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Canada has become one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for students from around the globe. More than 6 Lakh international students from over 200 countries are studying undergraduate and graduate courses in various fields in Canada. This is all due to the quality of education Canada offers its students and its affordability. The country is famous for its diploma courses, but other than this, the 1 year masters programs in Canada are also a big incentive for international students to move to the country and pursue their higher education there.


If you are also planning to study for the one-year masters program in Canada, then this blog is exactly for you. Here, we will highlight the advantages of pursuing the programs, requirements, costs, and much more. So, read till the end as you will find many potential and important information. Let’s get started then, shall we?


Why Study 1 Year Masters Programs in Canada?

Canada is continuously winning in context to international students and their choice of country to study abroad within a budget. The country is world-renowned for its quality of education and affordability. Many of the best universities across the globe are in Canada, offering graduate as well as undergraduate programs. International students frequently choose a one-year master's program in Canada.


Some of the prominent reasons owing to which students choose 1 year masters programs in Canada are:

  • A 1 year masters programs in Canada is significantly cheaper. Hence, international students get benefit from receiving top-notch education at an affordable cost. 

  • For international students, Canada offers good employment conditions and a learning environment.

  • Some of the best colleges in the world are located in Canada and offer degree programs in diverse fields, from technology to media.

  • Canada’s visa and immigration process is simpler and less complex than other study abroad destinations. Also, Canadians are known for being hospitable and welcoming to students coming from different nations. 

  • For international students, a 1 year masters programs in Canada is a cost-effective choice. Students can carry a cost-effective lifestyle while studying in Canada. 

  • The one-year master's program in Canada offers research facilities along with opportunities for internships and industry placements in addition to co-op placements.

  • The option to work part-time is available to international students during their study tenure in Canada through a Canadian student visa. Students can work up to 20 hours per week on or off campus.

  • Students who have completed a one-year master's degree in Canada can obtain a post-graduation work visa after applying for it. This allows them to work in Canada for the same amount of time that their program allows. 


Admission Requirements for 1 year Masters Programs in Canada

There are certain requirements that international students have to fulfil in order to gain admission to one of the master's programs in Canada. To successfully complete your application and gain admission to the university of your dreams, you must fulfil these requirements correctly.


International students wishing to enrol in one-year graduate programs in Canada must meet additional admission requirements. Students with a relevant bachelor’s degree and a decent academic record can apply to most of the 1 year masters programs in Canada as per their preferences. Other admission requirements for international students wishing to study in Canada for one year after graduation are listed below.

  • Having a GPA of 3.0 or 4.0 or equivalent grades in the bachelor’s degree program is a must for international students.

  • Depending on the subject of study, students may be required to pass a postgraduate entrance examination. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score or GRE score are two common exam scores required for admission.

  • International students must submit their TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and other English proficiency test scores.

  • To be admitted to a one-year master's program, students need to submit Letters of Recommendation (LOR) and a Statement of Purpose (SOP) as per university requirements. 

  • Bilingual students need to undertake and pass equivalent exams to showcase their French competencies. 


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Top One Year Masters Programs in Canada

In Canada, one-year master's programs are available in various subjects, including law, IT, marketing and Master of Science. Additionally, MBA, Engineering and Master of Fine Arts are also available under 1 year masters programs in Canada.


1 year masters programs in Canada are offered with an equal emphasis on traditional studies and practical experience so that students master the necessary skills in a short time. For international students in Canada, there are many cooperative education courses, such as the general one-year master's program. Students enrolled in these 1 year masters programs in Canada are given specialised projects to gain the essential experience to succeed in the corporate world.


Here are some of the most popular 1 year masters courses in Canada:

  • Master of Management in Finance (MMF)

  • Master of Global Management

  • Master of International Business

  • MSc in Financial Analytics

  • MBA in Global Banking and Finance

  • Master of Science in Hospitality Management

  • Master of Digital Media

  • Master of Engineering in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

  • MA in Sociology

  • Master in Administracion de Justicia 


Top Universities for 1 Year Masters Programs in Canada

Some of the renowned universities in the world are from Canada. These Canadian colleges offer internationally recognised study programs that provide students with job prospects anywhere in the world. There are a number of top universities in Canada that offer one-year master's degrees.


Let’s take a look at some of them. 


International students study for masters degrees in Canada to improve their job prospects and stay in the country after graduation. On the other hand, international students prefer to pursue a 1 year masters degree in Canada in business, marketing, architecture, engineering, dentistry, medicine, law, etc., due to time and budget constraints. Canada has attained the third rank worldwide for its master's programs. Low tuition fee is one of the prominent reasons behind international students’ choice of Canada Compared to other English-speaking countries like the UK and the US.


If you are aiming to undertake your master's degree in Canada, there are many options for everyone at affordable prices. For more information, visit your nearest Meridean Overseas Education Consultants branch or contact our advisors by phone.


Average Cost of Studying at Masters Level in Canada

The cost of masters in Canada ranges widely from CAD 7,000 to CAD 28,000, which varies depending on the university and program of your choice. It is imperative to research the fees of the program you are planning to pursue at the university of your choice to save yourself from financial burden later. This also gives you an idea of your expected expenditure while studying in Canada.


Work Permit for Canada

The Canadian government issues a work permit that allows candidates to work in Canada, but they must have acquired the required training. Hence, all foreign nationals who aspire to work in Canada must apply for this license to work in their chosen organisation. Two types of work permits are available in Canada: the employer-specific work permit and the open work permit.


Foreign nationals in possession of an employment offer from a company in Canada must apply for an employer-specific work permit. Further, those who want to enter Canada to seek employment with a reputable organisation must apply for an open work permit. Furthermore, you might be required to submit some documents to gain a work permit in Canada, so research and read all the requirements beforehand to better prepare yourself for it.



 In conclusion, 1 year masters programs in Canada offer a unique and accelerated pathway for students looking to foster their competencies in a shorter timeframe. These programs provide an opportunity to obtain a master's degree in a condensed duration, allowing students to fast-track their careers or pursue further academic endeavours.


While not all disciplines offer 1-year options, Canada provides various programs across various fields, including business, engineering, social sciences, and more. The academic quality and rigour of these programs are maintained, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education on par with traditional 2-year programs. We wish you luck in your future endeavours.


We hope you enjoyed reading about 1 year masters programs in Canada and the pivotal details associated with them. Moreover, if you wish to know more about study in Canada, we encourage you to contact our expert country counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC), who’ll help you in every step of your study abroad journey.


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Q1. What are 1 year masters programs in Canada?

Ans. 1 year masters programs in Canada are accelerated graduate programs designed to be completed within a condensed timeframe of one year instead of the traditional two-year duration.


Q2. Are 1 year masters in Canada available in all disciplines?

Ans. While there is a wide range of 1-year master's programs available in Canada, not all disciplines offer this accelerated option. It is important to research specific universities and programs to determine if your field of interest offers a 1-year option.


Q3. Are 1-year master's programs in Canada the same quality as traditional 2-year programs?

Ans. Yes, 1-year master's programs in Canada are designed to provide the same academic rigour and quality as their 2-year counterparts. The condensed duration requires intensive coursework and may have a heavier workload, but the educational standards remain high.


Q4. Can international students apply for 1-year master's programs in Canada?

Ans. Yes, international students are generally eligible to apply for 1-year master's programs in Canada. However, reviewing the specific admission requirements and visa regulations for international students set by the universities and the Canadian government is important.


Q5. What are the advantages of pursuing a 1-year master's program in Canada?

Ans. Some advantages of pursuing a 1-year master's program in Canada include shorter duration, cost savings in tuition and living expenses, earlier entry into the job market, and the opportunity to gain a Canadian degree while experiencing the country's diverse culture and educational system.

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