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The Queen’s University Belfast is a historic and beautiful university in the UK. Located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the university has a huge campus. It was instituted in 1845 by Queen Victoria as a part of the Royal charter. It gained university status in 1908. The university became a part of the prestigious Russell group in 2007. The UK’s Ivy League group of universities is known as the Russell Group. Queen’s University has a royal history and heritage. It is also the 9th oldest university in the UK. The university’s motto is Pro tanto quid retribuamus (In Latin) which translates as “for so much, what shall we give back”.


Why choose Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)?

Queen’s University is a research-intensive university in the UK. The University has produced several notable alums in almost every field. Some of them are James Francis Pantridge (father of emergency medicine), Seamus Heaney (Nobel Prize in Literature), Maire O’Neill (cryptography), and John Stewart Bell (Northern Ireland’s Einstein). The 8th president of Ireland, Mary McAleese, also studied at Queen’s University. It offers more than 300-degree programmes to international and national students. Here are some more features which describe the richness of the University:

World-class Education

Queen’s University ranks among the affordable Russell Group of universities in the UK. It provides quality and research-intensive education to students from 80 other countries. The university is in the top 75 universities in Europe for providing excellent teaching. More than 94% of the students are satisfied with their professors teaching methods and subject expertise. The Queen’s University of Belfast ranks in the top 10 for various subjects like dentistry, food science, pharmacy, accounting, and finance. The 13 courses in the Queen’s University Belfast rank in the world’s top 200 courses. Hence, studying at QUB is worth it.

Hub of Innovation and excellent social facilities

The University has been a research and innovation centre since its inception. It ranks 1st in the UK for its research intensity. Queen’s University Belfast has award-winning facilities for the students. The McClay Library of the university is a very famous spot in it. 96% of the graduate students were satisfied with the Facilities provided at QUB. Also, the University has spent over £ 350 million in the last ten years on these excellent facilities and research. There is nothing that students won’t love about Queen’s University.

Sustainable University

The Queen’s University Belfast is a renowned global institution which also works to create a positive impact on the environment. The university is a signatory to the UN Accord, which encourages QUB to attain the SDGs by 2030 with the help of education and research. Moreover, the University is focusing on reaching net-zero carbon emission as earlier as possible. Also, more than 10 million pounds have been spent by the University on energy efficiency projects. They all indicate the efforts of QUB to reach sustainability in the given target.

Outstanding Career Support

The University helps its students develop personal and professional skills. This upskilling provides an edge to the students over the others. Queen’s University Belfast has collaborations and industrial links with multiple top companies. They help their students gain industrial exposure and make them fit for the role. Belfast is the 4th fastest-growing tech city in Northern Ireland and the UK. It accounts for creating more than 25% of tech jobs in the city. Hence, this offers a massive opportunity for the students to pursue higher studies in the QUB.


Key Features

The Queen’s University Belfast attract several international students. The university works on providing excellent education and practical knowledge. It makes QUB’s students stand out in the crowd. Check some features below:

  • Part of Russell Group of University

  • Beautiful and historic campus

  • More than 80 nationalities are currently studying

  • 13 subjects in the top 200 courses in the world

  • 99% of research is world-leading and excellent

  • Hub of innovation since its inception

  • Affordable fee structure and accommodation in the UK

  • More than 90% of graduates are employed or pursuing higher studies

  • Notable Honorary Graduates like Winston Churchill, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela etc

  • Average Salary after graduation: £37000 - £74000 Per year

Queen's University Belfast Courses & Fees

Queen's University Belfast Courses

The Queen’s University Belfast has more than 300-degree programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university offers a research-based study in UK. Students can explore the Courses and contact us to apply to their desired course. The university has a list of top courses in UK ranked by the QS world ranking system.

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Admission Criteria

At Queen's University Belfast acceptance rate is 30% which varies annually, depending on various factors such as the level of study, program, and pool of applicants in a given cycle. Being a part of the Russell Group of universities, QUB has a high entry requirement from the others. Some of the courses require more than 75% of academics. Also, the English language requirement is higher for some of the courses. The person test for English or PTE is not accepted as an English language test at QUB. The general admission criteria are:


Queen’s University Belfast Entry Requirements



Post Graduate

Doctorate (PhD)


Above 3.0 GPA

Above 3.0 GPA

Above 3.0 GPA


Above 5.5

Above 5.5

Above 5.5


Above 80

Above 80

Above 80


Above 59

Above 59

Above 59


105-110 or above

105-110 or above






Work experience





required two

required one

required one

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Queen's University Belfast Scholarships

The Queen’s University Belfast scholarships encourage international students to study in a research-intensive university. There are a lot of scholarships provided to international students by the QUB. Students can visit the university website to avail of the scholarships in UK.

S.No. Scholarship Name Max Scholarship amount Scholarship Type Number of Awards
1 Early Confirmation Award £1500
2 Vice Chancellor's International Attainment Scholarship 50% of tuition fees.
3 International Office Undergraduate Scholarships Up to £3000


Queen's University Belfast is undoubtedly a commendable choice for international students. Renowned for its academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and rich cultural heritage, Queen's University offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for students worldwide. In addition, the university offers a wide range of course options to support your dream career at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The acceptance rate of Queen's University varies depending on the program and the level of study. Generally, Queen's University is a highly competitive institution, attracting a large number of applicants each year. The university considers various factors beyond academic performance, such as extracurricular involvement, personal statements, and letters of recommendation, while accepting international students’ applications. Generally, 30 applicants get selected out of every 100 applicants at the university.

Queen's University excels in several areas, making it a top choice for students worldwide but primarily renowned for its academic excellence. Moreover, the institution prides itself on its vibrant campus life, providing students with a wide range of extracurricular activities, societies, and clubs to foster personal growth and community engagement. Moreover, with a strong emphasis on research and innovation, Queen's University stands out as a hub for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.

Queen's University Belfast offers a diverse range of top courses across various disciplines, catering to the interests and career aspirations of students. Some of the highly regarded programs include Engineering (particularly in areas like Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering), Medicine and Health Sciences, Law, Business and Management Studies, Computer Science, Psychology, Environmental Science, and Social Sciences. These programs are known for their rigorous academic curriculum, exceptional faculty, and emphasis on practical learning and research opportunities.

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