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Founded in 1963, York University is a collegiate research university in New York City, United Kingdom. The World University Academic Rankings (Shanghai Rankings) ranked York University in its 201-300 ranking of universities for 2020, far better than its 301-400 position last year. However, QS (Best Universities) has downgraded York University’s position from 127th in 2017 to 150th in 2022 over the years. This means that York University has not performed very well on key parameters such as research, teaching, and references. 

University of York World Ranking 2022

University of York (UY) World University Rankings

US News & World Report ranks York University 264th in its 2022 World University Rankings, down slightly from 259th last year. When we look at the position of the university within the national universities, then we can say that the full University Guide has placed York University in the 22nd place in the ranking of its universities for 2022. The Guardian has ranked York University 16th in the UK in its ranking of universities for 2022.


Youngest University Who Rank in World University Rankings

The principles of equality and opportunity for all of the founders of the University of York are based on higher educational standards. An influential member of the Russell Group of Universities under the direction of research in the UK, York is one of the youngest universities in the ranking of the best in THE World University Rankings. We are proud to have nearly 20,000 students from more than 150 countries and every student who joins our supportive community brings a new voice to the rich prospects in New York.

Our 28 educational departments conduct creative research that supports our inspiring teaching and encourages students to pursue great dreams and critical thinking. We work in partnership with institutions around the world to develop discoveries and technologies that address some of the most pressing global challenges. In the latest Excellence Research Framework (REF 2014), we rank 10th in terms of the impact of research.

Opportunities and York Ideas Festival in University of York

The University builds these research awards and global connections to the teaching and opportunities we offer to students. We offer the York Futures program, a unique program of personal development and activities designed in collaboration with the best employers to help prepare students for work and further study. York also connects students to the local community through experiences and great events, such as the York Ideas Festival, one of the largest free festivals of its kind in the UK, aimed to inspire a diverse audience about the joy and impact of ideas and education.

The university garden campus is a champion of biodiversity and has a number of wildlife within the lake, swamps, tree paths, and bird sanctuaries. It is located in southeastern York, a short distance from the city’s historic center. York is an easily accessible city that is friendly to pedestrians and bicycles and has a wide network of bike routes and off-road bike paths. The city has a socially active scene that offers shops, cafes, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

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University of York Rankings 2022

  • World University Rankings – 169

  • QS - World University Ranking – 150

  • THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking – 133

  • The Complete University Guide - University Ranking (UK) - 22

  • Young University Rankings - 7

  • World Reputation Ranking – 151 -175

  • Art and Humanities – 57

  • The Guardian - University Rankings – 16

  • US News & World Report - Global Universities - 264

  • Clinical, preclinical & health - 151 -175

  • Life Sciences - 151 -175

  • Physical Science - 301- 400

  • Social Science – 126 - 150

  • Business and Economics – 176 - 200

  • Computer Science – 301- 400

  • Law - 151 -175

  • Education – 101 - 125

  • Psychology - 95

  • European Teaching – 16

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