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UK Agriculture

Agricultural courses have become some of the most sought-after programs over the past eight years. In fact,the United Kingdom has crowned farming, bioscience, economics, and supply chain studies as the fastest-growing courses. The demand for agricultural courses will increase day by day, as the need for food continues to  grow. This will, in return, help the UK’s economy. After completion of this course, you can implement some of the effective methods which will be useful for humans as well as the environment.


Wait a minute! Do you think that the United Kingdom is already full of enormous buildings and there is no land for cultivation and experimentation? You are wrong, as the United Kingdom uses 71%  of its land area for agriculture. When it comes to this land,  there are technological advancements that help increase productivity. So, begin your journey to study agriculture in the UK. Let’s have a look at the blog to get an insight into what the best universities are for these courses and the career prospects you would have after graduation.

What is Agricultural studies?

Agricultural studies is an amalgamation of horticulture, farm management, business & industries, manufacturing agricultural machinery, banking activities, research for improving the quality & quantity of farm products, etc. In other terms, it is a multidisciplinary field which comprises a variety of scientific, technical & business subjects. It is based on  promoting the efficient production of quality food on the farm in the agricultural industry.


While pursuing this course students have the chance to understand a wide range of modules, for instance, agriculture science, agribusiness, future trading, and farm engineering. Studying these modules, especially in UK universities will give them more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge with the help of the latest technologies, a necessity in this field. Moreover, studying this in the UK will prepare you for every aspect from issues affecting agriculture to predicting future issues and how to solve them.


Now let’s have a look at some of the courses the United Kingdom offers in Agriculture studies:

  • MSc Biotechnology

  • MSc Animal Nutrition

  • MSc Food Science

  • MSc Food Quality and Innovation 

  • MSc Production and Management

  • MSc Applied Behaviour and Animal Welfare

  • BSc Hons Food Science

  • BSc Hons Animal Biology and Conservation

  • BSc Food Science with Business

  • BSc Agriculture

  • BSc Hons Equine Science

  • BSc Hons Conservation with Forestry


Top Universities in the UK

The Guardian University Guide is a platform that ranks universities according to student satisfaction, courses, career after courses, teaching and many more. In the 2023 guide, it has ranked a few UK universities that are best for Agriculture, Forestry & Food courses.

  • Queen’s University Belfast

  • University of Lincoln

  • Royal Veterinary College

  • University of Nottingham

  • University of Edinburgh

  • Newcastle University


Note: To be enrolled in these universities for this particular course, your IELTS score should be an overall 6.0, with no lower than 5.5 in any component.

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Career after Studying Agriculture

Agriculture is more than our generic viewpoint of farming, involving a much broader vision. Today, the field of agricultural studies  opens up many global opportunities to work in innovative sectors that provide  essential contributions to everyday life. 


Now, have a look at some of the career opportunities you would have after the completion of this course:

  • Farm Worker

  • Farm Manager

  • Agronomist

  • Farm Consultant

  • Feed Nutritionist

  • Agricultural Sales

  • Grain Buyer

  • Business Adviser

  • Researcher

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Farm Trader

  • Agricultural Engineer


There are various other options, but where you take your career all depends on your field of interest.


To conclude, in today’s era, most people do not give importance to agriculture and the environment, and are using pesticides and other harmful products. Become a person who can find solutions to save people as well as the environment.


We hope that we have conveyed the merits of Agriculture studies in the UK and its future prospects. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to start your journey to study in UK, and live a dream life. This blog will help you with the list of universities and agricultural courses it offers so that you can consider them while applying. For deeper insight, we encourage you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you cannot travel to the office, you can avail of our free online counselling service via the website. Our team is filled with dedicated counsellors who will provide you with the best guidance and support so that you can enrol yourself at the UK’s top universities. Please do not stop yourself from contacting us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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