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Studying medicine and healthcare is prevalent in India. Numerous Indians every year sit in NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) to fulfil their dream of becoming a doctor. But due to reservations and an excess of candidates, only a few can crack the exam.

Studying MBBS in India is good, but studying MBBS abroad can be better. The competition is less, and the quality of education is superior. In India, only a few can get into government medical colleges. In comparison, not everyone can afford the fees of private medical colleges.

The number of seats in medical colleges does not align with the number of aspiring MBBS students. This leaves students with no choice than opting to study MBBS abroad. Studying MBBS abroad benefits students in various ways; one can get better job opportunities and study at lower fees than some private medical colleges in India.

Why Study MBBS in UK?

In comparison to most countries of the world, the UK is highly progressive in education. UK has many courses to offer with premium quality of education. Pursuing MBBS in UK is a great opportunity for international students. UK universities have some exceptional laboratories, which makes it the best country to study MBBS for Indian students.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in UK

One can easily study MBBS in UK; they just need to fulfil specific criteria to be eligible for studying at a top MBBS university in UK. Here are the prerequisites to study MBBS in UK:

  1. The candidate's age should be above 18 years
  2. Candidate must have at least 80% marks in secondary education in biology and chemistry
  3. IELTS score of 7 (with an option of waiver)
  4. A certified medical entrance exam score in UK is required to pursue MBBA in UK. These exams are NEET, UKCAT, BMAT and GAMSAT.


Click here (https://www.meridean.org/mbbs-in-uk) to check out the minimum requirements for each exam

Top MBBS Universities in UK

Various universities in UK offer MBBS courses; one can practice anywhere in the world after getting an MBBS degree in UK. Here’s the list of some top colleges in UK that offer MBBS degrees with fees:

  1. University of Oxford 
    Course: BM BCh (6 years)
    Fees: £39,740/ year (approx.)
  2. Imperial College London
    Course: MBBS/ BSc Medicine (6 years)
    Fees: £46,650/ year (approx.)
  3. Queen Mary University London
    Course: MBBS (5 years)
    Fees: £42,500/ year (approx.)


These are the top three affordable universities for MBBS in UK. Many more universities offer MBBS in UK and further great placements too. Pursuing MBBS in UK is a lifetime investment; one can build a stable, well-paying career after completing of course.

How to Study MBBS Abroad?

Apart from the UK, there are many other countries to pursue MBBS for Indian students. These countries are way more affordable than many private medical colleges in India. This is why many students from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and various countries opt for MBBS abroad. Some best countries for Indian students to study MBBS abroad are Russia, USA, Canada, Germany and Ukraine.

The MBBS curriculum of these countries is accepted worldwide. This means one can practice anywhere worldwide after graduating from these countries. Unlike in India, admission to medical colleges in these countries is simple and hassle-free. Many of these countries offer admission without IELTS or TOEFL score too.

Students can come to India after the completion of their degree. They must follow these steps to practice in India:

  1. Clear FMGE/ NEXT exam
  2. Work as a medical intern in India
  3. Register with the Medical Council of India(MCI) as a medical practitioner


Annually, more than 10,000 students choose to study MBBS abroad. This is because they can acquire affordable, hassle-free, quality education from top universities worldwide. Also, students do not need to give an extra donation to get a seat in medical colleges.


Requirements to Study MBBS Abroad:

Unlike in India, MBBS universities abroad provide easy admission to deserving students. Aspiring students must fulfil these requirements to study MBBS abroad:

  1. Respected score in secondary education. They must have completed it from a reputed board, CBSE/ICSE or state board.
  2. One must have completed secondary education with a science background with more than 50% in biology and chemistry.
  3. Students must have more than 60% in English in secondary education.
  4. Students must clear NEET. Even if students want to pursue MBBS abroad, they must clear NEET. Every university or college has different criteria. Students must have the minimum marks required by the university to get into it. (NEET score is valid for three years)
  5. Students need to have an eligibility certificate issued by MCI.
  6. Students need to have medical certificates.This certificate should state that the student is not suffering from any contagious disease.


Admission Process to Study MBBS Abroad:

After the student has cleared all the eligibility requirements, all they need to do is make an application. It is advisable to make applications 3-4 universities at a time. This increases the chances of admission and can save the student from wasting an academic year. Nowadays, applications for every university are available online. Though this application process is not easy, one can also get the help of experienced counsellors. This will assist the students in making applications right at once.

Here are the documents one needs to have before applying to any MBBS college aboard:

  • Class 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • Migration and Transfer Certificate
  • NEET scorecard (student should attain minimum marks required by university)
  • Bank Statements
  • Statements of Purpose (it should thoroughly describe why you want to pursue MBBS abroad and what are your plans)
  • Resume/CV
  • Language proficiency Certificate (as required by the university)
  • Passport
  • Medical certificate


After one has all these documents, one can make an application quickly. All these things are required in the online application form. After a successful application, one can hear from the university in 25-30 business days. If the student is selected, they can apply for a visa and start their study abroad journey.


Some Best Countries That Offer MBBS abroad:


Fees (annually)

United States of America

INR 18 lakhs- 49 lakhs


INR 14 lakhs- 53 lakhs


Starts from INR 3,50,000


2 lakhs- 5.5 lakhs


40 lakhs- 45 lakhs


4 lakhs- 10 lakhs


You can now study MBBS in the top countries of the world. This can eventually be more cost-effective than various private medical colleges in India. Consult an experienced counsellor and know what is best for you. You can contact Meridean Overseas Education Consultants at 1800-1230-00011(toll-free) or send your applications at application02@meridean.org

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