc Nursing

Bachelor of Health Science

B.Sc Food Technology

B.Sc Food/Health/Nutrition

B.Sc Biology

B.Sc Life Science

B.Sc Psychology

B.Sc Biochemistry

B.Sc Physics

B.Sc Bioinformatics

B.Sc Anthropology

B.Sc Microbiology

B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc Chemistry

B.Sc Pathology

B.Sc Horticulture

B.Sc Environmental Science

B.Sc Biotechnology

B.Sc Occupational Therapy

B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology

B.Sc Genetics

B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology

B.Sc Sports Science

B.Sc Zoology

Now, look at some top management courses in Canada after 12th, which you can consider when deciding to study in Canada. 








Retail Management

HR Global Business Management

Innovative Leadership

Style Management

Natural Management

Designing Management

General Management

Lodging Management

Cordiality and Tourism Management

Inventory network Management

Advanced Marketing

If you are interested in pursuing something in the field of agriculture 12th in Canada, then you have plenty of options to choose from:

Food and Nutrition Management

Supportable Agriculture

Food Science Technology

Food handling and Quality Assurance

Backwoods Economics

Backwoods Conservation

Creature Husbandry

Agriculture and Viticulture

Fisheries studies

Horticultural Science

If you are looking for Aviation courses to study in Canada after 12th, you have a multitude of courses to choose from, such as:

  • BE/B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering

  • B. Sc. in Aviation

  • BSc in Aeronautics

  • B. Tech in Aerospace Engineering

  • BE in Aerospace Engineering


Further, nursing courses to pursue in Canada after 12th for international students are 

Practical Nursing

General Nursing

International Nursing

Nursing Assisting

Pre-health Sciences

Critical Care Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Nursing Specialists

Cardiac Nursing

Emergency Nursing


Gastroenterology Nursing

Public Health

Nursing & Midwifery

Overall, some of the most popular undergraduate courses in Canada after 12th in the top Canadian universities according to QS World Ranking are summarised in the table below:



McGill University

BA in Economics and Finance; BSc in Microbiology and Immunology; B.Eng. Computer Engineering; BCom in International Management; BSc in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; BA/ BSc in Psychology; BSc in Nursing

University of Toronto

BBA; BCom; BA in Economics, BA Hons in Criminology, Law and Society, BA Hons in Media, Journalism and Digital Cultures, BSc Hons in Paramedicine,Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering, BSc Hons in Data Science

University of British Columbia

BSc in Nursing, BA in Psychology, BA in Economics, BSc in Biotechnology, Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering, BSc in Physics, BSc in Computer Science

University of Alberta

BCom, BA in Criminology, BA in Anthropology, BA in Environmental Studies, BSc in Nursing, BSc in Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science Pharmacy, BCom in Marketing, BCom in Finance, BCom in International Business

Université de Montréal

BSc in Biological Sciences, BA in Sociology, BSc in Biological Sciences, BA in History, BSc in Chemistry 

Application Process for Undergraduate Courses in Canada After 12th

Admission to undergraduate courses takes place in Winter and Fall. However, no admissions are there for Summer/Spring courses. However, some exceptions in Summer intakes are Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta. Further, the admission process is as follows:

  1. Select a course: In Canada, there are several course alternatives, so select a course to study after the 12th that aligns with your preferences, background and interest areas. 

  2. Select a university: Make a list of universities or colleges that fit your needs and budget and make an appropriate choice to study in Canada after 12th.

  3. Check eligibility: Each course and university has different eligibility requirements. You can only secure admission to your preferred course and university if you fulfil the eligibility requirements and prerequisites. Moreover, you can look for specific details regarding eligibility on the university website.

  4. Documentation: Arrange your documents in advance and ensure that they are accurate and complete because universities tend to reject applications with missing documents or delays in submission. 

  5. Apply and wait for the acceptance letter: After applying to the university, you need to wait for weeks or a few days. You will receive an offer letter of admission in case your application is accepted.



In summary, there are many courses to study in Canada after 12th for international students seeking admission to top Canadian universities and looking for a variety of courses. It is evident from the list of several courses and top universities highlighted in the blog that there are plenty of undergraduate and diploma courses available in Canada for students from every stream, including Science, Maths, Commerce, Arts and Humanities. As a whole, Canada serves as an appealing destination for students willing to do their undergraduate studies from Canada owing to its educational excellence, good quality of life, and variety of courses.


We hope the blog rendered detailed information on course availability in Canada after 12th. However, if you are looking forward to study in Canada and need guidance in course and university selection, we recommend you contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC).  You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011.



Q. What is the minimum percentage requirement to study in Canada after 12th?

A. The majority of the undergraduate programs require 70% or more for admission to the UG course in Canada.


Q. What are the test score criteria for admission into Canadian universities?

A. An IELTS band score of 6.0/6.5 and a TOEFL score of 213 in a computer-based format, while in paper-based TOEFL, a score of 550 is needed for admission to Canadian universities.


Q. What is the average tuition fee to study in Canada?

A. It is around CAD 20,000-30,000 yearly. However, it is important to check for specific programs and universities before applying.


Q. Which course or courses are the best courses in Canada after the 12th?

A. Selecting the best course in Canada depends solely on your career objectives, preferences and academic background. Here are some popular courses in Canada after 12th for international students:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

  • Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)

  • Hotel Management

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