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Did you know that Italy is home to the oldest university in the world, the University of Bologna? Additionally, many other top universities in Italy provide its students with world-class education, research options and state-of-the-art facilities. As an Indian student, if you’re planning to pursue your higher education in Italy, you’ll witness that tuition fees are very less. The cost of study in Italy for Indian students and international students is lower compared to all the other European countries along with the USA, UK and Canada.

Some universities in Italy offer tuition-free education or can charge up to €35,000. Every year the country witnesses a competitive rush of many international students. This blog aims to provide information on the cost of studying in Italy for Indian students.


Why Study in Italy?


The QS World University Rankings for 2021 list an astounding 40 universities in Italy, which is well renowned as the educational centre of Europe.

But Italy is much more than just a country with a top-notch education. It is understandable why Italy is a favourite choice for those wishing to study abroad, with its delectable cuisine, breathtaking museums, and professional options. Studying abroad in Italy cost is moderate but not cheap. Quality education is an eye-catcher. Let us take a look at some reasons why you should consider to study in Italy.

  • High Quality of Education

  • You’ll experience Italian culture up close.

  • Different program options are available to choose from

  • You will get the opportunity to learn Italian in an immersive environment

  • You will get to eat and discover authentic Italian food and cuisine

  • Beautiful landscapes and inexpensive travel

  • There are study abroad programs for every major, from art and science to communications.

  • Home to impressive and amazing 40 universities in the world

  • Highly accredited and ranked universities

  • State-of-the-art facilities

  • Veteran faculties filled with researchers and scientists


Cost to Study in Italy for Indian Students


The exact cost of studying in Italy for Indian students depends on the university and the course they are pursuing. For the cost to study in Italy for Indian students in undergraduate courses, the fees can vary between €900 - €4,000, and for postgraduate courses, it can cost up to  €3,500 annually. The tuition fees vary depending on whether the university is public or private. Public universities in Italy are comparatively cheaper than private ones. This leads to many international students choosing to study in Italy.


 Cost to Study in Italy for Indian Students



Public Universities

Up to €10,000 per annum

Private Universities

Up to €20,000 per annum


€30 - €45 per semester


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Cost of Studying in Italian Cities


Italy is fast becoming the favourite destination to study many top courses globally.

The cost of studying in Italian cities may vary depending upon the cities and their cost of living index ranks. There are expensive and affordable cities to live in and study in Italy.

Below are the five most expensive cities in Italy and their studying costs.

  • Milan - €6,500 annually

  • Venice - €5,000 - €17,000 annually

  • Bologna - €800 - €900 annually

  • Rome - €1,020 annually

  • Florence - €6,000 annually


Tuition Fees of Universities in Italy


Institutes of higher education in Italy set their rates as tuition fees but are still subject to the government guidelines of minimum and maximum that can be imposed. The tuition fees in Italy differ in terms of courses, degree levels, universities and EU or non-EU students.,

There are several opportunities in Italy to learn for nothing or at a very low cost. Your household's income determines the study in Italy cost of attending public colleges. Depending on your unique situation, you might be able to earn your degree for nothing or very little money.

Every institution in Italy sets its income threshold or the amount of income below which there are no tuition fees. You must submit several documents for your family's income to be evaluated (the "ISEE" evaluation) to be considered. Unfortunately, many colleges do not offer this option to non-EU students.

Study in Italy costs for even the most expensive programmes is lower than in other well-known European locations. And when you think how much fun studying in Italy will be, it will surely be worthwhile! There are also many scholarships available to international students.

The table below lists some of the top universities in Italy and their annual tuition fees.


Tuition Fees of Universities in Italy

Name of the University

Average Tuition Fee

University of Padua

€3,000 annually

University of Milan

€4,000 annually

University of Pavia

€5,000 annually

Sapienza University

€1,000 annually

The Polytechnic University of Milan

€4,000 annually

University of Trento

€4,000 annually

University of Genoa

€3,000 annually

Sacred Heart University

€15,800 annually

IULM University of Milan

€9,800 annually


Affordable Universities to Study in Italy


Some of the most affordable universities to study undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Italy are mentioned below.

  • The University of Pisa

  • University of Padua

  • Free University of the Bozen-Bolzano

  • Sapienza University of Rome

  • The University of Bergamo

  • The University of Salerno

  • The University of Perugia

  • University of Naples

  • Politecnico di Torino

  • The University of Camerino

  • The Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria


There are universities in Italy that fully exempt international students from paying tuition. These Italian universities are frequently referred to as tuition-free institutions for international students. The following institutions waive their tuition expenses by providing full scholarships to international students:

  • Bologna University: €11,000

  • €12,700 for Bocconi University

  • Padova University: €8,000

Universities in Italy give academically talented students assistantships or stipends for research for master's degrees. These financial options can frequently pay the expense of a master's or PhD programme in Italy. You can check the study in Italy fees of the universities of your choice on their official websites. You can also contact the department or the course advisor to help you with any queries related to your study in Italy plans.


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