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Coming to Wharton is the dream of most MBA candidates. The Wharton School is one of the most reputable business schools in the United States of America. Although there are a large number of top universities in the United States and many MBA colleges in the United States, Wharton is a name that gets a lot of attention. It gives close competition to the best universities around the world.
Wharton offers a plethora of courses in disciplines such as economics, healthcare administration, finance, and more with rigorous and comprehensive programs. This is the reason why there is no shortage of career-oriented and focused candidates hoping to enter Wharton MBA programs.
Founded in 1881, The Wharton School has been ranked first on U.S. News and World Reports' "Best Financial Programs" list every year in a row since its launch. The prestige and honour associated with a Wharton degree is a huge factor in ensuring students work diligently, hone their skills, and prepare them for the industry for a competitive world that awaits them after graduation.
Another notable feature of Wharton is its large community of MBA graduates. It boasts of an alumni base of 99,000 people worldwide who "keep networking, mentoring and learning". This community of successful alumni is testament to the success rate of Wharton's MBA programs. Speaking in terms of statistics and numbers, the starting salary range of almost 99% of Wharton MBA graduates is between $122,000 and $150,000. This data is provided by employers who have offered jobs to Wharton graduates. Furthermore, a degree from Wharton also guarantees a successful career outside the United States. In fact, about 12% of recent graduates choose to work outside the United States of America.

With such world-class facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure, it goes without saying that getting into Wharton is no easy task. It can be difficult, but certainly not impossible. With a good academic/professional profile and the right approach, one can fulfil their dream of entering Wharton. Read on to find out how to apply for Wharton's MBA program.


One of the cool things about the MBA programs offered by Wharton is that you can choose from 12 joint degree programs. These include the three fully integrated interdisciplinary MBA degrees which are:

Joint Lauder MBA/MA Degree in International Studies
The Carey JD/MBA Program
The MBA in Health Management

Additionally, Wharton also offers 19 different majors and almost 200 courses to choose from! These include STEM-certified majors such as Business Analytics and Quantitative Finance. In total, there are 19 credit units (CUs) and the program is divided into three credit categories. Core requirements are 9.5 CUs, major-specific requirements are 5.0 CUs, and electives contribute 4.5 CUs.

Accepted applicants are eligible to be considered for the wide variety of scholarship opportunities available to Wharton students with exemplary performance. Students with outstanding work histories, excellent academic records, and well-rounded personalities are also considered for the Wharton scholarship program.
There are also financial rewards that cover two years of enrolment. Wharton graduates reap immense benefits not only from the education they receive from this premier institute, but also from the reputation and recognition that comes with the degree.


Let's see what Wharton's MBA career management team has to offer in terms of job hunting.

  • Programs and workshops
  • Recruitment events
  • Complete information on a career path in different industries
  • Individual career advice
  • Search tools (Wharton exclusive)
  • Career path
  • Lifelong professional support


It's definitely not child's play to get to Wharton. It ranks number one in finance and real estate, number three in accounting, and number five in international business among business schools. It is evident that Wharton is a top institute and excels in a number of industries.
The recent acceptance rate for Wharton’s MBA Program applicants is 19.2%. Although this is higher than the Harvard Business School acceptance rate (which is 12%), it certainly does not mean that entry is less competitive.

The educational backgrounds of accepted MBA candidates are fortunately not homogeneous; 38% of new students come from an undergraduate degree in the humanities, 34% from business and 28% from STEM disciplines.

Basic Requirements and Application Process

For starters, there are some important dates to be aware of. The Wharton MBA program has 3 rounds of applications per year. Thus, applicants should remember the application deadline, interview dates, and other crucial decision-making dates.
Gather different aspects to compile your application. Make sure you have all important documents handy. These include academic degrees/transcripts, proof of date of birth, contact details, family information, work experience details, etc.
Prepare your essays well. Applicants are required to submit 2 essays within the limit of 500 words. You have to be frank and direct when attempting the trials.
Two letters of recommendation are also required. Wharton requests LORs in a specific format in which a recommender must answer two free questions about a candidate.

Report your GMAT/GRE scores

Non-native English speakers are required to take the TOEFL or PTE. The test may be waived in some cases
Submit a one-page CV in PDF format
You will need to create an account to start your application process. Submitting your application is only one completed step. Candidates should prepare for interviews and should ensure that they present all aspects of their personality that are not reflected in their test scores and transcripts.
It is always useful to prepare a checklist of requirements. It ensures the smooth and organized execution of tasks. Missing a deadline would be the last thing a Wharton MBA candidate would want.
It is imperative to present your professional background as clearly as possible. This will keep your application in good stead and give it an edge. Last but not least, be honest. Present yourself as you are. False information can easily be deciphered, while honesty will take you far.


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