Study MBBS in UK for Indian Students

The United Kingdom is recognized for having one of the world's oldest and largest clusters of educational institutions. And it is because of this that London is home to over 400,000 of the population of students. The state is a leader in a variety of educational programs and courses such as engineering, business, humanities, medicine, and so on.

Medicine, however, remains to be one of the most intriguing and challenging programs for students to pursue. Its high-quality research programs, varied culture, and professional training have drawn a large number of students from all over the world. Let's read through the blog and find out more about studying MBBS in the UK for Indian students in 2021!

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Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in the UK

Before applying for a medical course in the United Kingdom, it is imperative that you check that you have all the below-mentioned prerequisites to be eligible for admission.

  • Age
    Students who wish to pursue medicine from the United Kingdom must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application of admission.

  • Higher Secondary Marks
    Applicants must have secured a minimum of 80% in their 10 + 2 grade. This percentage is to be achieved in Chemistry and Biology compulsorily.

    Students applying for an MBBS in a university in the United Kingdom, who hail from an International background are required to clear the IELTS with a score of 7.0.

  • Entrance Exam
    To pursue medicine in the United Kingdom, aspiring students are also needed to submit their scores of a certified medical entrance exam at the time of application. These exams are primarily NEET, UKCAT, BMAT, or GAMSAT. Any of these scores would do.
    A minimum of 50 percentile is wanted by education boards in the UK to consider any aspirant, while a score of 650 is needed for UKCAT. Applications through the BMAT are only accepted if a minimum score of 4.5 to 5.0 is achieved, while the bar for the GAMSAT is set at 60 to 66.

About Studying Medicine in United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, MBBS is the equivalent of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, which is abbreviated as MB ChB or MB BCh at various universities in the UK. In the United Kingdom, the MBBS program lasts 5-6 years. The majority of British medicine schools provide a six to twelve-week optional term during which students can study outside of their native medical university.

Most students take this opportunity to explore different cultures and discover their adaptability to various learning environments. They experience the use, reception, and practice of medicine in all parts of the world.

Where to choose to practice medicine after obtaining an MBBS degree from the United Kingdom does not really matter. Graduated students get the chance of working in the UK or any other part of the world with a recognized and esteemed degree by their side. This also allows them to earn a handsome salary, which is credited to their MBBS qualifications from the United Kingdom. Taking the average of a batch as the defining scale of the income earned after MBBS completion from a university in the UK, it has been noted that medical graduates with alma mater indicating towards the UK tend to make £21,000 to £47,000.

Medical institutions in the United Kingdom are well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and distinguished professors to provide the finest academic and practical instruction possible. The colleges are structured in such a way that learners get their extensive medical insight with both theoretical and practical practise. Universities also allow medical students to participate in interaction with patients in order to gain a better knowledge of the ideas taught in the classes. Educational achievement in MBBS necessitates a perfect combination of theory and practice, as well as research possibilities.

Fees & Costs of Studying MBBS in UK

The costs incurred during the course of studying medicine in the United Kingdom predominantly depend on the student’s living preferences or choice of lifestyle, and the residence.

The total fees for MBBS in the United Kingdom cumulatively include the tuition fee, residence fee or prices, and a one-time pre-arrival fee. The latter is worth £900 and covers all fees pertaining to application, VISA application, TOEFL registration, IELTS registration, and the NEET fees.

Here is the annual tuition fees of top medical schools offering MBBS in UK:

MBBS is not cheap in the UK for Indian students. The table below lists the 10 best MBBS colleges in the UK along with the proposed program, duration, and total amount of tuition at INR.

The average monthly cost of living for an international student in the UK can be broadly divided into 5 categories: Tuition, housing, food, transport, and more.

Fees of Studying MBBS in UK
QS Ranking 2020 University Course Total Program Fees (in INR)
2 University of Oxford BM BCh Medicine; 6 years Rs. 25316664
3 University of Cambridge MB BCh; 6 years Rs. 30388800
9 University College London MBBS/BSC Medicine; 6 years Rs. 22754473
12 Imperial College London MBBS/BSC Medicine; 6 years Rs. 27934353
20 King's College London MBBS Medicine; 5 years Rs. 20966181
22 University of Edinburgh MBChB Medicine; 5 years Rs. 25282748
35 University of Manchester MBChB; 5 years Rs. 19732876
48 University of Glasgow MBChB; 5 years Rs. 25668156
51 – 100 Newcastle University MBBS Medicine and Surgery; 5 years Rs. 17882919
51 – 100 Queen Mary University of London MBBS Medicine; 5 years Rs. 20889100

Total Fees Structure: For MBBS in UK

Study MBBS in UK Fees in USD and Fees in INR

Tuition Fees (approx)

  • Fees in US Dollar - $24,590

  • Fees in INR - Rs. 17,45,253

Living Cost (approx)

  • Fees in US Dollar - $15,078

  • Fees in INR – Rs. 10, 70,160

Total Fees

  • Fees in US Dollar - $39,668

  • Fees in INR – Rs. 28, 15,413

Application Process for MBBS in UK for Indian Students:

Indian students must have a 10 + 2 certificate to study at MBBS in the UK. The following is a step-by-step process for Indian students applying for MBBS in the UK:

  • Gather all your documents and have them approved by the appropriate authorities.

  • You can apply through the UCAS portal or directly through the university’s website.

  • After submitting your application form, wait for MMI confirmation (micro-mini interviews) and invitation letter.

  • After clearing the MMI, you can wait for the final offer and complete the Tier 4 visa procedure after receiving the final offer.

Acceptable Criteria for Indian Students to Study at MBBS in the UK in 2022:

  • Students from India have different acceptable criteria compared to other international students.

MBBS in the UK are suitable for Indian students:

  • The student must be over 18 years of age.

  • Students should score well, which is more than 90% in their 12th grade. Students must be from international councils or ICSE / CBSE boards.

Students should score well, which is more than 90% in their 12th grade. Students must be from international councils or ICSE / CBSE boards.

  • UKCAT - 650

  • BMAT - 4.5-5.0

  • GAMSAT - 60-66

Documents Required

List of documents required from Indian students to study at MBBS in the UK:

  • 10 + 2 certified sheets with their copies.

  • Each diploma certificate.

  • A letter of reference about your academics from any new professor.

  • Experience Letters with recommendations from supervisors, if any.

  • Statement of purpose.

  • Your updated resume.

  • Copies of IELTS / UKCAT / BMAT scores.

  • You must also provide proof of funds.

  • Academic transcribing or evidence of prior academic achievements

  • A certificate issued by your former institution

  • Photocopies of IELTS/UKCAT/BMAT results

  • A photocopy of a legitimate passport

  • IELTS/TOEFL/C1 Advanced Certificate of English Proficiency

  • A personal statement that explains why you're visiting the UK.

  • Letter of recommendation(s)

  • Curriculum Vitae (if required)

  • A bachelor's degree (In case your course demands it)

  • A photocopy of your prior VISA (in case of availability)

  • Evidence of financial capability

  • Purpose Statement

  • Now, go to the UCAS website and join up to fill out and submit your application form. Remember that all applicants must apply through the UCAS system. You can apply to five institutions at once using a single form. A remarkable facet of the UK admissions process is the ability to apply to up to five different programs at up to five different institutions.

  • If you have completed the preceding procedures, it is time to rest since, as with all good things, the review of your profile will take a bit of time.

To enter one of the best universities in the UK, you need to take IELTS now. In general, for most of the best universities in the UK, the cut-off score is 6.5 - 7.0 points. If you are unable to provide the above grade in 10 + 2 or IELTS, you must take a 1-year Basic Course. In this course, you must score at least 75% and do well in the GD / PI round (group discussions and personal interview) to be eligible for international programs. In case you fail to provide 75%, you will have the opportunity to enter a three-year internationally recognized biomedical degree.

List of Top Universities for MBBS in UK

Below are some of the best medical universities in the UK (United Kingdom) with its global ranking:
Type of University City World Ranking
University of Oxford Oxford 15
University of Birmingham Birmingham 168
University of Cambridge Cambridge 24
University College London Bloomsbury 44
Queen Mary University of London Bethnal Green 224
University of Aberdeen Aberdeen 390
University of Glasgow Glasgow 74
The University of Edinburgh Edinburgh 52
Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne 178
University of Manchester Manchester 90
Imperial College London South Kensington 113
University of St. Andrews St Andrews 211
Keele University Newcastle 729
Kings College of London Strand 172
University of Leeds Leeds 150


  • If you are from a non-EU country, be sure you apply to institutions between 1 September 2021 and 30 June 2021. (depending on the semester).

  • Furthermore, if you are from an EU country, you must apply by the 15th of January of the respective year. In case of not doing so, you may encounter difficulties in acceptance if you are classified among the late candidates.

Cost of Living

The costs incurred apart from gaining medical education in the UK - your cost of living is determined by the location and type of your residence, and your daily expenditure.

The residence location and type factors are extremely important - living in the university hostel or residential complexes will certainly cost less while living independently might be a bit heavier on the pocket. On the other hand, living in and around, or outside the city of London is bound to make a huge impact on your finances. The average range of costs of living in London starts from £1,020 on a monthly basis, while living outside the city can bring your expenditure down by almost £200 per month.

Students are also confronted with the option of living in off-campus residences on a sharing basis with other batchmates. These options range from apartments and flats to independent hostels.

However, the United Kingdom is renowned for having a quite high standard of living - which is why students should not normally worry about the hygiene and sanitation conditions of their respective accommodations. The monthly expenditure that a student incurs pertaining to housing fees and bills includes food, gas, electricity, and conveyance fees.

The Curriculum of MBBS in UK - Subjects Taught

MBBS includes a wide variety of disciplines in which students must gain proficiency. The disciplines in which students receive thorough academic preparation and practice are as follows:

The Curriculum of MBBS in the UK - Subjects Taught
Semesters Subjects
Pre-Clinical Semesters: 2
  • Physiology

  • Biochemistry

  • Anatomy

Para-Clinical Semesters: 3
  • Microbiology

  • Pharmacology

  • Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

  • Pathology

Clinical Semesters: 4
  • Community Medicine

  • Anesthesiology

  • Psychiatry

  • Medicine

  • Ophthalmology

  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Dermatology and Venereology

  • Otorhinolaryngology

  • Orthopedics

  • Pediatrics

  • Surgery

Scholarships for MBBS in UK

Students come in from all sections of society and may have any financial background. To alleviate the financial burden of economically disadvantaged or academically brilliant students, medical universities primarily offer the following scholarships. Students could apply for any one of the MBBS scholarships in the United Kingdom.

Most of the MBBS scholarships in the UK are awarded on the basis of merit, academic record, and other talents. The scholarships listed below are provided by various colleges and give fee exemptions or money.

Scholarships for Indian students to study at MBBS in the UK:

To alleviate the financial burden, you can apply for one of the scholarships for MBBS in the UK. All scholarships for MBBS in the UK are awarded on the basis of merit, academic record and other skills. Below are scholarships offered by various universities that offer exemptions or funding? In addition to scholarships, student loans to study in the UK can play an important role in easing financial pressures.

Scholarships for Indian students to study at MBBS in the UK:
Name Of Scholarship Worth (Euros) Worth (INR)
Rhodes Scholarship £15,141 ₹14,31,600
Hulk York Medical School International Scholarship £8,737 ₹8,26,280
Global Health Future Leaders Scholarship £2,500 ₹2,36,450
Imperial College Faculty of Medicine Scholarship £1,000 ₹94,551
Chevening Scholarship £18,000 ₹17,02,440

Explore more Scholarships to Study in UK for Indian Students!

Where Should You Study?

Of course, any student would want to have the best for them. They would indubitably want to attend the highest-ranking medical universities if aiming to pursue MBBS from the United Kingdom.

To ease such problems, we have articulated a list of the highest-ranking medical institutions in the UK, along with their fee structure, so that an aspirant gets a comprehensive view of the complete structure. The fees of the following enlisted colleges have been mentioned for their MBBS courses.

The fees of the following enlisted colleges have been mentioned for their MBBS courses.
University Fees (Euros) Fees (INR)
Imperial College London £45,640 ₹43,16,661
The University of Edinburgh £27,456 ₹25,96,806
King’s College London £30,226 ₹28,62,912
Newcastle University £33,600 ₹31,78,167
Queen Mary University of London £39,363 ₹37,23,667

How to Get a Student VISA?

Check the papers specified below for a hassle-free approach when applying for a British VISA:

  • Evidence of financial capability

  • A legitimate passport and updated photos are required.

  • Your health checkup report

  • A current legitimate passport. (Leave a blank page for the VISA)

  • Verify the papers' language again; they must be in English. If they're not, get a qualified translator to convert them into English.

  • Upon gathering all of your papers, go over the procedures below to apply for a UK student VISA.

  • Tier 4 is the relevant VISA among the two categories for a student VISA.

  • Obtain an acceptance letter from the university to which you've been accepted.

  • Sign up online and submit your online application. To arrange an appointment, we recommend that you use the appointment scheduling calendar. After submitting your application, you should receive an email with your registration details.

  • Pay the respective fees and get the receipt after receiving the said email.

  • Next, go to the VISA application center at the appointed time and submit the required biometrics, photos, application, and other papers.

  • You should receive your VISA within 6 weeks.


MBBS for Pakistani students is a great opportunity, with great many abroad students acknowledged every year. Assuming your grades are magnificent and you can exhibit that you are focused on examining and working in this area, then, at that point, applying to peruse Medicine in the UK is for you. 3 As with A-level subjects like as science or science, an IB of 38 or an IELTS score of 7.0 is vital for undergrad Medicine.Graduate Medicine requires a strong first degree and an effective expert record, and work insight of one day of the week for a very long time in a clinic, care home, hospice, or other caring working environment is the sort of proof of aim that clinical schools will expect and look for. Understanding the National Health Service and how it works is likewise fundamental.

Any clinical school's admission prerequisites are severe and vigilant. Admission meetings might be troublesome, and candidates ought to expect to be interrogated regarding their inspiration, earlier work, individual interests, and their capacity to introduce evidence of every past accomplishment, including significant professional training. A small bunch of clinical schools will require fruition of the UKCAT clinical inclination test.

Pick your concentrate abroad objective wisely, as it might turn into a monetary weight for you later on. Assuming the United Kingdom is your optimal objective, find out the best reasonable areas to study there. In the United Kingdom, there are various unmistakable urban areas and colleges where you may study. There might be sure extra costs that ought to be thought of; how you organize this is altogether dependent upon you and your family. Concentrating on medication in the United Kingdom is the best course for the two Pakistani and worldwide pupils. In any case, the degree of schooling given by UK clinical colleges is essentially predominant than that of some other college in the world.

The expense of contemplating an education in the UK might be contingent upon your way of life and area. Beside the educational cost charge, the one-time Pre-appearance charge is £900, which incorporates the accompanying costs:

  • Charges for Applications

  • Charges for Visa Applications

  • TOEFL Registration IELTS Registration

  • Charges for NEET

The typical cost for basic items may change contingent upon where you reside and what you spend consistently. Living in London might cost up to £1,020 each month, however living outside of the city may cost just £820. You can likewise pick an off-grounds offering based living to an assortment of options like as condos, pads, or lodgings. Since the UK offers a posh lifestyle, you shouldn't be worried about the grade of convenience or cleanliness. Transportation, food, power, and gas bills are among the month to month expenses.

Clinical colleges in the United Kingdom are exceptional with state of the art innovation and prestigious educators to give the best scholastic and reasonable guidance conceivable. These universities are organized so that students take care of business with both hypothetical and reasonable practice. They even permit clinical students to draw in with patients to have a superior information regarding the matters educated in the study halls. Scholastic achievement in MBBS requires an ideal equilibrium of hypothetical and useful information, just as examination prospects.

To alleviate your financial burden, you might apply for one of the MBBS scholarships in the UK. All MBBS scholarships in the UK are awarded on the basis of merit, academic record, and other qualities.

  • University of Oxford

  • Imperial College London

  • University College London (UCL)

  • King’s College London

  • University of Edinburgh

  • University of Glasgow

  • University of Manchester

  • University of Bristol

  • University of Cambridge

  • Queen Mary University of London

The scholastic guidelines at UK colleges are among the most noteworthy on the planet. Indeed, four of the main ten establishments on the planet [QS World Ranking 2019] are from the United Kingdom, including Oxford and Cambridge. Useful and utility-based information is inclined toward above reading material realizing when considering in the UK. This will permit you to foster decisive reasoning and logical capacities, just as imaginative inclination in your picked field.The uses paid when concentrating on medication in the United Kingdom are generally controlled by the understudy's living decisions or direction for living, just as the home. The educational cost charge, private expense or evaluating, and a one-time pre-appearance expense are completely remembered for the all-out costs for MBBS in the United Kingdom. The last option is worth £900 and incorporates all application, VISA application, TOEFL enrollment, IELTS enlistment, and NEET costs.

The United Kingdom is known for having one of the world's most established and biggest instructive organization bunches. Thus, London is home to more than 400,000 of the world's student populace. The state is an innovator in a wide scope of instructive projects and courses, including designing, business, humanities, and clinical, among others. Medication, then again, stays perhaps the most astonishing and troublesome projects for student to seek after. Its top notch research programs, various culture, and expert preparing have drawn in Students from one side of the planet to the other. It’s the best choice for an Indian Student after 12th.

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