A Guide for GRE Exam Registration: Know How to Book a Slot

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Updated on Feb 24, 2029 15:24

Are you planning to pursue a master's abroad but struggling with the complex registration process? Are deadlines approaching making you worried? Want to know about the GRE exam registration process and booking a slot?


If your answer to all the questions is yes, you have landed in the right place. We assure you that we answer all your questions and clear all your doubts.


GRE exam registration may seem complex, but it is not. You can easily make a GRE slot booking once you understand the process and eligibility criteria. Moreover, booking a slot in advance is beneficial because it gives you the flexibility to choose a centre and time slot that is convenient for you. Now that you want to take the test, let us discuss the GRE exam registration process in detail.




Table Of Content
  1. How to Apply for the GRE Exam?

  2. Three Best Ways to Book a Slot for the GRE

  3. How do you make a GRE slot booking for the general test?

  4. How to Make GRE Subject Test Registration?

  5. GRE Slot Booking

  6. GRE Exam Registration Fee

  7. Latest Updates in the GRE

  8. FAQs


How to Apply for the GRE Exam?

GRE exam registration is a simple process; all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and take a step ahead to get into your dream university.

  • Open the ETS website and create your profile.

  • There are two types of tests, namely, General and subjective tests. Choose the one as per your preference.

  • Pick an exam centre from the list that you find convenient.

  • Decide the date and time.

  • Pay the GRE exam registration fee, and the GRE exam process is done!


Three Best Ways to Book a Slot for the GRE

The ETS provides three of the best ways to do the GRE exam registration; you can pick one that is feasible for you. The three ways to book a slot include:


Online GRE exam registration

Online mode is the best way to get the GRE exam registration done because it is convenient and saves time and effort. So, here are a few steps to remember while you book a slot online.

  • Create an ETS account and enter all the necessary details.

  • Choose the date and time.

  • Pay the GRE exam registration fee, and the booking is complete!


It is advised to book the test at least two days before the date you choose. Moreover, send the cheques and money orders through mail along with the Authorization Voucher Request form (if required).


Note- The GRE exam registration fee can be paid through credit or debit cards of American Express, Master Card, Visa Card, etc. Also, you can use services like PayPal.


Offline GRE exam registration

There are three ways to make offline registration for the GRE, and the ways are:


➢  Mail

The GRE exam registration can be completed in three simple steps:

  • Fill out the Authorisation Voucher Request Form with the GRE general test and mail it to the address provided.

  • Attach a fee receipt with the form paid via money order or cheque.

  • Mail the form at least three weeks before the booked slot so that you receive the confirmation on time.


➢  Phone

The call to the regional registration centre must be made at least two days before your GRE exam registration date. The office is in Gurugram, Haryana, and the number is +91-124-4147700. All the details regarding the test will be shared with you over the phone.


➢  Fax

You can also complete the registration process through fax. Once you finish your application, send it to +91-124-4147773. However, the application must be sent seven days before the GRE exam registration date.


GRE exam registration at home

If you plan to take the GRE test at home, you need some equipment to make it happen, like a laptop/computer, camera, microphone, speaker, etc. The process and fee of the GRE exam registration at home are the same as the GRE General test. You just need to select the ‘at-home’ option.


Furthermore, there are two types of GRE tests: General and Subject. The GRE exam registration process for both tests is different. Let us have an idea about both the tests.


How do you make a GRE slot booking for the general test?

The GRE General test is the most popular option for students studying abroad. Let us look at the GRE exam registration process for the General test.

  • Visit the ETS official website and create a profile.

  • Choose the GRE General test from the list of options. 

  • Select the date, time and test centre at your convenience. 

  • Check all the information and make the registration fee payment.


How to Make GRE Subject Test Registration?

The GRE subject test registration process differs slightly from the GRE General test. However, if you think it is complex, then it is not. Have a look below to understand the process.

  • Go to the official ETS website and create a profile to start the GRE exam registration process.

  • Choose the GRE subject test from the list of options and pick the preferred subjects. 

  • Click submit to make the GRE exam registration successful. 

  • Choose the date, time and test centre.

  • Re-check all the details and make the GRE exam registration fee payment.


GRE Slot Booking

The most vital step after GRE exam registration is GRE slot booking. It allows you to choose the date and time of your preference. You do not have to wait for the ETS to announce the exam date after registration. You can select everything according to your comfort and plans.


Some steps are mentioned below for GRE slot booking:

  • Filter the options using the “By Date” and “By Distance” tabs in the page's top-left corner and choose as per your preference.

  • You can check all the options by scrolling through the calendar and picking the nearest exam centre.  

  • Click “Register” and check all the information related to the test. Check the checkbox mentioning “Testing Policies”, then click “Next”. Choose your preferences for GRE exam registration, then click “Next” again.

  • Fill in all the information and add free GRE preparation materials to the cart before paying, then “Proceed to Checkout”.

  • Check all the details thoroughly and click the “Pay Now” option. 

  • Enter your payment details and click on the “Buy” button.

  • Check the confirmation page and the GRE exam registration confirmation email to ensure successful GRE slot booking


GRE Exam Registration Fee

Now that you know the GRE exam process, let us tell you about the last part of the GRE exam procedure: the GRE registration fee. The registration fee is different for different countries. The cost in India is USD 228, which is INR 18,656. Let us look at the table below to compare India's registration fees with those of different countries. 

Country Name






Rest of the world



Latest Updates in the GRE

If you are planning to take the GRE test, it is vital to keep track of the latest changes and updates in the test. This section covers all the latest updates about the GRE for the students appearing for the test. Some of the latest updates are mentioned below.


GRE Revised Fee Structure

ETS has revised the GRE fee for both general and subject tests. So, the updated fee for the available test is INR 22,500, and for the subject test, it is INR 14,500.


GRE Exam Time Shortened


GRE Exam Pattern (Previous)

GRE Exam Pattern (Updated)

GRE Analytical Writing

1 section, 2 essay tasks in 

60 minutes

1 section, 1 essay task in 

30 minutes

GRE Verbal Reasoning

2 sections, 40 questions in

60 minutes

2 sections, 27 questions in

41 minutes

GRE Quantitative Reasoning

2 sections, 40 questions in 

70 minutes

2 sections, 27 questions in

47 minutes

Unscored Section






Total GRE Duration

3 hours 45 minutes

1 hour, 58 minutes

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1. When to apply for the GRE?

The ETS does not define any time limit for GRE exam registration. It depends upon the university deadlines and your preparation for the exam.


2. Is GRE acceptable to get admission to an MBA program?

Almost all top B-schools in the world accept the GRE scores. So, students who want to pursue an MBA abroad can take the GRE test and get admission to the top schools with recognised degrees. But, before applying for the test, check the college's eligibility and requirements on a particular university's official website.


3. How beneficial is the GRE test, and why? 

The Graduate Record Exam, popularly known as GRE, is a multiple-choice, standardised test. The score is attached to the application sent to graduate schools and B-schools.


4. Can the GRE exam be rescheduled?

Yes, it can be rescheduled on your ETS account, but you must pay a USD 50 fee.

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