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Is it your dream to study in Australia in a top program? A masters in data science in Australia is one of the most preferred courses today. Australia is a pioneer country in providing masters in data science courses and helping students build successful careers in relevant fields. Every second of the day, an overload of data is created. It has become essential for many important decisions to be made after making sense of it in many companies. Given the fast-paced world and the constant changes in the data science industry, a degree of master in data science has become a top choice for graduates.


Why Study Master in Data Science in Australia?


Many international students prefer to study in Australia. Here are some reasons why you should attend a data science university in Australia, one of the most popular study-abroad destinations:

  • Australia presently has 720,150 students enrolled in a range of courses, up 11% from the previous year.

  • Data scientists will be in high demand and earn three times more than the average Australian income in the future.

  • The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) polled its members, and the results showed that entry-level data scientists might earn up to 30,000 AUD annually.

  • Deloitte economic surveys predict a considerable growth in the number of persons employed in Australia after earning a master's degree in data analytics, from 301,000 in 2016–17 to 339,000 in 2021–22.

  • There is an average growth rate of 2.4%, with an increase of about 38,000 workers. 


Data Science Masters Programs in Australia


Data science is one of the evergrowing fields which is developing with each passing day. Every business, no matter how small or big wishes to understand the world of data science developing every second and hour to make the best choices possible for the future. Some of the most sought-after data science masters programs in Australia are given below. 

  • Master of Analytics

  • Master of Information Technology (Data Science)

  • Master of Data Science 

  • Master of Applied Data Analytics 

  • MSc in Data Science 


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Top Universities to Study Master of Data Science in Australia


There are many options in terms of world-class education and top universities to study in Australia. There are many top universities to study master of data science in Australia, provided it is one of the most sought-after courses in the country. Masters in data science attracts many international students to Australia, strengthening the country's economy. Some of the top universities to study master of data science in Australia are listed below. 

  • The University of South Australia

  • The University of Melbourne

  • The University of Technology Sydney

  • Monash University

  • University of Western Australia

  • University of Sydney

  • University of Queensland

  • University of New South Wales

  • The Queensland University of Technology

  • Deakin University

  • RMIT University

  • The University of Adelaide

  • La Trobe University

  • Swinburne University of Technology


Cost of Studying Master of Data Science in Australia


The tuition fee for a master in data science may vary for each of the programs offered by the top universities in Australia. On average, it costs up to 18 -20 lakhs in general. Apart from the tuition fee, there is the cost of living to manage in Australia. Although many part-time jobs in Australia help you ease your expenses, keeping the general expenses in mind and planning accordingly is always suggested. The average annual cost of living in Australia is 10,000 AUD, including food, stationery, housing, travel, recreational activities, etc.


Masters of Data Science Salary


After completing a master of Data Science in Australia, a career can take multiple turns with many attractive job opportunities. The following table shows some of the most demanded positions after completing masters in data science from Australia, along with their annual salaries.


Masters of Data Science Salary

Job Title

Annual Salary

Business Analyst

1,00,491.89 AUD (53.29 lakhs INR)

Senior Data Analyst

1,19,896.31  AUD (63.58 lakhs INR)

Data Analyst

90,008.21 AUD (47.68 lakhs INR)

Senior Data Scientist

1,48,107.20 AUD (78.54 lakhs INR)

Senior Software Developer/Engineer

1,77,046 AUD (93.83 lakhs INR)

Big Data Visualizer

98,000 AUD (55.18 lakhs INR)

Machine Learning Analyst

150,000 AUD (84.46 lakhs INR)

Machine Learning Engineer

150,000 AUD (84.46 lakhs INR)


92,177 AUD (51.90 lakhs INR)

BI Analyst

112,768 AUD (63.49 lakhs INR)


Master in Data Science Scholarships


There are many scholarships available for international students to help ease the financial; burden related to studying abroad. It can be a little expensive to study in Australia but getting a scholarship can help. The Australian government announced over 5000 scholarships for students who want to pursue any programme in the country. There are around a thousand scholarships available to pursue a master of data science in Australia. These scholarships are available in all the top universities in Australia. Below is a list of scholarships from some of the top universities in Australia for masters in data science. 


Master in Data Science Scholarships 

University Name 

Scholarship Name


Australian National University 

International Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

25% rebate on tuition fee

The Queensland University of Technology 

Queen's Wharf Brisbane scholarships

$28,597 per annum for three years

Monash University 

Monash University International Merit Scholarship

$10,000 per annum

RMIT University 

RMIT funded scholarship

$10,000 per annum

Western Sydney University 

Western Sydney University Scholarship 

$6,000 per annum

University of Melbourne 

Melbourne School of Engineering Scholarship

4,970 AUD - 19,900 AUD 

The University of Sydney 

School of Computer Science Master of Data Science Entry Scholarship

5,962 AUD 

University of Technology Sydney 

International Postgraduate Coursework Full Tuition Scholarship

100% rebate on tuition fee

The University of Adelaide 

Global Academic Excellence Scholarship 

50% rebate on the tuition fee is granted by the corresponding faculty



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