Yale vs Princeton

Yale vs Princeton: Which is Better for Students?


19 October 2023



Millions of students across the globe dream of studying in the renowned universities of the USA, and when we talk about the most prestigious universities in the USA, the name of Princeton University and Yale University comes to the top. If you were given an opportunity to select between Princeton University and Yale University and are wondering which one to choose for accomplishing your academic endeavours, then this blog contains that pivotal information.


This blog will present a comparative analysis of Yale University and Princeton University on some prominent points such as rating, programs and acceptance rates to help you identify which is better and which one you can go for on the basis of your academic goals. So, let us get started!


Yale University vs Princeton University

Let us delve into some distinct features of Yale University and Princeton University. A table is presented below to demonstrate the same.


Princeton University

Yale University


  • 17th, QS World University 2024

  • 6th, Times Higher Education 2024

  • 7th Times Higher Education 2023

  • 16th, QS World University 2024

  • 10th, Times Higher Education 2024

  • 9th, Times Higher Education 2023



  • UG Programs -18

  • PG Programs -13

  • Doctorate Programs -6

  • UG Programs -33

  • PG Programs -59

  • Doctorate Programs -13

Ratings for particular subject/program 

  • 7th for Engineering by Times Higher Education 2023

  • 154th for Medicine by QS World University 2023

  • 1st for Law by US News 2023

  • 9th for Engineering by Times Higher Education 2023

  • 9th for Medicine by Times Higher Education 2023

Acceptance Rate



Cost of Study 

  • Average tuition fees for UG courses range from INR 44.20 L – 46.0 L annually. 

  • Average tuition fees for PG courses range from INR 42.60 L – 46.0 L annually. 

  • Average Tuition Fees for UG courses range from INR 47.4 L to 53.1 annually 

  • Average Tuition Fees for PG courses range from NR 37.9 L to 67.9 L annually

Eligibility: Entrance exam score 

  • GRE - 308

  • IELTS - 7

  • SAT - 1460

  • TOEFL - 100

  • GMAT - 700

  • GRE - 315

  • IELTS - 7

  • SAT - 1460

  • TOEFL - 100


Recruiting firms include Amazon, Goldman Sachs Group, IBM Corporation and Microsoft.

  • Masters in Science: $248,000 

  • MBA: $173,000 

  • Bachelor of Science: $110,000 

  • Masters in Finance: $107,000

Top recruiters encompass Microsoft, Deloitte Consulting LLP,  Yale University, Harvard University and Kaiser Permanente.

  • MBA: $150,000 

  • Bachelor of Arts: $95,000 

  • Bachelor of Science: $90,000 

  • Masters of Arts: $83,000

Year of establishment and accommodation

It was established in 1746. Further, accommodation expenses account for around $10960. 


It was established in 1701. The accommodation and food expenses account for approximately $25793.

Overall, Yale University and Princeton University are top universities offering excellent growth prospects to graduate students. Apart from the points covered above, some other key differences between both universities are as follows:

  • Yale University is estimated to have 3000+ international students’ enrollment from around 120 nations. On the other side, Princeton University boasts 1800+ international students’ intake from around 100 nations. 

  • Both universities grant need-based scholarships, with Yale University cost of study covered through offerings of financial aid to 64% of students, while Princeton University cost of study is covered by offering grants to 61% of international students. 

  • It is noted that the annual ROI and the average annual salary of Princeton University are better compared to Yale University by a small margin.

  • In order to decide between Yale and Princeton, it is vital to understand that Yale University is an apt choice for people wishing for an urban lifestyle with easy access to top cities in the USA, such as New York and Boston. 

  • Yale University courses are offered in 80 different fields for pursuing majors, while 36 courses are available at Princeton University. Further, Yale offers courses in Theatre, Religious Studies, Arts, Engineering, and Astrophysics, whilst Princeton offers degrees in Architecture, Computer Science, and Language.

  • Yale University offers students an opportunity to indulge in activism and student politics through a close-knit college community. On the contrary, the Princeton University campus has vibrant opportunities for students interested in music, with around 15 departmental music groups and global partnerships.   



Q1. Which university is better, Yale or Princeton?

A. Both are top-notch universities with good rankings, the best courses and excellent career prospects. You can decide on the basis of your preferences and goals.


Q2. Which university is more expensive, Yale University or Princeton University?

A. Yale University is found to be 7% more expensive than Princeton University in regard to tuition fees. However, the university provides financial grants to international students.


Q3. What is the acceptance rate of Yale University?

A. The acceptance rate of Yale University is 6.3%.


Q4. What is the acceptance rate of Princeton University?

AThe acceptance rate of Princeton University is 6.5%.


Q5. Is there any scholarship opportunity or financial aid given by Yale and Princeton to international students?

A. Yes, both universities offer financial aid and need-based or merit-based scholarships to international students. However, it is advised to check for your specific program and course on the university's official website for scholarships.



It can be inferred from the comparative assessment of Yale University and Princeton University that both universities are renowned names in the field of education worldwide. Hence, choosing one entirely depends on your personal preferences and future career objectives. You can consider the criteria elaborated in the blog to choose the right university for yourself. Make a proper list of factors which are of utmost importance to you, do proper research and proceed with your study abroad dreams by selecting the right university. We wish you luck!


We hope that you acquired adequate insights into Yale University and Princeton University concerning their rankings, courses, cost of study and other key features through this blog. However, if you are looking for more in-depth information on study in USA and these universities, we encourage you to speak with our team of expert USA counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC).


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