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30 January 2022



Understudy cordial climate, a wide assortment of projects, hello-tech establishments, pocket-accommodating educational expenses, everyday costs, and brilliant worldwide openness, Canada offers various advantages and advantages to global understudies who plan to begin their vacation abroad in the North American country! An individual from the desired G-7 nations, Canada is all around the world prestigious for its modern greatness and high-level training framework. The nation is something like heaven to the understudies able to launch their vocation after the twelfth, as it offers a variety of recognition, single guy's, and expert's courses across fields. Along these lines, in the event that you are likewise intending to study in Canada, we have examined a rundown of courses in Canada after the twelfth which you should consider.


Least Percentage Required for Canada after twelfth

However, the qualification rules may contrast starting with one college then onto the next, the base rate needed for courses in Canada after twelfth is 70% and for courses after twelfth Commerce, you may be needed to score 75% in Maths. The affirmations measures for courses after twelfth in Canada additionally relies upon your SAT/ACT scores, confirmations expositions just as Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation.

Top 16 Courses in Canada After twelfth Non-Medical

Considered as one of the most pursued streams, PCM opens a wide scope of choices to look over. In the wake of concentrating on Physics, Maths, Chemistry with electives like Computer Science, Economics, you can seek after one of the great compensation courses after twelfth science. Here are a few famous courses in Canada after the twelfth Non-clinical:



Electrical Engineering

Data and Technology Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Synthetic Engineering

Mining Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Primary Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Advanced mechanics Engineering

Material Engineering

Software Engineering

BSc Physics

BSc Chemistry

BSc Mathematics

Data and Technology Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering in Canada

Structural Engineering

Engineering Colleges in Canada Top 18 Courses in Canada After twelfth Medical

The Medical Science field is considerably more than simply an MBBS degree. Concentrating on BiPC subjects in class twelfth opens up scores of chances for you, particularly in a nation like Canada which is eminent for its high-level medical services framework. Right from recognition to lone rangers, enrolled are the top courses in Canada after twelfth class in the medical stream:


Bachelor of Pharmacy 

B.Sc Nursing

B.Sc Biotechnology

B.Sc Nutrition and Dietetics

B.Sc Microbiology

B.Sc Zoology

B.Sc Biology

B.Sc Bioinformatics

B.Sc Botany

B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Tech Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology

Veterinary Sciences

BSc Courses after twelfth Science 1 Year Diploma Courses in Science Top 13 Courses in Canada after twelfth Commerce

Lodging a wide scope of colleges offering assorted courses in the Commerce stream, Canada has become perhaps the most famous objective to seek after such projects. Because of multitudinous profession open doors and worldwide openness, Canada draws in understudies from across the world. Going from well-known ones like BCom to the ones which are included among the hardest tests on the planet like CA, Canada offers a wide scope of choices to browse! Referenced beneath are a portion of the courses in Canada after twelfth Commerce:


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Lone rangers of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Foreign Trades

Organization Secretary

Accounting Courses

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Statistics

Affirmed Financial Planner

Lone ranger of Construction Management and Economics

BSc Actuarial Science

Lone ranger of Computer Applications (BCA)

B.Com in Computer Applications


Without Maths Commerce Course options available in Canada:

  • BBA in Marketing

  • BBA in HR Management

  • BBA in Supply Chain Management

  • BA LLB

  • Lone ranger of Hotel Management

  • Lone rangers in Fashion Designing

  • Lone rangers in Journalism

  • Lone rangers in Digital Media

Top 14 Courses in Canada after twelfth Arts and Humanities

Picking Humanities in class twelfth resembles making a plunge a pool brimming with open doors. Since most of the subjects in the Humanities or Arts stream are interconnected with different areas, you can investigate courses in fields like Law, Journalism, Language, Tourism and Hospitality, and so forth with all around the world perceived degree courses, first-rate resources, and incredible modern preparation open doors, seeking after Humanities/Arts stream subjects in Canada is the most appropriate choice. Here are moving courses in Canada after twelfth which you can seek after subsequent to concentrating on Humanities:

  • BA English

  • BA Economics

  • BA Sociology

  • BA Psychology

  • BSc Psychology

  • BA in Political Science

  • BA History

  • BA Geography

  • Lone ranger of Mass Communication

  • Aces in Psychology in Canada

  • Cost of Studying in Canada

Top Vocational Courses in Canada

Renowned professional courses are available in Canada for Indian students. 

Here are the top professional courses in Canada for Indian understudies:

Modern Electrician

Veterinary Medicine


Ranch Management

PC Programming

Authorized Practical Nurse (LPN)

Designing Technology

Clinical Assistant

Data Systems


Top schools for professional studies in Canada after 12th


Centennial College

Humber College

Durham College

Nova Scotia Community College

Mohawk College

CTS Canadian Career College

Algonquin Careers Academy

College of the Fraser Valley

Canadian Career College of Innovative Technology and Management

George Brown College

Top Medical Courses in Canada after twelfth

Canada offers a wide assortment of courses you can seek after subsequent to finishing twelfth. We should initially investigate the best clinical courses in Canada after the twelfth:


B.Sc Nursing

Bachelor of Health Science

B.Sc Food Technology

B.Sc Food/Health/Nutrition

B.Sc Biology

B.Sc Life Science

B.Sc Psychology

B.Sc Biochemistry

B.Sc Physics

B.Sc Bioinformatics

B.Sc Anthropology

B.Sc Microbiology

B.Sc Forensic Science

B.Sc Chemistry

B.Sc Pathology

B.Sc Horticulture

B.Sc Environmental Science

B.Sc Biotechnology

B.Sc Occupational Therapy

B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology

B.Sc Genetics

B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology

B.Sc Sports Science

B.Sc Zoology


Top Management Courses in Canada after twelfth

The executive courses are profoundly sought after, particularly in Canada. Look at the rundown of the executive's courses in Canada after twelfth you can study:









Retail Management

HR    Global Business Management

Innovative Leadership

Style Management

Natural Management

Designing Management

General Management

Lodging Management

Cordiality and Tourism Management

Inventory network Management

Advanced Marketin


Top 10 Agricultural Courses in Canada after twelfth

In the event that you are keen on the field of horticulture, there are sufficient courses in Canada after the twelfth for you to investigate. The courses are confirmation, endorsement, and degree courses also. Look at the rundown of agrarian 


Food and Nutrition Management

Supportable Agriculture

Food Science Technology

Food handling and Quality Assurance

Backwoods Economics

Backwoods Conservation

Creature Husbandry

Agriculture and Viticulture

Fisheries studies

Horticultural Science


Top 5 Aviation Courses in Canada after twelfth

You can seek a confirmation, degree, or declaration course in the field of flight in Canada. Here is the rundown of avionics courses in Canada after the twelfth:

  • BE/B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering

  • B. Sc. in Aviation

  • BSc in Aeronautics

  • B. Tech in Aerospace Engineering

  • BE in Aerospace Engineering


Top 15 Nursing Courses in Canada after twelfth

The rundown of nursing courses you can study in Canada won't ever end. There are various courses and specializations accessible in this field. Here is the rundown of top nursing courses:


Practical Nursing

General Nursing

International Nursing

Nursing Assisting

Pre-health Sciences

Critical Care Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Nursing Specialists

Cardiac Nursing

Emergency Nursing


Gastroenterology Nursing

Public Health

Nursing & Midwifery


Top 5 Diploma Courses in Canada After twelfth

Recognition courses have arisen as famous courses over the most recent couple of years. Recognition courses are more centered around down-to-earth abilities and information rather than hypothetical information. 


Top 5 Diploma Courses in Canada After twelfth

Confirmation courses have arisen as famous courses over the most recent couple of years. Confirmation courses are more centered around reasonable abilities and information rather than hypothetical information. Here is the rundown of top confirmation courses in Canada:

  • Engineering

  • Data Technology

  • Business Management

  • Drug store Technician

  • Accommodation Management


Top Universities for Bachelors in Canada

Canada is home to various public and private establishments that have carved their names in striking worldwide rankings. Recognized for their great schooling presented at reasonable costs, an assortment of establishments of Canada are included in the rundown of top colleges on the planet.


Universities in Canada

Rank in Canada

Global Ranking (QS Rankings 2021)

University of Toronto



McGill University



University of British Columbia



Universite de Montreal



University of Alberta



McMaster University



University of Waterloo



Western University



University of Calgary



Queen’s University



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