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The United Kingdom is a great place to study; one gets to explore various other things while they study in UK. The United Kingdom has become an educational hub lately because of various factors. The country welcomes international students with open arms and helps them unlock various opportunities.


Degrees affiliated with the United Kingdom are accepted worldwide; one can get well-paying jobs once a degree from top universities in UK. But, various students are still clueless about how to start their journey to study in UK. One needs to take care of various things before applying to UK universities. Knowing everything beforehand always helps international students smoothen their application process. This removes various unwanted hurdles from their way to studying abroad.

Tips to Study in UK

Studying in the UK requires the student to prepare mentally and arrange many things before starting their journey. There are various things that students are not aware of. Here are some tips that can help you to study in UK.


Things to Know if you are Studying in UK


  1. Plan funding and scholarships: Money comes first in every student's mind when it comes to studying abroad. Studying abroad is surely costly, but if managed well, it is not. Aspiring international students should be well aware of the expenses they would incur once they enter the UK.
    Many students drop the idea of studying in UK once they know their desired course fees. But, ample scholarships for international students can help them fund their education in the UK. One needs to be aware of these schemes and apply them accordingly. Also, planning all the expenses beforehand gives the student the reality check of studying abroad, which is very necessary.

  2. Know about travel options in the city: The United Kingdom is a vast country and has various metropolitan cities. Students should know the transport options of their chosen city before entering UK. Different cities have different travel options, like London, which is cheap because of public transport. One can use public transport efficiently on the student pass. The city is well connected through underground trains, buses and over ground rails.
    If the student has chosen a university in rural areas of UK; like Keele University, located in Staffordshire, they need to learn about the public transport that goes to the city centre of Newcastle. All the information about public transport can be found on the university's website. Basic knowledge about the chosen city's transportation can help students save time and money.

  3. Don't feel underconfident: Once a student lands in a new country, they get to meet a lot of new people. Some people are better than them, and some are not. Whereas some feel homesick due to the new culture and new place. To avoid this, students need to be mentally prepared that what is happening to them is normal, and every international student faces it.
    Every international student is trying to adapt to a new culture while retaining their personality. Students need to know that everybody there is as unsure as they are. There is no need to panic; instead, one needs to meet new people and learn to know about their culture and values to fit in perfectly and easily. Knowing more international students can help relieve homesickness and expose you to new perspectives.

  4. How to get a part-time job: The United Kingdom is a fast country; everybody is hustling there. People work through the week and enjoy weekends. One needs to ensure they don't miss out on any fun in the UK. Also, every student in UK is used to working part-time. Various small and medium-scale businesses allow students to work part-time with them. Students can work in cafes, restaurants, departmental stores, supermarkets or various other firms.
    The average wage rate for students in UK students is £10-£15 per hour. International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week. Having a part-time job is necessary to survive in a foreign country. It enables them to learn more about the country's people and makes them competent enough to manage their finances.

  5. Know about university support services: Every college or university has a special cell for student support. Before entering university, one should enquire about its student support cell. This eventually helps in reaching support services without any hassle when needed. Going to a new country often makes students demotivated and insecure; these support services are specially designed to tackle these situations.
    Sometimes students worry about bullying and ragging that may happen in foreign universities. Don't let these thoughts stop you from achieving your dream. Get to know everything about student service cells in UK universities. This will help you feel more motivated and help you solve problems with ease. These student service cells include counselling, financial advice, and also advice about accommodation.

  6. Take all necessary documents: Before a student starts their study abroad journey, they must have all essential documents. Documents are needed from the time of application to the time of departure. Here is the list of documents that are needed to study in UK:
    1. CV/Resume (updated)
    2. Passport
    3. Visa Confirmation
    4. CAS Letter
    5. Mark sheets of previous academic levels
    6. Health and Travel Insurance
    7. Bank account details

  7. Join social media groups: There are ample social media groups on Facebook, Instagram or Linked In where students from the same university interact. One should be added to these groups to know the people they need to study with. One can be a part of social media groups before entering UK.
    Knowing people beforehand can help you make friends early and explore the country to the fullest. Further, connecting on social media groups helps students find appropriate accommodation that only locals know about.

  8. Get appropriate counselling: In India, many overseas education consultants can guide students thoroughly in their study abroad journey. Taking help from counsellors can help students in knowing every minute detail about overseas education.
    Counsellors can also guide students about the type of courses that are available in their area of interest. Further, after taking all the needed information, students can ask to apply to top UK universities. Taking help from overseas education co
    unsellors increases the chance of admission UK universities.

Top UK Universities

Here are some Top UK universities that can fulfil your study abroad dream:

  1. Coventry University

  2. Middlesex University

  3. Cambridge University

  4. University of east London

  5. Queen University Belfast

  6. Birmingham City University

  7. University for the Creative Arts


There are only a few universities, the UK is home to various top universities. You can contact us at 1800-1230-00011 or mail us at to learn about the best courses and universities.

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