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Nipissing University is a public university based in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1967 as an affiliate of Laurentian University. Later, the university received its charter as an independent University in 1992. The university is committed to strategic priorities regarding the student experience and academic as well as research excellence. Moreover, it also believes in making an impact on the world's educational, social, cultural, and economic life. While enrolling at the university, students study in a high-quality academic environment that is student-focused and based on personal teaching practices, innovative approaches to learning, and a growing research culture.


Why choose Nipissing University?

Nipissing University offers big opportunities for international students to learn, live and grow both professionally and personally. It is consistently ranked among the best in the nation for a variety of student support metrics, including student satisfaction, accommodation facility, mental health services, and other services. It fosters an environment where students may succeed with the help of the university's top-notch programmes, teachers, and support services. Moreover, it is located in a beautiful city in Northern Ontario's idyllic setting, surrounded by lakes and Canadian shield forests. Some of the top reasons to study at Nipissing University are:

Academic Advising

Nipissing offers range of free counselling sessions to international students. The university's primary focus is enhancing students' learning experience and development. It supports its students and helps them explore academic opportunities, address difficulties, and make the best informed and responsible decisions regarding their academic programs, priorities, and goals. Moreover, international students can also take advantage of free personal counselling services, specialised therapeutic groups, referral services, and wellness events for all students.

Campus Safety

Students' safety is very crucial for the university. It is committed to providing services that ensure a student's well-being on campus. Safety features include emergency phones located throughout campus, video surveillance in the most common areas, and emergency medical response providers. The campus is patrolled by 24-hour security, and students can access the campus walk program. Since the university is home to students of diverse cultures, it has a Multi-Faith space room, offering an inclusive and safe space on campus for people to practice all religions.

Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU)

The NUSU is an official body representing the student's perspective at Nipissing. All students, both full-time and part-time, belong to the Student Union. NUSU organises with many social events and aspects of student life on campus, including the academic governance of the university. It is a great opportunity for international students to become a part of many events at the university and grow their co-curricular skills. The university also believes in maintaining equality for all its students.


Key Features

  • Known for a high level of student satisfaction and leadership in the area of student services

  • Multi-faith space

  • Huge space for athletics and sports

  • Accommodation for international students

  • International student support office to assist international students with every challenge.

Nipissing University Courses & Fees

Nipissing University Courses

Nipissing University offers a wide and diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and postgraduate research courses to all international students. The courses at the University will help students develop the skills and abilities they'll need to succeed in their careers. Whereas many courses at the University are designed to prepare students for their chosen career with industry experience, undergraduate placements, and graduate placement. The list of various Nipissing university programs is mentioned below.

Nipissing University Fees 

Considering the excellent student support system and quality of education, the university's fee structure is very nominal. For every credit, international students have to pay 700 CAD. Whereas the average fee structure for the undergraduate and graduate programs is around 21,000 CAD. Every program has different number of credit scores. Moreover, if we talk about the average cost of living in Canada, then it is around 10,000 CAD per year. The tuition fee according to different credit scores is mentioned below.


Number of Credits

Tuition Fee


27,600.00 CAD


$25,300.00 CAD


23,000.00 CAD


20,700.00 CAD


18,400.00 CAD


16,100.00 CAD


13,800.00 CAD


11,500.00 CAD


9,200.00 CAD


6,900.00 CAD


4,600.00 CAD


2,300.00 CAD

Nipissing University Ranking & Intakes

Nipissing University Rankings

The university's strategic focus on offering the best student experience has made recognition for it as the country's top-ranking university. Webometrics places the university in the 56th position in the country.


Nipissing University Ranking

Ranked By 


Webometrics Canada National Ranking



Nipissing University Intakes

Nipissing University offers two intakes for international students, i.e., September and January. The university has an average acceptance rate of 60 to 70%. The university does not follow any exact application deadline; it stops accepting applications as soon as the number of seats gets filled. However, the estimated application deadline for the university is mentioned below.


Nipissing University Intakes


Month of intake

Estimated Application Deadline



End of January



End of October

Admission Criteria

Nipissing University is known for its quality of education. To apply as an international student in Nipissing, you must fulfil certain admission requirements of the University. Students must appear for any of the English proficiency tests, as an admission on the basis of MOI (Medium of Instruction) is not accepted. The exact admission criteria to enrol in the university are mentioned below.


Nipissing University Entry Requirements





Minimum 60-65% in12th standard

Minimum 70% in Bachelor's degree


A minimum overall band score of 6.5 (with a minimum of 6 in reading, listening, speaking, and writing)

A minimum overall band score of 6.5 (with a minimum of 6 in reading, listening, speaking, and writing)


Minimum overall score of 83 (with 20 in reading, listening, and writing, and a minimum score of 22 in speaking)

Minimum overall score of 83 (with 20 in reading, listening, and writing, and a minimum score of 22 in speaking)


A minimum overall score of 58 with a minimum score of 56 in speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

A minimum overall score of 58 with a minimum score of 56 in speaking, writing, reading, and listening.


Not accepted

Not accepted


Requires one

Requires two

Work Experience





  1. The Nursing courses have different requirements for English proficiency test scores which are mentioned below:

  • In TOEFL, applicants require a minimum score of 93 with a minimum score of 20 in reading and listening and a minimum score of 22 in writing and speaking

  • In IELTS, applicants require a minimum overall band score of 7 with a minimum of 6.5 in reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

  • In PTE, applicants require a minimum overall score of 63, with a minimum score of 60 in each section.?

Also, international students require a minimum of 80% overall to study Nursing courses.

Nipissing University Scholarships

Nipissing University offers a range of scholarships to assist international students. Scholarships reduce students' tuition fees and motivate them to study in Canada. Some of the top Nipissing University scholarships are mentioned below.

1. Entrance Scholarship
Scholarship Name Entrance Scholarship
Scholarship amount 1,000 CAD to full tuition fee
Details This scholarship is available for international students who are enrolling in the first year of a degree program at Nipissing University as full-time students in the fall (September) or winter (January) intake. Students do not have to submit an application to achieve this scholarship, and it will be considered automatically based on the student's grades.
2. Schulich Scholarships
Scholarship Name Schulich Scholarships
Scholarship amount 7,500 CAD
Details It is awarded to selected full-time international students who are enrolling for the first year of an undergraduate degree program with a focus on education. To achieve this scholarship, students must have a minimum 80% average and at least one of the following: volunteer work, community involvement, or financial need.


Nipissing is proud to be a primarily undergraduate university with a reputation for excellence in teacher education, arts, science, professional programs and with four distinct nursing programs, is proportionally the most nursing intensive university in Ontario.

The university is ranked #1 for Student Services programs across Ontario. It is further ranked #2 across the nation for Undergraduate Studies. The institute has also been honored at 56th in Canada by webometrics rankings survey.

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