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Are you planning to enjoy high quality education on an affordable budget? There is no better destination other than Canada. With the increasing demand for highly skilled workers in the job market, many students are driven to pursue Masters in Canada. The Master's is an academic qualification that offers a high level of expertise in a specific field or area of professional practice. Undoubtedly, pursuing a master's degree increases the chances of getting a job in a specialised field. Here are some reasons why international students must pursue a Master's degree in Canada.


Enjoy High-Quality of Education


From the past few years, Canada's reputation in terms of academic performance and high graduate employability rate has grown immensely. Every year the country attracts nearly half-a-million international students. It is home to some of the top universities in the world. The quality of education in Canada exceeds the cost that international students have to pay. The Master's degree from a Canadian university is highly recognised by the top industries and offers you a pathway to a global career. Some of the top universities in Canada for Master's include the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, etc. Apart from quality education, students will also be able to experience personal development.  


Wide Range of Specialisation


There are around 96 public universities in Canada that accept the applications of international students. No matter what career students wish to enter in, Canadian universities offer a diverse range of course options at the Master's level. International students have the option to choose from about 1500+ study programmes at the Master's level. Moreover, Canada's official language is English, and thus international students can easily find English-taught courses. Pursuing a specialised course at the Master's level will offer you an in-depth knowledge of that field and prepare you to become a highly skilled worker. Some top courses to study in Canada include MBA, Engineering, Nursing, Psychology, International Relations, Data Science, Management, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences.


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Post Study Work Permit


The study visa of Canada allows international students to work in Canada after they complete their graduation. It is one of the core reasons to study in Canada. The duration of PSW (post study work permit) depends on the types of courses you choose to pursue. Whereas the maximum duration allowed for PSW is up to 3 years. Moreover, the post study work permit allows international students to seek for a job in top MNCs (Multinational companies) and gain highly valued work experience in the relevant field.


Pathway to Canadian PR


Many students study in Canada with the intention of getting a permanent residency. Pursuing a Master's degree in Canada and then doing a job in the same field creates a pathway for PR. Some popular and best courses in Canada to get PR easily are Business and Management, Medicine and Healthcare, Engineering, Finance and Economics, Computer Science, and IT.


Explore Cosmopolitan Environment


Canada is home to various cultures, religions, and ethics; it attracts people from different walks of life. Over 50% of the population in Canada do not have English as their first language. International students can easily enjoy the diverse and cosmopolitan environment in Canada. Talking to people from different parts of the world gives you a global perspective of various things. You'll also be able to expand your point of view and channelize your thoughts. Moreover, Canada is one of the safest countries, and international students can enjoy a high quality of living while studying there. Internationals can also take advantage of Canada’s scenic beauty and cold weather.


Research Opportunities


Canada is known worldwide for hosting some of the world's top research-intensive universities. Most Master's programmes offered by Canadian universities focus a lot on research work. Students get an opportunity to engage themselves in exciting experiments and project work. Getting engaged in research activity drives students more towards innovation and forward thinking. Moreover, students can also pursue thesis-based masters, which can lead to a PhD as well.


Industry Exposure


Many Canadian universities have partnerships with various industries, which further allows them to offer their students industry-specific skills and set a curriculum suitable for their prospective careers. Moreover, university students also get an opportunity for industrial visits and real-world exposure of the field. After completing graduation from the university, students will get preference while seeking a job in the partnered industries.


Part-time Work Opportunity


One of the greatest advantages of studying in Canada is part-time work opportunities. The Canadian Student visa allows international students to work up to 20 hrs per week. It is a great opportunity for international students to experience the life outside the university campus and explore Canada. Also, it helps them to manage their cost of living and gain work experience relevant to their field of education.


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High Employability Rate


The Canadian universities have a high employability rate. Studying a master's programme in Canada offers you a sought-after career. Moreover, the students will also get an opportunity to make lifelong connections with faculty members, guest lecturers, and business experts from different parts of the world, which might help them in the future.





The cost of pursuing an MS in Canada is more affordable as compared to other study-abroad destinations like UK and US. The average cost of studying Master's in Canada is between 20,000 CAD - 30,000 CAD. Also, various scholarships in Canada allows international students to study at a lower cost. Moreover, studying a master’s degree in Canada can lead to more affordable further studies. 



Ride Canada’s Tech Wave


Canada has highly advanced technology; the telecommunications, video game, digital media, aeronautical engineering and biotech industries are particularly strong in Canada. Therefore it is the best destination for the students who wish to enter into these field. Moreover, the highly advanced technology in Canada makes the life easier over there.


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