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In a world of conflicts and turmoil, the need for peace and conflict resolution has never been greater. The study of Peace and Conflict Studies in UK offers an opportunity for students to gain the skills and knowledge required to address conflicts and promote peace. But studying Peace and Conflict Studies is not only about creating peace at the societal level. It also provides the individual with personal growth, skills, and new perspectives.


In this essay, we will explore the universities in the UK that offer Peace and Conflict Studies programs, the courses that make up the program, and the job prospects that come after graduation.

Universities offering Peace and Conflict Studies in UK:

  1. University of St. Andrews: The University of St. Andrews offers a n MLitt in Peace and Conflict Studies. The program is designed to provide a theoretical understanding of conflicts, peacebuilding and practical skills in conflict resolution. The program takes one year to complete full-time and two years part-time. The fees for the academic year 2022/23 are £22,450 for international students.

  2. University of Manchester: The University of Manchester offers an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies. This program equips students with the skills needed to analyse conflicts, design solutions, and build peace. The program's fees for the academic year 2022/23 are £19,000 for international students.

  3. University of Bradford: The University of Bradford offers an MA in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. This program provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of conflicts and also equips them with the skills for development and peacebuilding. The program's fees for the academic year 2022/23 are £16,250 for international students.

  4. University of Kent: The University of Kent offers an MA in Conflict Resolution. Students will be able to understand the causes and dynamics of conflicts and the methods and techniques for resolving them. The program's fees for the academic year 2022/23 are £17,000 for international students.

  5. University of Ulster: The University of Ulster offers an MA in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice. The focus of the program is for students to understand the dynamics of conflicts and how they can be transformed to promote social justice. The program's fees for the academic year 2022/23 are £14,400 for international students.

Courses offered as part of Peace and Conflict Studies programs:

  1. Theories of Peace and Conflict: By enrolling in this course, students can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical frameworks that form the foundation of peace and conflict studies. They will explore the different methods and strategies used to manage conflicts, as well as the factors that contribute to their escalation or de-escalation. Through in-depth analysis and discussion, students will develop critical thinking skills and a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in creating and maintaining peace in diverse contexts.

  2. Conflict Analysis and Resolution: This course provides students with the skills to analyse conflicts and design solutions to address them. Students will learn about the different methods of conflict resolution, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

  3. Human Rights and Social Justice: Enrolling in this course will equip students with a deep understanding of human rights and social justice issues and how they intersect with conflicts. Students will explore the ways in which human rights can contribute to conflict resolution and peacebuilding efforts, and how they can be protected and upheld in the midst of conflict. Through engaging in discussions and critical analysis, students will develop a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in addressing human rights violations in conflict-affected contexts, and the role of social justice in promoting lasting peace.

  4. International Law and Conflict: By enrolling in this course, students will gain a thorough understanding of the application of international law to conflict resolution. The program offers a detailed exploration of the legal frameworks utilized in addressing conflicts, including the vital role played by international organizations such as the United Nations. Through extensive analysis and in-depth study, students will develop a sophisticated understanding of the complex legal landscape that underpins peacebuilding efforts. They will also gain the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and analyze the various legal frameworks involved in addressing conflicts on a global scale. This course provides an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their critical thinking abilities and gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in resolving conflicts through legal means.

  5. Research Methods in Peace and Conflict Studies: This course equips students with the skills and tools necessary to conduct high-quality research in the field of peace and conflict studies. Participants will explore various research methods, including surveys, interviews, and case studies. Through hands-on learning and practical application, students will develop a solid understanding of the research process, from identifying research questions to analyzing data and presenting findings. By the end of the course, students will have acquired the research skills required to make valuable contributions to the field of peace and conflict studies, and to apply their research findings to real-world contexts.

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Job Prospects

A degree in Peace and Conflict Studies opens up a wide range of career opportunities for students. Graduates can work for international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. Career options include roles such as conflict resolution specialist, mediator, policy analyst, human rights advocate, development worker, and more.


International Organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union are major employers of graduates with Peace and Conflict Studies qualifications. Graduates can also work with various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Amnesty International, International Alert, and Oxfam. NGOs focus on a range of issues, including human rights, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding.


Governments and international agencies such as the US Agency for International Development (USAID) also hire Peace and Conflict Studies graduates. These agencies provide aid to conflict-affected areas and, therefore, require specialists with the skills to design and implement peace-building programs.


In addition to the traditional careers mentioned above, Peace and Conflict Studies graduates can also work in the private sector. Corporations such as global consulting firms and multinational corporations require employees with conflict resolution and negotiation skills.


Studying Peace and Conflict Studies in UK provides students with a unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills required to tackle conflicts and promote peace. The universities listed above offer quality programs that provide students with both theoretical and practical skills. With job opportunities available in various sectors, a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies provides a diverse range of career paths.


However, it is important to note that peacebuilding is a challenging field, and graduates may need to work in conflict zones and challenging environments. Nevertheless, with the right training and skills, graduates of Peace and Conflict Studies can make a significant contribution to society by promoting peace and resolving conflicts.


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