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Canada’s excellent education system attracts many international students to pursue different degrees at different study levels in Canada. With the ever-evolving business industry and more startups built around the globe, students are becoming deeply interested in pursuing business analytics courses from abroad. It is an excellent option to study in Canada and pursue the course there. Many top universities in Canada offer Business Analytics courses. This blog aims to provide details related to the business analytics course in Canada, the program structure, top universities, fees and scholarships in the field of study.


Structure of Business Analytics in Canada


Business analytics in Canada is commonly 1 to 4 years long, depending upon the level of study. The course in business analytics in Canada will introduce you to many job opportunities. The course will equip you with the necessary skillsets and quantitative methods to help you understand and solve a problem by carefully analysing data. This two-to-four-year-long business analytics course in Canada emphasises developing analytical skills to meet business insights. A PG Diploma in business analytics in Canada is one of the many courses available to study and gain experience in the field. A UG and master’s degree are other alternatives considered equivalent to professional experience. A master’s in business analytics in Canada will equip you with the same professional skillset.


Eligibility Criteria to Study Business Analytics in Canada


One must fulfil a certain eligibility criterion to enrol in business analytics in Canada. Candidates for business analytics in Canada must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Since the business analytics course is given at the MBA/PGDM level, graduation or an equivalent is required as a minimum requirement.

  • Business analytics is open to all graduates. However, those with backgrounds in science or commerce will be very helpful because they would have studied math and statistics at a higher level.

  • According to AICTE guidelines, most management colleges set the minimum aggregate at 50%.


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Cost of Studying Business Analytics in Canada


Tuition fees are important when deciding which universities to apply to for the course of your choice. There are pre-arrival costs, tuition fees, and living costs to be managed as an international student in Canada. The pre-arrival cost is the expenditure before you move to Canada. This includes application and visa fees and English proficiency test fees. In addition, there are travel and some other expenses. This generally totals up to 500 CAD.

Apart from this, the business analytics course fee in Canada ranges between 15,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD. A business analytics course in Canada for international students is slightly Low cost in Canada as compared to other countries like the USA.


Cost of Living in Canada for International Students


International students may need help to match Canadian citizens' excellent standard of living. Only lodging will exceed CAD 5000; the remainder of your budget will be CAD 300 to CAD 500 monthly for food and groceries. The price of health insurance will be about 800 CAD. The cost of travel and lodging every month will be roughly 100 CAD. Your region and standard of living will determine the precise sum.


Best Business Analytics Courses in Canada


There are many business analytics courses in Canada with different specialisations at different study levels. Some business analytics courses in Canada are mentioned below.

  • MS in Business Analytics

  • MBA in Business Analytics

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Analytics

  • BSc in Analytics

  • Master of Management Analytics

  • PhD in Management

  • PhD in Analytics

  • Masters in Analytics

  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics

  • Master of Applied Business Analytics

  • Master of Management in Analytics

  • MSc in Business Analytics


There are many certificate courses for business analytics in Canada provided by many top universities. These are also good options if you wish to complete the course in a shorter period.


Top Colleges/Universities to Study Business Analytics in Canada


Some top colleges/universities providing business analytics courses in Canada are mentioned below.

  • University of Manitoba

  • University of Prince Edward Island

  • Nipissing University

  • Cape Breton University

  • Seneca College

  • Sheridan College

  • Conestoga College

  • Niagara College

  • St. Lawrence College

  • Lambton College

  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

  • University of Calgary

  • McMaster University

  • HEC Montreal, University of Montreal

  • University of Toronto

  • University of Vancouver

  • University of Hamilton

  • University of Alberta

  • York University

  • Queen’s University

  • Carleton University

  • Western University


Scholarships for Business Analytics Courses in Canada


To manage the cost of studying in Canada, applying for scholarships and grants is advisable to receive help and ease your study abroad journey. Some scholarships for business analytics in Canada are mentioned below.

  • International Talent Scholarship

  • McMaster University Scholarship

  • IBPOC Scholarship

  • Accelerated Career Scholarship

  • Global Business Leader of Tomorrow


Documents Required to Study Business Analytics in Canada


The university requires several documents to prove your qualifications for candidature. These document requirements are different for each university. Some common documents required to study in Canadian universities in business analytics courses are listed below.


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