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Australia is a large and welcoming country. It is a country with a wide range of cultural influences. Religion, language, history, and art are all diverse. International students will be immersed in a stimulating and diverse environment in Australia. Students are fascinated with multiple reasons to Study in Australia, and the top reason is the lifestyle. The cost of tuition fees and living is less than in the USA or UK, but the quality of life, the varied entertainment alternatives, as well as a greater student income through a flexible international student work visa, have all contributed to Australia's popularity and economy.

All students considering studying in Australia are concerned about the expense of living. So, along with our overseas consultants, we have prepared a table that will provide a fair picture of the monthly expenses for international students in Australia:  

So the below table can give a good picture to understand the monthly expenses of International students, but the rest depend on individual bases as well:-


Monthly Expenses

Cost in AUD

Cost in INR (taking maximum @ 56)

Solutions to save money

Rentals- On Campus



Advised to take accommodation on campus only up to 7 days at initial arrival in Australia

Rentals- Off Campus



Student can share accommodation and save money




Use Local transportation, like trams and intercity trains or buses




Purchase Food from the supermarket like Woolworths or Coles, as it can save a lot of money. All Indian food is available in supermarkets.




Student has Medical insurance (OHSC) so no need to worry, but still if needed can visit local doctors




Australia is full of entertainment, so students can enjoy Beaches and water sports, Theme Parks, Cafes, shopping etc


Students can do part-time jobs for 20 hours weekly and full time on vacations, which will help them with living costs and save money as well. Because the pandemic had a significant impact on local businesses in Australia due to the border closure for nearly two years, students now have numerous opportunities to work with them and earn money. Many Australian universities are helping students to get employment and hunt for part-time jobs, as well as providing free vaccinations to international students. To alleviate the crisis, the government has now allowed students to work for 40 hours at night to help them.

The normal wage a student earns is AUD 17–20 per hour, but it depends on the work as well. For example, if a student is working in McDonald's, KFC, or Domino's, they can get AUD 20–24 per hour, and in warehouses or shops, they can get AUD 18–22 per hour. Graduate students get jobs in universities as well, as Student Counsellors, Student Support Officers, or Admission and Recruitment Officers, where students enjoy working on the same campus and earn good money (AUD-25-35 per hour) for living.

The year 2022 has brought much good news for international students who have been waiting to Study in Australia for the last two years due to the border closure. Recently, the government has announced an increase in the length of post-study work permits for master's degree students by course work and research from 2-3 years. This is great news for international students looking for Master's programs in Australia. The Australian Government is introducing many new plans for Indian students who are planning to complete their higher studies in Australia. So, in the near future, Australia will be the top choice for all international students

Most of the international students in Australia live off-grounds through homestay programs, lodgings, or investing in properties. Nonetheless, a few Australian colleges offer accommodation choices that permit international students to associate with local students.

Australian universities provide international students with exceptional opportunities for growth as well as a vibrant way of life. While the nation's top colleges offer elite education, their urban communities spread an exclusive expectation of living with a quality foundation and a manageable climate.

Numerous Australian degree programs incorporate work insight and entry-level positions, which assist students with monitoring their objective ventures and broadening their expert organization. A considerable lot of them become qualified to remain "Down Under" for occupations after graduation.

As per the Australian government's 2018 International Student Data, there were over 690,000 full-expense-paying international students in that country that year.

China (205,189), trailed by India (89,570), Nepal (43,021), Brazil (26,620), and Malaysia (26,085) were the greatest supporters. Among concentrated regions, executives and business were the most well known, trailed by data innovation, wellbeing, designing, society and culture, and normal and actual sciences. The five most famous states were New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, and South Australia.

As an international student in Australia, you may, as in every other nation, have social contrasts and a language hindrance to sustain, which might push you to pack your bags and head back home. However, making friends from different cultures and nationalities will help you be more empathetic and cordial in your approach. Being friends with localities can also be beneficial in gaining knowledge about the city, local food, and local people.

This is difficult, yet in the event that you do this, you can receive the full reward of your Australian experience and become a more confident individual. Australia, like other countries, strives to protect its citizens from unemployment, and many positions are filled by them. Consequently, occupations frequently become scant for outsiders, and there's extreme rivalry among outsiders for occupations, particularly during a financial log jam.

A few positions with high joblessness rates are removed from the talented occupation list, and that implies those graduating and expecting to get those positions find it hard to get a work visa. Understudies and graduates who have special abilities, experience, and capability in English can secure the positions they are searching for and assemble vocations of decision.


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