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A multicultural environment, unparalleled employment opportunities, and globally recognised degrees; if these pointers feel like a dream study destination to you, then it’s time to introduce you to this location!


Welcome to Ontario, the second-largest province and economic hub of Canada. The country is home to thousands of MNCs and some of the most prestigious universities. As a result, studying in an Ontario college helps you gain a competitive edge, and the experience is topped off with exciting work opportunities. No wonder thousands of students flock to study here every year!


Why study in Ontario

Diverse Academic Programmes


Some of the world’s top universities in Canada, and they offer programmes in a range of disciplines. Universities in Ontario, Canada, are renowned for their innovative research, world-class community of professors, and collaborative study approaches. Furthermore, additional resources are provided to scholars to facilitate a hassle-free learning experience for them.


Study Hard, Earn Smart


Having the opportunity to gain work experience while learning is a key requirement for scholars these days. Fortunately, universities in Ontario have an excellent framework of work experience programmes where students can avail of paid employment opportunities on-campus. Apart from this, universities’ collaborations with other leading universities, prominent corporations and research institutes help provide internship opportunities to students and foster experiential learning.


Student Assistance


Resources for guidance and finding work opportunities include talent boards and student alumni networks.


Additionally, these universities have sexual harassment & violence services, mental health support departments, and over a hundred student unions catering to different themes. As a result, students are able to find their sense of individuality in a secure environment feeling included and like they belong.


Explore Beyond Textbooks


The educational methods at Ontario’s universities are quite dynamic and promote holistic development. Students have a plethora of ways to delve into their arenas of interests along with regular classroom learning. Universities have creative hubs, community learning programmes, artistic workshops, athletic facilities, etc. As a result, scholars have the opportunity to align their passions and shape themselves.


We hope this has helped you get a brief understanding of the host country.


Now, let's take a mini tour of the top universities in Ontario and the exciting things they offer!


Top Universities in Ontario

University of Toronto


The University of Toronto is a public research university that falls under the category of the best colleges in Canada. It has three campuses spanning the greater Toronto area, namely: Scarborough (in the east), Mississauga, and St. George (in the west). The institution offers students state-of-the-art facilities, a secure campus and a practical educational approach. According to QS World Ranking 2022, the University of Toronto ranks 1st domestically and 26th internationally. Its primary emphasis is on transformative education combined with creative teaching methods that shape students in an all-rounded manner. This institution is a global leader in pioneering research and teaching, where students from 170 countries and regions apply every year. The university offers 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programmes in various disciplines.


Now, let’s have a look at the list of the top courses to study at U of T:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Medicine

  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology

  • Engineering

  • Biochemistry


McMaster University


McMaster University is renowned as Canada's most research-intensive institution. It has four campuses located at Niagara, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Downtown Hamilton. According to Qs World ranking 2022, the university ranks 6th domestically and 140th internationally. It offers more than 100 graduate degree programmes across diverse faculties of study.  It has more than 70 centres and institutes, including three national centres of excellence. The institution's core motto is to give opportunities to bright young minds full of potential and bring them together in a productive and nurturing setting. Some of the top courses to study at McMaster University are:

  • Business

  • Nursing

  • Engineering

  • Social sciences

  • Humanities


University of Waterloo


Established in 1959, The University of Waterloo is a renowned public research university. According to QS World Ranking 2022, it ranks 7th domestically and 149th internationally. This institution operates one of the largest post-secondary co-op programmes that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit amongst scholars. The educational framework extensively focuses on active learning, interactive workshops and student-centred classrooms. In addition to academics, the university places a strong emphasis on a variety of recreational sports, such as Canadian football, Nordic skiing, tennis, volleyball, etc. Furthermore, the institution offers several different programmes. Let’s look at some of the top courses the University of Waterloo offers:

  • Computer Science

  • Civil Engineering

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Environmental Sciences

  • Physics and Astronomy


Western University


Western University was founded in 1878 and is known for being a leader in healthcare, research and innovative education. Also, it is a founding member of U-15, which sets it apart as Canada's most distinguished research institution. According to QS World Ranking 2022, the university ranks 8th domestically and 170th internationally. They offer over 400 combinations of minors, majors and specialisations along with a range of interdisciplinary programmes. Besides regular courses, the university also promotes initiatives towards a sustainable environment and barrier-free accessibility on campus. Life at Western University is all about diversity, equity and inclusion, entrenched in a culture of safety. Additionally, scholars are given personal development opportunities and career support services to enhance their degrees with practical experience and grow their professional networks. Some of the top courses available at Western University for international students are:-

  • Economics and Business

  • Biochemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Arts & Humanities


University of Ottawa


This university is located in the heart of Canada's capital and is ranked amongst the top 250 institutions in the world. According to QS World Ranking 2022, the University of Ottawa ranks 9th domestically and 230th internationally. Interestingly, it is also the largest English-French bilingual university, offering more than 450 graduate, undergraduate, and professional degree programmes in various disciplines. Apart from this, the campus provides a modern learning environment with access to cutting–edge technology, with well-equipped labs in order to enrich the learning experience of scholars. Furthermore, the university’s teaching methodology is based on practical learning and understanding global perspectives. As a result, graduates emerge as multi-skilled individuals ready to work for the betterment of society. Below are the most-chosen courses at the University of Ottawa:

  • Computer Science

  • Health

  • Social Science

  • Accounting and Commerce

  • Business and management studies

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To wind up, studying in Ontario offers students a unique and rewarding experience, with access to top-notch universities, a vibrant culture, and outstanding academic opportunities. It is the perfect place to begin your journey towards a successful and fulfilling career.


We hope this blog was an informative takeaway for you about one of the best student cities in Canada. Don’t settle for an average education and unleash your full potential.


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