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When it comes to affordable study abroad destinations, Europe is the best place. One can study in Italy, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, and many more European countries. One gets to study in Europe on a Schengen Visa, which allows the students to migrate to 26 countries on a single visa. Europe is a country that offers a wide range of courses; one can study and work in any field they want in Europe.

It is home to various ancient institutes with notable alums. Whether the student wants to pursue a bachelor's, master's or PhD degree, European universities welcome international students with open arms. Unlike other study abroad destinations, one does not need to worry about the high tuition fees in Europe. Numerous universities also grant scholarships to deserving and needy students in Europe, especially in Italy.

Top Courses to Study in Europe

One can experience a rich and diverse culture if one chooses to study in Europe. The people are extremely hospitable, and numerous cultural festivals help students explore various things. Furthermore, Europe provides a work visa for a year* after post-graduation, which helps students work with renowned firms. If students can claim job security a year after post-graduation, they can easily apply for a Permanent Residency in Europe. Here are some top courses in Europe that have great opportunities in Europe and in various other countries:

Business and Management

Various European countries have great economies and some great entrepreneurs. Hence, it is a great destination to study business and management courses. Numerous top universities in Europe offer business and management programs and further placement too.

These courses are designed to promote creativity and innovation in the students. This is done by giving them practical exposure while learning. The European universities also have tie-ups with successful business firms that help students in gaining work experience while studying. Students having MBA degrees from top European universities are in demand worldwide. These students grab the highest-paying jobs in well-established businesses.

Various countries in Europe offer great management and business programs. But, if you want to study at low tuition fees and living costs, then you can choose to study in Germany or in Italy. German and Italian universities offer great business and management programs for international students at a very minimal price.

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Culinary Arts

One of the greatest sources of attraction that Europe has is its cuisine. The countries in Europe are known for luscious cuisines. May it be Spanish, Italian, French, or German, every cuisine is famous worldwide. These cuisines are now available worldwide, but people still visit Europe for authentic taste.

People who are fond of cooking and want to be in hotel management or the hospitality sector always dream of graduating from top universities in Europe. Many aspiring chefs choose to study in Europe and learn to make authentic dishes. People who aspire to open an authentic European cuisine restaurant for Italian or French cuisines take culinary arts courses.

Further, they open restaurants in their home country and serve authentic dishes overseas. This helps in establishing a successful business. Culinary arts courses in Europe are offered at various levels. One can choose to study diploma courses in Europe or take up a full-time four-year bachelor's degree or master’s degree in culinary arts or hotel management.

Some top universities that offer culinary arts or hotel management courses are:

  • SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences
  • Padua University
  • Sapienza University

Travel and Tourism Courses

Europe is the first choice of travel enthusiasts; the country has so much to explore. In the past two decades, European countries have significantly benefited from the travel industry's revenue. The country offers the best travel and tourism management courses.

Tourism courses are for individuals who want to make a career in managing, planning and escorting travel groups. Various travel and tourism management courses are offered in European countries, especially in Italy. One can learn about marketing, business, and sales in travel tourism. Tourism courses in Europe are offered at different levels; bachelor's, master's, and diploma. These courses are offered in English, and further great placements are provided too.

If you're planning to pursue a travel and tourism course, then Italy is the best destination. Some of the top universities in Italy that offer this course are:

  • University "Ca 'Foscari", Venice
  • University of Palermo
  • Insubria Varese-Como University
  • Sapienza University


Engineers are in demand worldwide, and European universities are famous for their extraordinary engineering courses. Engineering courses in Italy are offered in various specialisations. The top countries for engineering courses in Europe are Italy and Germany. Both these countries are very affordable in terms of living and education. One can choose to study in Italy or Germany and get to work with numerous tech giants of the world.

Europe guarantees the quality of education in reputed institutes. These institutes provide international students with various opportunities that help them polish their skills and gain work experience. Some of the best universities for Engineering in Europe are:

  • Polytechnic of Bari
  • University of Bergamo
  • University of Bologna
  • Free University of Bolzano
  • University of Cagliari

Design and Architecture

Some of the best monuments in the world are situated in Europe. Also, Europeans are known for exceptional fashion ideas. Some great trends of fashion always start in Europe. Students worldwide try to get into top universities in Europe to study fashion design and architecture courses. Some top universities that offer courses in design and architecture are:

  • University of Bologna
  • Polytechnic of Milan
  • University of Rome "La Sapienza"
  • for architecture Polytechnic of MILAN
  • University of Naples "Federico II
  • Iuav University of Venice
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design
  • Hochschule Fresenius - University of Applied Sciences
  • Berlin International University of Applied Sciences
  • Hochschule Wismar - University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design
  • International School of Management (ISM)
  • Hochschule Fresenius - University of Applied Sciences

Requirements to Study in Europe

Many students want to study in Europe, but studying there requires them to fulfil certain criteria. These criteria are:

  1. The age of the student must be above 17 years

  2. The student must have scored at least 50% marks in their secondary education (class 12th)

  3. Some universities require English proficiency exam score (IELTS or TOEFL)

  4. Updated CV/Resume if a student wants to pursue a master's in Europe

  5. Bachelor's degree with at least 70% marks (if applying for a master's degree)

  6. Bank statements

  7. Statement of Purpose

  8. Letter of Recommendation

  9. Medium of Instruction

  10. Original passport

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