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The United Kingdom is undeniably the best place for Indian students for higher studies. After the pandemic disrupted the economies of various countries, UK stood still in the field of education.

The most prevailing stream in secondary education in India is the commerce. Majority of commerce students aspire to become Chartered Accountants, Chief Financial Officers, or Company Secretaries, and many wish to learn more about finances and taxes. UK is the best destination for commerce students to continue their studies. After completing their studies, the British Chamber of Commerce helps students find well-paying jobs. The country has a wide range of courses to offer.

Why choose UK for the undergraduate commerce program?

  1. Short-duration programs: Nearly all undergraduate courses for commerce students in UK are three years long, but they all serve magnificently in students’ careers. After short three-year programme, students can encounter the world with their skills and knowledge. And in the field of commerce, the masters course is usually one year long. If you study in UK, you can finish your studies in 4 years. The same course takes five years in India.

  2. Post-study visa: Doing post-graduation followed by under-graduation in the UK will help you to grab job offers from Big Four companies.

  3. Medical facilities: Various medical facilities and leases on medical expenditure are given to International students as long as their student visa is valid.

  4. More options: There is a limited commerce scope after 12th in India. The majors of courses are limited, whereas if one chooses to study in UK, they can choose from an exhaustive list of majors. If you’re a commerce student and planning to pursue graduation from the UK, then you can select your major from economics, finance, international relations, law, management, and various other subjects. There are numerous job opportunities available through the Chamber of Commerce UK.

How to choose the appropriate course?

After knowing the reasons for pursuing your education in the UK, you must assess yourself and decide which commerce courses after 12th should you pursue. Selecting an appropriate course is crucial for your career. There are various ways to choose the proper course:


  1. You should look closely at your area of interest. The field in which you possess a great interest will make your studies linear and less challenging.

  2. Secondly, a student must look into the course’s curriculum and subjects before enrolling. This helps you get exclusive insight into what you will need to study.

  3. A student must consider the third and most essential criterion before finalizing their course, which is checking its prerequisites. Every course has different prerequisites. Some require IELTS, and some don’t. Some need minimum marks, some don’t, and having a clear picture of pre-requisites is necessary.


Your study in UK journey can be made smooth if these factors are managed well by the student. At times, one can take the help of an educational counsellor; you can freely contact MOEC or book a free virtual counselling session with our experienced UK counsellors. The counselling session will surely help you decide on the best course for you.

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List of demanding courses for commerce students in UK

There are two core categories of courses for commerce students, with mathematics or without mathematics. People usually assume there is a narrow scope of commerce without mathematics, but we are here to destroy this myth. One can easily explore career options after 12th in their area of interest without mathematics.





University of East London


University of Aberdeen

Economic major

Sheffield Hallam University

Company secretary

University of East London

Bachelor of Social Work

University of Edinburgh

Bachelor of Foreign Trade

University of Aberdeen


This was just a short list of professional courses after 12th commerce, Universities in the UK have a lot more to offer students who wish to pursue commerce without maths. The country has a variety of courses in the field of mathematics.




Bcom (Hons)

Oxford University

Chartered Accountant

University of Edinburgh

BSc Statistics

Queen Margaret University of London


The London School of Economics and Political Science

Careers after pursuing Commerce in UK

After pursuing any of the courses mentioned above, one can become competent for various jobs in the UK. Doing the appropriate courses makes you eligible to lead a marketing and logistics team. It can also help you make a stable career in banking beyond India and the UK.


The British Chamber of Commerce can help you interact with big firms. Here is the list of demanding job roles you can grab after pursuing commerce in the UK:

  1. Corporate entrepreneur: The role of the corporate entrepreneur will guide an organisation's employees to work more innovatively. Corporate entrepreneurs are in huge demand nowadays to work with dynamic structures. If you have a marketing or business analytics degree, you can apply for this job and excel in your role. The average annual salary for this job role globally is nearly $83,000, with expected job growth of 3.6% annually.

  2. Economist: Every firm nowadays needs an economist to handle investments and give them valuable advice. Even after doing a bachelor's degree from renowned universities in the UK like Sheffield Hallam University, London Metropolitan University, and University of Worcester, you can demand good packages. The average package for economists in the UK is nearly £75,000.

  3. Financial Manager: You can be a great financial manager after pursuing a professional course after 12th commerce with mathematics. Companies in the UK are longing for competent financial managers. They need them to manage their investments, shares, and other monetary activities. The companies are willing to pay approximately £145,000 annually to qualified financial advisors. Job growth is exceptionally high in the country.


We can not list abundant job opportunities in UK for commerce students at once. But, the courses are competent enough to help you start your career on your terms. Students at UK universities are given practical business experience to help them manage the books of any company. Usually, students earn more than they spend on their courses; the average annual expenditure for undergraduate courses in the commerce field is 7-34 lakhs (varies depending on the course and university). Students can extract this amount from a well-paying job in 2-3 years. Students need appropriate guidance to get into their dream universities and make themselves competent for the demanding world.


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