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Thinking of pursuing a master’s degree and are confused about which country to study in?


Then, let us enlighten you about why the USA is a good choice for pursuing your master’s degree. In this context, the blog highlights the best universities in the USA for masters and the possible benefits of pursuing a masters in USA. Additionally, the blog provides insights into career options available after completing a master's from a university in the USA. 


So, without any further thought, let’s dive right into the important aspects of pursuing masters in USA!


Why Study Masters in USA?

It is important to understand the importance of a master's degree, and along with it, choosing the correct country for the same is equally essential. Hence, while researching, you will find the top-ranked universities in the USA. There is a reason for the same: there are immense amounts of opportunities, and a master’s degree from the USA is highly renowned and known around the world.


Why Study Masters in USA


There are various other countries that offer master's programmes, but the important thing to consider is the significance and applicability of the courses and career options after they are completed. Below are all the benefits discussed of pursuing your masters in USA and how it will help you to grow in your career.


Benefits of Studying Masters in USA

There are several benefits to why USA for masters is a better option; some of those benefits are discussed below for better understanding:


Highest Ranking Universities in the USA

The main factor that drives the high demand for master's degrees in the USA is that the country is home to some of the greatest colleges in the world. These institutions provide excellent programs and a wide choice of programmes. 


As per the QS Rankings 2024, five of the top fifteen institutions worldwide are located in the United States.

Career Scope after Master’s from USA

All students aspire to secure a good position in a top company after completing their masters. If you share the same goal and want to finish your master's degree in the United States with the greatest career possible. Here is a list of some of the career options you can consider and pursue post completion of masters from the USA:


Average Salary

Healthcare worker




Software Developer


Front-end Engineer


Finance Manager


Data Scientist


Android Developer


ERP Project Manager


Ethical Hacker


Computer Network Architect


Physical Therapist


Social Media Strategist


Business Development Manager


Accomplished and Acknowledged Academic Standards

The United States' dynamic study system, which attracts about 30% of students worldwide who study abroad each year, is the driving force behind its academic leadership. One of the major reasons for the USA being a good choice is because of its developing subject area competence which is crucial for master's degree candidates.


The USA is a potential alternative because of its excellent professors, who guarantee well-rounded growth, including exposure to theory and practice. Along with this, US colleges are well-known for hiring eminent faculty members and emphasising experiential learning, that is, applying theoretical knowledge to actual situations.


Enhancing Classroom Environment & Learning

From the perspective of students’ experience, the USA for Masters degree is a great option. This is because studying at American institutions offers the perfect environment for students to study using adaptable teaching strategies across all subject areas. Students are effectively urged to step outside of their comfort zone while strengthening their foundations.


Along with a good environment, American institutions offer excellent infrastructure in the form of institutional labs, libraries, and practice spaces. Thanks to them, students get access to the newest technology and the most up-to-date learning environment.


Leading universities in the field of high-tech research and breakthroughs include MIT, Cornell University, and California Institute of Technology offer excellent learning environments. Being able to familiarise yourself with fresh knowledge right away is among the most significant advantages of pursuing an MS in the United States.


A welcoming environment and healthy competition

Masters in USA provides inclusion, which is a fundamental component of all US academic programs. People from various walks of life and backgrounds are welcomed there. The mere fact that more than 1.1 million international students studied in the US in 2023-24 gives you an idea of the variety that exists.


Universities have excellent admissions screening procedures where you will have the opportunity to meet bright individuals from across the globe. Overall, this fosters a positive environment where pupils are motivated to learn and excel.


Easy-to-use Support Resources for International Students

Students at universities readily get support and guidance for anything from food and lodging to scholarships, internships, and visa extensions. Also, colleges make every effort to ensure that international students have a smooth adjustment to life in the United States.


The international student offices at the majority of American colleges assist international students in adjusting to life on campus. You can contact them with any questions you may have about school, social issues, or any other difficulties you are having acclimating to the new way of life. 


Lively Campus Life

Another factor that makes Masters in USA popular among foreign students is the opportunity for students to participate in active student life. There will be a ton of fun extracurricular events on campus in addition to academic pursuits. Joining clubs, sports teams, volunteering, and several other student groups are just a few ways you might choose to get involved in a variety of university experiences.


In addition, you may visit other states and towns to learn about other cultures, make new friends, and widen your horizons.


Flexibility of Academics

US universities offer master's degrees in a variety of subjects and specialisations. Certain master specialisations, such as computer science, mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, etc., are quite well-known, but there are also new master specialisations with promising futures.


In addition, one of the main reasons master's programs in the USA are so well regarded is the academic freedom they offer. The course may be tailored to meet the student's academic objectives. You are also welcome to contribute suggestions for conducting research in the area of your choice.


Variety of Research Opportunities

Students get the opportunity to do in-depth research in the American institutions in their area of interest since some master's programs require them to submit a thesis as part of their curriculum. In addition to excellent infrastructure, the graduate students have access to resources, time, and space for this study.


Furthermore, students can help faculty members expand their knowledge and skill set by working with them on various research initiatives.


Gaining Important Life and Career Skills

Without discussing how a Master's degree affects a student's entire development, the argument for why it occurs in the US would be insufficient. Throughout their master's degrees, students acquire a variety of life skills in addition to academic ones, such as managing their time and finances and striking a work-life balance. The campus's variety, degree requirements, and general atmosphere undoubtedly bolster a student's competitive spirit and aid their personal development.


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Scholarships for Masters in USA

There are several scholarships available that are given to students for doing masters in USA. These scholarships are provided by the US government to international students, colleges, universities, and institutions. Some of the popular scholarships you can avail are-

  • Foreign Fulbright Student Program

  • Humphrey Fellowship Program

  • AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program

  • Amherst College Scholarships

  • Clark University Scholarships

  • Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships

  • AAUW International Fellowships

  • Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme 



In conclusion, we have discussed everything, from why masters in USA are better than in any other country to the benefits of doing the same. We have also discussed the top universities in the USA for master's programs, career options, scholarships, and the cost of studying MS in the USA for Indian Students. This will help you make a well-informed decision. The universities in the USA offer top-class education and courses based on your career goals. The blog covers everything in detail. 


We hope this blog will be helpful for you to select one of the best universities in the USA for masters. However, if you have doubts and want to study in the USA, contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact application02@meridean.org or 1800-1230-00011.



1. Why is the USA the best option for a master's?

The USA is the best option for a master’s as it consists of top-ranking universities.


2. What are the career options after masters in USA?

There are various job opportunities with great salary packages like healthcare, finance, and many more.


3. What is the campus like in the USA?

The campus is lively, with various opportunities that make student life active and interesting.


4. What makes the USA an ideal place for pursuing a master’s?

The United States has a wide variety of research opportunities, which lets you, as a student, gain in-depth knowledge about the subject.


5. Does the USA have a healthy environment for international students?

Yes, the universities in the USA are known for their inclusion, which has significantly increased the number of international students.


6. Does the USA have masters for the upcoming fields?

Yes, one of the prominent reasons that make the USA an ideal place for masters is its approach to new and flexible academics.


7. Is a master from the USA acknowledged globally?

Yes, due to high-ranking universities, a student who has completed their course will get global recognition.


8. Does a masters in the USA require IELTS?

Yes, IELTS is required by all international universities for a basic understanding of English knowledge.


9. What are the top universities for masters in USA?

   Some of the top universities in the USA are MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and many more.


10. What are the basic requirements for pursuing masters in USA?

  • 3- 4 years of a bachelor's degree in the relevant field with an average GPA of 3.0 or 65 – 70% and above. 

  • Statement of Purpose 

  • Proof of your English-language Proficiency test such as IELTS.

  • GRE score that is 290 or above.

  • Two to three letters of recommendation


These are some of the basic requirements for getting in a master’s programme in the USA.

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