Student Life In Australia

Australia is a large and welcoming country. It is a country with a wide range of cultural influences. Religion, language, history, and art are all diverse. International students will be immersed in a stimulating and diverse environment in Australia. Students are fascinated with multiple reasons to study in Australia and the top reason is the lifestyle.

The cost of tuition fees and living is less than USA or UK but the quality of life, the varied entertainment alternatives, as well as a greater student income through a flexible international student work visa, have all contributed to Australia's popularity and economy. All students considering studying in Australia are concerned about the expense of living.

Student life in Australia

So the below table can give a good picture to understand the monthly expenses of International students, but the rest depend on individual bases as well:-


Monthly Expenses Cost in AUD Cost in INR (taking maximum @ 56) Solutions to save money
Rentals- On Campus 700-800 44800 Advised to take accommodation on campus only up to 7 days at initial arrival in Australia
Rentals- Off Campus 400-500 28000 Student can share accommodation and save money
Transportation 200-250 14000 Use Local transportation, like trams and intercity trains or buses
Food 300-500 28000 Purchase Food from the supermarket like Woolworths or Coles, as it can save a lot of money. All Indian food is available in supermarkets.
Medical 0-100 5600 Student has Medical insurance (OHSC) so no need to worry, but still if needed can visit local doctors
Entertainment 200-300 16800 Australia is full of entertainment, so students can enjoy Beaches and water sports, Theme Parks, Cafes, shopping etc


Students can do part-time jobs 20hrs weekly and full time in vacations, which will help them in living costs and save money as well. The local businesses in Australia were impacted on a large scale during the Pandemic as the borders were closed for 2 years, hence now students get a lot of opportunities to work with them and earn money. Many Australian universities are helping students to get employment and hunt part-time jobs and providing free vaccination to International students. After the opening of the border, the Government has allowed students to work for 40Hrs for nights, to help students to face the pandemic crises.

The average wage a student can earn by working in Australia is AUD 17-20 and differ from work to work, for example, if a student is working in Mc Donald’s or KFC or Dominos a student can get AUD 20-24 per hour and in warehouses or shops can get AUD 18-22 per hour. Graduate students get jobs in Universities as well, as Student Counsellor or Student Support officers, Admission and Recruitment Officer, where students enjoy working on the same campus and earn good money (AUD- 25-35 per Hour) for living.

The year 2022, has bought much good news for International students who were waiting for studying in Australia for the last two years, due to the border closure in Australia. Recently the Government has announced to increase in the length of post-study work permits for the master's degree by course work and research students from 2-3 years. This is great news for International students looking for Master's programs in Australia. The Australian Government is introducing many new plans for Indian students who are planning for higher education in Australia.

So in near future, Australia will be the first choice for all International Students.


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