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Pursuing 1 year courses in Canada is an amazing option for international students who are not willing to pursue lengthy degrees with high tuition fees. These courses are specially designed to give industry-focused knowledge and skills to international students. You can pursue these courses at different levels, such as diploma, certificate, graduate, and postgraduate diploma.


No matter what career you want to enter, many universities offer a wide range of one year courses in Canada to support your dream career, including management, accounting, customer service, disaster and emergency management, human resources, etc.


In this article, we are providing a list of 1 year courses in Canada for international students. Read this blog if you want to study in Canada for one year.


1 Year Certificate Courses in Canada

International students can apply for the certificate program after completing their 12th. Generally, a certificate program offers knowledge and skills related to a particular field. Some of the top 1 year certificate courses in Canada are:


1 Year Courses in Canada for International Students 2024


  • Office Administration

  • Customer Service

  • Business Fundamentals

  • Applied Accounting

  • Trades Foundation

  • Office Administration-General


1 Year Diploma Courses in Canada

International students can apply for the Diploma program after completing their 12th. Compared to certificate courses, Diploma programs are more technical and enable students to grasp a specific subject better. Some of the best 1 year diploma courses in Canada are:

  • Data Analytics

  • Business Administration (Co-op)

  • Digital Marketing

  • Computers and Networking

  • Cyber Security

  • Health and Environmental Management 


1 Year Graduate Certificate Courses in Canada

Most Graduate Certificate programs can be completed in eight months (two semesters) to 1 year. Overseas students can enrol in graduate certificate courses after completing their 3 years of bachelor's degree. Some of the top 1 year graduate certificate courses in Canada are:

  • Project Management

  • Building Automation System

  • Data Analytics

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Information Systems

  • Accounting and Financial Practice


1 Year PG Diploma Courses in Canada

In Canada, graduate diploma programs are rigorous, highly focused programs created to give students knowledge and abilities needed to enter a particular employment market. These programs offer training in a wide variety of job fields. Some of the best 1 year PG diploma courses in Canada are:

  • Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations

  • Pharmacy, Nursing, and Midwifery

  • Education, Teaching & Career Counselling

  • Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Business Administration

  • Engineering

  • Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare  

1 Year Post Graduate Courses in Canada

In Canada, postgraduate programs generally last for 2 years. However, some universities offer 1-year postgraduate programs for international students. After completing this 1 year post graduate course in Canada, students get a master's level degree. Some of the best options for the 1 year postgraduate courses in Canada are:

  • MA in Sociology

  • MA in History

  • MA in Political Science

  • MSc in Urban and Regional Planning

  • MSc in Mathematics


1 Year MBA Courses in Canada

The MBA course is the most popular among all the one year courses in Canada. It is one of the top courses international students choose to study in Canada. Generally, the duration of an MBA in Canada is 2 years.


However, many universities offer MBA programs for 1 year as well. Students who have completed their 4 years of bachelor's and are planning to pursue 1 year MBA courses in Canada can apply for an executive MBA.


Admission Requirements for 1 Year Courses in Canada

Before enrolling in one year courses in Canada, students must fulfil the criteria mentioned below:

  • Academic records from all previous institutions, including 10th, 12th, and bachelor's (if you are going for a PG diploma or master's). 

  • English proficiency test scores: The minimum requirement is an IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6 or a TOEFL iBT of 83. Most colleges also accept equivalent scores in PTE or Duolingo. 

  • A student visa is necessary for international students enrolling in 1 year courses in Canada. 

  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) is needed, varying from university to university and course to course. 

  • Students also need valid passports and immigration documents. 

  • Passport-size photographs for various purposes.  

  • Few graduate courses may require standardised admission test scores, such as a GMAT/GRE score

  • Letters of recommendation (two from academic teachers and one from a work organisation if you are showing work experience). 

  • Statement of purpose (SOP must include the reason behind choosing that particular university and course). 

  • Medical documents and health insurance are also necessary for admission.

  • Evidence of enough finances to support education in Canada. 


How to Apply for One Year Courses in Canada?

To apply for 1 year courses in Canada as an international student, you need to follow these steps:


Step 1 - Research and select an institution offering the 1 year courses in Canada you are interested in.


Step 2 - Check the admission requirements and make sure you meet them.


Step 3 - Prepare and gather the required documentation, including official academic transcripts and certificates, proof of English language proficiency, CV, and Passport.


Step 4 - Submit the application and required documentation to the institution.


Step 5 - Wait for a response rom the institution. If accepted, you would receive an offer letter from the university, through which you can proceed with the fee. After paying the fees to the desired university, they will provide you with a letter of acceptance, which is required for the visa process.


Step 6 - Apply for a study permit through Canada's immigration department.


Step 7 - Arrange travel and arrival in Canada once your study permit is approved.


Top Institutes for One Year Courses in Canada

Popular institutes provide various one year programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for international students intending to study in Canada. Depending on the university and the particular degree, postgraduate courses last between two and three semesters. The cost of one-year postgraduate degrees in Canada ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 CAD per year, and these programs give students the chance to develop the competitive abilities necessary to succeed in the workplace.


The foundation that the undergraduate courses lay for pursuing postsecondary education in Canada also makes them crucial. Undergraduate one-year studies in Canada can cost anywhere from 4,000 to 20,000 CAD per year. Below are some top institutions that offer one-year courses in Canada, along with tuition fees.

Universities / Colleges

One Year Courses in Canada

Average Fees (annually)


University of Toronto

Executive MBA, MA in Psychology, ME in Civil Engineering, MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, MSc in Computer Science

29,470 to 65,077 CAD 

April 10, 2024

McMaster University

MSc in Computer Science, MIM Diploma in Technology

43,000 CAD

March 30 

McGill University

Master in Management Finance

63,362 CAD

March 15 

Humber College

Hospitality and tourism operations management, and Hospitality, tourism and culinary arts graduate certificate programs

19,169.12 CAD

February 1

Centennial College

Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management,

24,246.00 CAD

September Intake Available 

University of Manitoba

Masters in Finance

38,800 CAD

March 1

Thompson Rivers University

Business Foundation Certificate, Adventure Guide Certification, MBA Accelerated

16139.16 CAD - 20,542.00 CAD

June 21

Carleton University

MBA, Graduate diploma in health, ME in Civil Engineering, MA in Communication, ME in Aerospace Engineering

32,037.62 CAD – 39,929.62 CAD

March 1 

Queen's University

Masters in Finance

25,800 CAD

March 30

Western University

Diploma Occupational Health and Safety Management

13,904 CAD

March 1 

Conestoga College

Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management - Interaction Design and Global Hospitality Management

8870.00 CAD

Feb 1 2024 

Nova Scotia Community College

Certificate Pharmacy Technology

11,690 CAD

Apr 1, 2024

Red River College

Certificate in Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing

18,791.00 CAD

April 22 

Niagara College Canada

Certificate Community Pharmacy Assistant

17,646.90 CAD

September Intake Available 

Simon Fraser University

MSc Finance   

54,333 CAD

May 2, 2024

Job Opportunities After Pursuing One Year Courses in Canada

Within the course itself, institutions frequently provide integrated work possibilities in Canada. Students in Canada can quickly take advantage of first-hand work experience after completing one-year courses. A student enrolled in a short postgraduate course can obtain a work permit relevant to their field of study. With this work visa, they can get jobs in various businesses, industries, or corporations.


One year courses in Canada can provide overseas students with a pathway to permanent residency in Canada, albeit this pathway is not particularly well-known worldwide. International applicants might choose a one-year program if they wish to start working in Canada full-time as soon as feasible. Below are some job opportunities that you can avail after completing one-year courses in Canada.

Job title

Average Salary (per year)

Product Manager, Software

127,891 CAD

Project Manager

92,882 CAD


83,826 CAD

Payroll & Benefits Supervisor

70,361 CAD

Procurement Specialist

63,466 CAD

Quality Assurance Analyst

59,567 CAD

Quality Assurance Engineer

56,561 CAD

Test Automation Engineer

59,292 CAD

Digital Marketing Specialist

57,322 CAD

Project Engineer

49,291 CAD

Project Accountant

45,443 CAD

Recruiting Coordinator

45,421 CAD

Operations Administrator

44,534 CAD

Administrative Assistant

39,567 CAD


As our exploration into the realm of 1 year courses in Canada ends, it reveals itself to be a captivating tale of educational agility and unique opportunities. Carefully curated to fulfil the diverse needs of international students, this short academic journey serves as a gateway to accelerated learning, professional preparation and cultural enrichment.


We hope the information shared in the blog gives unique insights into 1 year courses in Canada. Moreover, students who wish to study abroad may contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact application02@meridean.org or 1800-1230-00011. 



1. Can I get a job in Canada with a one-year course?

Many Canadian universities offer integrated employment opportunities with the course curriculum itself. Therefore, students can quickly experience first-hand job experience after completing the course. Moreover, if students have completed their 1 year post graduate courses in Canada, they are eligible for the PSW (post-study work) permit of one year. This work permit allows them to work at different firms, companies, or industries.


2. What are the advantages of enrolling in one year courses in Canada for international students?

Pursuing one year courses in Canada is a fantastic option for international students who want to work and settle down there as soon as possible after completing their education. Moreover, pursuing 1 year courses in Canada is more affordable than courses with lengthy duration.


3. Which are the best 1 year courses in Canada?

Some of the most in-demand one year Courses in Canada are Digital marketing, Project management, Business analyst, Management, Pharmacy, Finance, Web development, Hospitality, Interior design, Accounting, Business, etc.  


4. Are there any 1 year courses in Canada?

Yes, a vast variety of one-year courses are offered by numerous respectable Canadian colleges. In Canada, one-year courses in management, accounting, customer service, emergency management, disaster and human resources, and other professions are among the most well-liked and productive programs.


5. Can I get PR in Canada after a 1 year course?

After completing a year-long study program in Canada, you can apply for permanent residence. International students studying in Canada have a number of possibilities for living and working there after graduation. Via the rapid entry system, international students can find routes to permanent residence in Canada.

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