GRE Exam Eligibility 2024: Age Limit, Qualification and Required Documents

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Are you planning to study abroad? If yes, you may need to take the GRE but require detailed information about the GRE exam eligibility before that. Moreover, are your scores good enough to help you fit the GRE exam eligibility criteria?


We are here to help you in the GRE journey. The GRE has more than 1,000 test centres in over 160 countries. The GRE is one of the most popular graduate and B-school tests abroad. The courses may vary, and you may pursue business, law, science, or any other field of interest with a decent GRE score to help you find a university of your choice. But before you start preparing for the GRE, you must know the qualifications, age limit, and vital documents.


Let us tell you all about the GRE Exam Eligibility for both General and Subject tests, with a list of top universities accepting GRE scores.




Table Of Content
  1. Qualification Required for GRE Exam Eligibility

  2. Age Criteria for GRE

  3. Documents Required for the GRE Exam Eligibility Criteria

  4. Home GRE Exam Eligibility

  5. GRE Exam Eligibility for Disabled Candidates

  6. List of Universities Accepting GRE

  7. GRE Preparation Tips

  8. Why Prepare for the GRE Exam with Meridean Overseas?

  9. FAQs


Qualification Required for GRE Exam Eligibility

Are you wondering about the qualification required for the GRE Exam Eligibility?


Then, be aware that there are no set criteria to appear in the GRE test. The GRE test is available for all students looking to pursue a masters abroad, and you must have an undergraduate degree in the field. The degree is not only required to register for the GRE but also a significant requirement for masters at top-most universities.


However, the GRE scores are only acceptable in some universities and courses. So, read the guidelines of a specific university on their official websites.


Age Criteria for GRE

There is no set age limit to appear for the GRE. Universities abroad do not have age criteria. Anyone above 18 years of age can take the test.


Documents Required for the GRE Exam Eligibility Criteria

There are no age and qualification restrictions, but you must submit some necessary documents and valid ID proofs to fulfil the GRE exam eligibility. It is essential to provide a government ID for a smooth onboarding in your study abroad journey. So, keep a government ID ready all the time.


Here are a few GRE exam eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled.

  • The ID proof you provide must be original. Photocopies and Scanned IDs are entirely forbidden. Do not show it on your phone; the document must be physically present. 

  • The government ID must prove your nationality in a particular country. It must clearly state your nation, state and province. 

  • The government ID you provide must have an authentic and precise signature.

  • The ID must match the details you entered while registering for the GRE test. A spelling mistake may also lead to disqualification from the test. 

  • The ID must contain a clear and current picture of where you are identifiable.

  • Check the documents before submitting them because expired documents are not acceptable. The ID must be valid when you appear for the test.


So, keep these GRE exam eligibility criteria in mind to avoid any inconvenience during the exam.


Note: ETS started accepting expired IDs for up to 90 days after the expiration, beginning on 1 January 2023.


Home GRE Exam Eligibility

After the 2020 pandemic, ETS introduced the GRE at-home facility. So, the students can take the GRE test from their homes. They were giving the test from the comfort of your home! Isn't it like a dream come true?


Therefore, you must remember a few things to enjoy the seamless GRE experience at home! Check the list below to learn about home GRE exam eligibility and what not to do.

  • You can use a laptop or computer for the test; they are better choices than smartphones. 

  • All kinds of communication will be done through the speakers. During the test, do not use earphones, headphones, AirPods, etc.. 

  • Sit in a direction or set yourself in a position where the supervisor can see you correctly.

  • Use a table and chair to take the test. Avoid sitting on the bed.

  • Try to avoid distractions or noisy places, as they will disturb you. Choose a quiet place where you can concentrate on your test.

  • Refrain from taking notes on another sheet. Make notes in the space given for it. Then, erase all the notes and keep only the relevant ones. 

  • “First impression is the last impression”, so dress appropriately!

  • Lastly, the webcam of your laptop or computer must give the full view of you and your background.


Remembering these directions while taking the test will save you time and effort.


GRE Exam Eligibility for Disabled Candidates

The GRE exam has different categories for students, and the GRE exam eligibility criteria may also differ. So, the GRE has a particular category for disabled students. Also, the specially-abled students must fill out a “Testing Accommodations Request Form” shared with ETS Disability Services. The accommodation form helps them get some extra advantages, i.e., breaks between tests, increased test time, guidance during the test, etc.


Students in this category must submit some documents to fit the GRE exam eligibility criteria. The document list includes:

  • Describe the disability the candidate is going through.

  • Provide a list of all test equipment.

  • They need to know about your developmental, medical and educational background.

  • List the candidate's disabilities to keep in mind while taking the exam.


List of Universities Accepting GRE

The GRE scores are eligible in more than 800 law schools and 1300 B-schools. A good or decent GRE score can get you into your dream university. So, your aim must be to score as well as possible and see your dreams come true!


GRE scores are different in distinct universities and courses. Moreover, the cut-off of any university depends upon the number of applications received, the seats available, the university's ranking on the world level, etc.


Before applying for any university or test, check the GRE exam eligibility. So here is a list of universities accepting the GRE exam and the test scores. 

University Name

Average GRE Score

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

325 and above

Columbia University

320 and above

Imperial College London

315 and above

University of Pennsylvania 

310 and above

Texas A&M University

310 and above

Yale University

310 and above

University of California, Berkeley 

310 and above

Harvard University

300 and above

New York University

300 and above

University of Toronto 

300 and above

These Ivy League Colleges accept the GRE scores, but to enrol in a specific university and pursue a particular course, check the university website for accurate information.


GRE Preparation Tips

We have discussed the GRE exam eligibility in detail, so the next step is preparing for the exam. Every student has a plan to prepare for the test. Preparing well for the exam is one of the best ways to determine success. Here are a few tips for preparing for the GRE and succeeding in one go.

  • Make a schedule and stick to it.

  • Understand your weaknesses and improve them. But remember to give equal attention to your more substantial sections. 

  • Get familiar with GRE patterns and formats. Also, get all the study material which is helpful for your exam.

  • “Practice makes a man perfect.” This statement fits this situation because the more you practice, the more chances there are to clear the exam. 

  • Be comfortable and confident while you appear for the exam.


Why Prepare for the GRE Exam with Meridean Overseas?

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1. What is the GRE exam eligibility?

There are no set criteria to describe the GRE exam eligibility from ETS. However, the students must have a bachelor's degree in the relevant stream and valid government ID proof.


2. What are the age restrictions for taking the GRE exam?

ETS did not set any minimum age limit for GRE exam eligibility. However, the students under 18 appearing for the exam must have their parents' written consent.


3. Which ID is required to clear the GRE exam eligibility criteria? 

The only thing required is a valid government ID proof. Moreover, a driver's license, aadhar card, passport, passbook, etc., are enough to fulfil the GRE eligibility requirements for Indian students. All information on your ID proof matches the data you entered while registering for the exam.


4. What is the score required to pass the GRE exam?

A score of 300 or above is suitable for enrolling in the top universities.

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