IELTS Registration 2024: Step to Register for IELTS Exam, Slot Booking & Test Centres

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Updated on Mar 24, 2022 16:50

When you are looking to study abroad, you must go through the IDP IELTS exam registration process in order to take the IELTS exam. Among language proficiency exams for admission to universities abroad, the IELTS exam is the most popular among Indian students.


IELTS has two modules: Academic for study and General for work or migration. The Academic exam is suitable for students aspiring to study abroad, whereas individuals needing IELTS scores for migration or work purposes should opt for the General Training exam.




Table Of Content
  1. IELTS Online Registration

  2. IDP IELTS Registration 2024

  3. IELTS Exam Registration Offline Mode

  4. IELTS Slot Booking

  5. Documents Required for IELTS Registration India

  6. IELTS Exam Dates

  7. What is the best time to appear for the IELTS exam?

  8. IELTS Centers

  9. Cancellation or Rescheduling of the IELTS Exam

  10. IELTS Re-Attempts

  11. IELTS on Computer vs IELTS on Paper (CBT vs PBT)

  12. IELTS Eligibility 2024

  13. FAQs


IELTS Online Registration

Understanding IDP IELTS registration is important for better decision-making in terms of convenience and preferences. The IELTS Paper-delivered test offers 48 fixed dates annually, occurring up to four times each month, depending on the local demand for the exam.


Now, you have the flexibility to attempt your exam on those 48 fixed dates at your convenience. If you are about to choose a computer-delivered IELTS exam, you will be happy to know that the test is available 7 days a week and up to 3 times a day to catch on a large number of registrations.


IDP IELTS Registration 2024

The IDP IELTS registration process is a systematic and essential procedure for those planning to attempt the IELTS exam, where you will be evaluated for studying, working, or relocating to English-speaking countries.




Step 1: Log into IDP's Official Registration Site

You can start the registration process by accessing the official IDP IELTS registration website. This user-friendly online platform is the gateway to a series of steps that ensures a seamless and secure registration experience.


Step 2: Register for IELTS and Create an IDP IELTS Login

After accessing the official website, you are required to select the “Register for IELTS” option, which marks the beginning of your registration process. This step itself means the creation of your personalised login. The login credentials become essential for tracking progress and accessing pertinent information throughout the IELTS registration process.


Step 3: Choose Test Type - Computer-delivered or Paper-based IELTS

You must decide on your preferred test type: computer-delivered or paper-delivered. Choosing your IELTS test type aligns with your preferences and test-taking comfort.


Step 4: Select Test Type/Module - Academic or General Training

The next step is to choose between Academic or General Training for IELTS based on your intended purpose. Those planning to study abroad might take IELTS Academic, while the IELTS General Training module suits those seeking band scores for immigration or work purposes.


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Step 5: Choose the Test Location/City

You need to pick your desired test location and city from the available IELTS test centres in India. This decision is strategic, considering factors such as immediacy and convenience.


Step 6: Select Date and Time Slot

Upon completing the initial steps, you have access to a comprehensive list of available dates. This allows them to choose a preferred date and time slot for their IELTS exam, ensuring alignment with personal schedules and optimal test-taking conditions.




Step 7a: Fill Details and Complete Online Application

You enter your personal details and finalise the online IELTS exam registration form. This step is crucial and includes providing accurate information. Furthermore, you must upload a clear, scanned colour copy of your passport, a mandatory component of the IELTS exam registration process.




Step 7b: Provide Registration Details

Additional IELTS registration details are required to ensure the accuracy of the application. This step contributes to creating your comprehensive profile.




Step 7c: Upload Passport Copies

Uploading clear and scanned copies of the passport is critical in this step. This documentation is vital for identity verification and completion of the IELTS registration process.




Step 8: Select Colleges for Score Report

You must select the list of universities or institutions where you want to send your IELTS Score Report. This step is particularly important for those applying to specific educational programs.




Step 9: Review Details and Final Check

Before proceeding to the payment stage, you meticulously review all entered details. This final check ensures that all information is accurate, complete, and in line with your intentions.




Step 10: Pay the IELTS Registration Fees

Upon confirmation of details, you have to proceed to the payment stage. IELTS Registration Fees, set at INR 17,000, are paid through the secure online portal.


Step 11: Acknowledgement and Confirmation

After successful payment, you need to receive an acknowledgement receipt, and a confirmation email or message is sent to the registered email/phone number. This communication serves as validation for the completed IELTS exam registration.


Additional Information for Paper-based IELTS:

For paper-based IELTS, you can book a slot online according to your preferred date and time. If the preferred slot is unavailable, the system automatically allocates a time slot.


To sum up, registering for the IDP IELTS exam is a straightforward process with clear steps. Starting from creating your IDP IELTS login to making the payment, each step is carefully explained to make sure you understand and follow them accurately. This ensures a smooth and efficient experience. It's important for you to use this easy guide for a successful IELTS registration India, securing your chance to assess your language proficiency.


IELTS Exam Registration Offline Mode

While a maximum number of students choose the IELTS online registration process, some of them also book the IELTS exam in person by opting for offline mode. Head down to the methods and steps for IELTS registration India in person.


IDP IELTS Registration: Offline Mode

There are several IELTS registration methods available for those students planning to attempt the IELTS exam. A myriad of IELTS exam registration methods ensure flexibility and convenience, for which you need to visit IDP’s nearby branch and register using the methods below. Moreover, Meridean Overseas can help you with filling out the application. 


IDP IELTS Registration Method: In-Person

  • You can download the IELTS exam registration form from the official website or collect it from the nearest IDP branch or Input Node.

  • The IELTS exam registration form is filled out, and the provided Terms & Conditions document is signed. You must read it properly before handing it over. 

  • A photocopy of the passport (first and last page) and any observation pages is submitted.

  • Payment of the IELTS Registration Fees is completed.

  • The duly filled application form, along with all necessary documents and the test fee, is to be at the provided address.


IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd. 

IDP Head Office

Global Gateway Towers, Tower-B, 5th Floor,

Sikanderpur Ghosi, Sector-26, M.G. Road,

Gurugram -122002 Haryana, India

Phone: 1800-102-4544 (Mon to Sat - 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM)


Upon receipt of the documents and IELTS Registration Fees, the application is processed. It's important to note that seat allotment for the selected date is subject to availability.


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IELTS Slot Booking

Now, the most important step is booking the IELTS exam slot. So here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of the slot booking process that ensures a smooth IELTS registration process. 


IELTS exam booking includes selecting a convenient IELTS test center, choosing an exam date from the available pool of exam dates, and completing the booking by paying the IELTS Registration Fees, which stand at INR 17,000.


Make sure to start the process with a valid passport and a debit/credit card. Have a look at some of the steps below: 


  • Find an IELTS Test Center - You must identify an IELTS test center in your desired location from the official IELTS website or the dedicated IELTS test center page that provides complete information. 

  • Check Available Test Dates - You need to check the available test dates at your chosen test centres, which vary based on your location and demand. Planning ahead is advisable to select a date that allows sufficient preparation time.

  • Fill IELTS Online Registration Form - You are required to proceed to fill out the IELTS Online Registration form on the official website. This involves providing personal details, including identification information (passport or Aadhaar card), contact information, and selecting the test type (Academic or General Training).

  • Make Payment for IELTS Registration Fees - After IELTS exam registration, you are required to make a payment for the exam fee online, amounting to INR 17,000. Various online payment modes such as credit/debit cards, net banking, or other designated methods are accepted.

  • Confirmation Email or Receipt - Upon successful IELTS registration and payment, You will receive a confirmation email or receipt. So, the document will contain vital details like the test date, time, and place. 

  • IELTS Exam Preparation - With the booking complete, you must shift your focus to preparing for the IELTS exam. Utilising credible IELTS preparation materials, practice tests, and other resources is vital. Familiarity with the test format and content enhances your chances of success.


Important Note: 

  1. You must be above 16 to attempt the IELTS exam. 

  2. The information you provided at the time of registration must match the passport details.

  3. You need to carry your passport to the test centre.

  4. Debit/credit cards should be kept handy during the IELTS registration process.


IDP IELTS Booking is a meticulous process designed to accommodate your needs when seeking language proficiency assessment. The above-mentioned information ensures a comprehensive understanding of each step that empowers you to navigate the IELTS exam registration process seamlessly.


From selecting a test centre to receiving the confirmation, meticulous attention to detail is key. By adhering to these steps and considering the important notes, you can embark on your IELTS journey with confidence and be well-prepared for success.


Documents Required for IELTS Registration India

In the IDP IELTS registration process, the primary document required is a valid Indian passport. During registration, you'll need to share your passport details and upload scanned copies of both its front and back. This information is crucial for verifying your identity and ensuring accurate registration for the IELTS exam. Importantly, on the day of the IELTS exam, you are mandated to carry your passports to the test centre.


A valid Indian passport serves as a key identification document, ensuring the integrity of the IELTS registration process and maintaining the security and authenticity of the examination. It not only confirms your identity during the registration phase but also acts as a mandatory document for verification at the test centre on the examination day. This stringent requirement emphasises the significance of accurate passport details and underscores the commitment to maintaining a standardised and secure testing environment throughout the IELTS examination process.


You should be diligent in providing accurate passport information during registration and ensure its physical presence on the test day for a seamless and valid IELTS testing experience.


IELTS Exam Dates

IDP IELTS India offers flexibility in scheduling the IELTS exam, catering to your preferences. For the paper-based exam, there are allocated 48 days per year, providing ample opportunities for you to choose a date that aligns with your preparation and personal schedules.


Notably, for those opting for the IELTS computer-based test, the convenience factor is elevated. The computer-based test is available 7 days a week, providing you with the flexibility to select a date that suits them best. 


Moreover, the computer-based test is offered up to 3 times a day, further enhancing the options available. This adaptability allows you to tailor your exam schedule to your unique circumstances, ensuring a more personalised and convenient experience.


Whether you prefer the traditional paper-based format or the modern computer-based option, IDP IELTS in India ensures that you have ample choices to accommodate your preferences. This accessibility is designed to facilitate a smoother testing process, supporting you in showcasing your English language proficiency at a time that suits you best.


What is the best time to appear for the IELTS exam?

You are recommended to choose an IELTS exam date at least 3 to 4 months prior to your first university application deadline. This ensures ample time for preparation and allows the flexibility of retaking the exam if the initial attempt falls short of expectations. 


Planning ahead in this manner empowers you to optimise your performance and enhance your chances of achieving the desired IELTS scores for successful university applications.


IELTS Center

IELTS exams in India are available year-round at various centres. These IELTS exam centres facilitate on-demand testing, providing you flexibility in scheduling your exams.

IELTS exam centres






















Navi Mumbai












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Cancellation or Rescheduling of the IELTS Exam

In IELTS registration INDIA, understanding the intricate details of cancellation, rescheduling, and reattempts is highly significant for you. Here, you will delve deeper into the intricacies of these processes, ensuring clarity for those navigating the IELTS journey.


Rescheduling Your IELTS Exam

Those seeking to reschedule their IELTS exam must adhere to specific guidelines:

  1. Request for Test Day Transfer - To change the test date, you must submit a request for a test day transfer at least five weeks before the initially booked test date.

  2. Timeframe for Rescheduling - The new test date must fall within three months of the original test date.

  3. Administrative Charge - A nominal administrative charge of INR 3,300, inclusive of all taxes, is applicable for transferring the test date.


IELTS Cancellation

Understanding the cancellation process is vital, and it comes with its own set of rules:

  1. Cancellation Timeline - If cancellation occurs more than five weeks before the test date, a refund is provided, deducting a 25% administrative fee.


  1. Cancellation within Five Weeks - Cancellation within the five-week timeframe before the test date results in no refund.


  1. No-Show Consideration - Failure to appear for the test is considered a cancellation with no refund.


  1. Medical Certificate Exception - Those producing a medical certificate within five days of the test date may receive a refund after deducting local administrative costs.


IELTS Re-Attempts

You have the flexibility to reattempt the IELTS exam, but certain considerations apply:

  • Unlimited Reattempts - There is no limit to the number of times you can attempt the IELTS exam.

  • Reattempt Fee - For each reattempt, you must pay the IELTS exam fee of INR 17,000.

  • Registration Process - Every reattempt necessitates going through the IDP IELTS registration process anew.


Navigating the landscape of IELTS cancellation, rescheduling, and reattempts demands careful consideration of timelines, fees, and procedural requirements. 


Whether altering a test date, seeking a refund, or opting for another attempt, you must be aware of the stipulations outlined by IDP. This understanding empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience throughout your IELTS journey.


So, the processes of cancellation, rescheduling, and reattempts in the IELTS exam underscore the importance of meticulous planning and adherence to guidelines, ultimately contributing to your positive and successful testing experience.


IELTS on Computer vs IELTS on Paper (CBT vs PBT)

The IELTS exam, a gateway for many aspiring individuals, offers two distinct formats: Computer-delivered IELTS (CBT) and paper-delivered IELTS exam. Understanding the nuances of these formats is essential for those making a choice aligned with their preferences and requirements.


Computer-delivered IELTS (CBT)

  • Flexibility in Testing - CBT allows you to take the test 3 times a day, 7 days a week, offering unparalleled flexibility in scheduling.

  • Content Consistency - The content, structure, and format of Computer-based IELTS remain consistent with the paper-based version, ensuring a standardised testing experience.

  • Sections on Computer - Reading, Writing, and Listening tests are conducted on a computer, providing a comfortable typing environment for those at ease with digital interfaces.

  • Speaking Component - The Speaking test in CBT is conducted face-to-face with a certified IELTS examiner, maintaining the interactive nature of the evaluation.

  • Quick Results - One of the significant advantages is the expedited result turnaround, with scores typically available within 3-5 days.


Paper-delivered IELTS

  • Traditional Paper Format - Those opting for the paper-based format undertake the Reading, Writing, and Listening sections using paper and a pencil or pen.

  • Face-to-face Speaking Test - The Speaking test in paper-based IELTS is a traditional face-to-face interaction with a trained IELTS examiner.

  • Result Timeline - The results for the paper-based IELTS are announced after a period of 13 calendar days from the test date, offering a more extended waiting period compared to CBT.


Choosing Between CBT and PBT

  1. Preference for Typing - Those comfortable with typing may find CBT more suitable, taking advantage of the digital format for Reading, Writing, and Listening.

  2. Result Turnaround Time - If timely results are a priority, CBT provides a quicker outcome, making it ideal for those on tight schedules.

  3. Traditional Test Experience - Those preferring a traditional, paper-based test experience may opt for PBT, especially if they are more accustomed to the traditional exam setting.


IELTS Eligibility 2024

  • Age Criteria - While there is no specific age limit set by IELTS administrators (IDP or British Council), those below 16 years of age are not allowed to take the test.

  • Educational Eligibility - IELTS has no specific educational eligibility criteria. Anyone aspiring to pursue higher education or work abroad can attempt the exam, be it Academic or General Training. However, you should verify institution-specific criteria.


IELTS India Contact Information

For those seeking assistance or information, the IDP IELTS India contact details are as follows:


IDP Head Office:

Global Gateway Towers, Tower-B, 5th Floor,

Sikanderpur Ghosi, Sector-26, M.G. Road,

Gurugram -122002 Haryana, India


Phone: 1800-102-4544 (Mon to Sat - 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM)



Therefore, the choice between Computer-delivered IELTS (CBT) and paper-delivered IELTS (PBT) depends on your preferences, convenience, and comfort with technology. Both formats serve the same purpose of assessing English language proficiency, ensuring you have options aligned with your testing preferences.



1. Can I take the IELTS exam without my passport?

No, you must be required to bring your original valid Indian passport to the IELTS test centre on the test date, a copy of which was submitted during the IELTS exam registration process. Your entry gets refused when you fail to bring valid passports to the text centre. 


2. Can I book the IELTS exam two days before the test?

No, you must schedule your IELTS exam dates at least three days before the intended test date. During the IDP IELTS registration process, you should have your valid passports and credit/debit cards ready for completion. It is recommended to book the IELTS exam at least 1 – 2 months in advance to secure preferred test dates and allow sufficient time for preparation.


3. How many years is the IELTS exam valid for?

IELTS exam results are valid for two years from the test date. Within this period, you can use your scores for admission or immigration purposes. After the two-year validity, scores may be considered outdated and may not be accepted. Institutions and immigration authorities may have varying policies, so it's advisable to check their specific guidelines on the acceptance of IELTS scores beyond the standard two-year timeframe.


4. Can I prepare for the IELTS exam in 15 days?

The duration depends on English proficiency. Strong skills may need less time. In 15 days, tackle sample questions in PDFs and focus on test strategies. While challenging, cracking IELTS in this timeframe is feasible with dedication. Choose IELTS Academic at a test centre or opt for the Online exam with INR 17,000 IELTS Registration Fees.


5. How many days before can I register for the IELTS exam?

The IELTS exam registration opens several months before the test date, allowing you to secure your preferred date and location. Early registration is recommended due to limited seats, ensuring availability and providing ample preparation time. For specific registration details and timelines, visit the official IELTS website or contact the designated test centre.  

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