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Being a software engineer, you must be wondering how much you’ll get paid when thinking of job opportunities in the UK, right? Or are you considering being a software engineer and are unaware of the salary structure? 


Then, this blog will resolve all the queries related to this topic such as how much each field gets paid, along with different pay rates in different cities of the UK! But first, let’s understand what exactly software engineers are and what they do!


The UK software engineering sector is expected to develop at a pace of 7.14% per year by 2028. With the highest software engineer salary expected to reach £104,446 in 2023, the nation appeals to those looking for a fulfilling career in this sector.


Now that we know more about software engineers, let’s examine the sector’s salaries in depth!

Software Engineer Salary UK

Fundamentally, software engineers use their extensive technical knowledge to use code and apps to tackle challenging business issues. They are skilled in developing and converting functional needs into excellent software solutions, regardless of whether we are working with front-end user experiences, back-end architecture, integrations, data flows, or other components. 


Software Engineer Salary in UK


According to the website Glassdoor, the average pay for a software engineer in the UK is £48,605 a year, or roughly £4,050 per month. This figure may vary depending on the software engineer's experience level, location, and employer. The following table highlights the salary of software engineer in UK per month:


Average Salary (Pounds)

Salary per month (Pounds)
















Comparison of Software Engineer Salary UK and India

Despite India's rapidly expanding IT sector, the UK continues to be a leading centre for software engineering, with a demanding learning curve and attractive benefits packages. The average monthly income for a software engineer in the UK is £3,578; in India, the same position pays £481. 


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This salary difference has several causes. One factor is the cost of living in any nation. In general, living expenses in the UK are greater than in India, especially in large cities like London. Moreover, the UK's highly established IT sector pays software developers more generously.


Average Annual Salary (Pounds)





Average Software Engineer Salary UK

Software product design, development, testing, and maintenance are all part of this discipline. In the UK, there is a strong need for software engineers across all industries, which presents many chances for a fulfilling career. Most businesses, whether giant multinational corporations or tiny start-ups depend on seasoned engineers for a wide range of job duties. 


Engineering graduates may use their technical expertise in a variety of web-based or IT positions with top UK companies like Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Google.

The following lists a few popular job options for software engineers in the UK, along with their respective salaries: 

Job Description

Average Annual Salary

Web Developer


Back End Developer


Front End Developer


Application Developer


FullStack Developer


Game Developer


Cyber Security Analyst


Multimedia Programmer


Web Designer


IT Consultant


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Software Engineer Salary UK Across Cities

The company's location typically influences software engineers' pay. For example, software engineers often earn higher incomes in cities like London due to the high cost of living and concentration of IT businesses in the area. 

The pay for software engineers in various UK cities is shown in the following table:


Average Annual Salary











Software Engineer Salary UK as per Work Experience

The UK offers a wide range of software engineer salaries based on experience level. Professionals will move toward the higher end of the wage scale as they advance in their careers and acquire new abilities. Here is a list of average software engineer salary UK according to their work experience:


Average Annual Salary



1-4 yrs


5-9 yrs


10-19 yrs


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The senior software engineer salary UK is the highest due to their experience and the value they add to the company and the field. The average salary given to a senior software engineer is the highest when looking at the spectrum. 


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Software Engineer Salary UK per Month at Different Levels

Software engineer salary UK can distinguished into three different levels, which are Freshly graduated, Mid-senior and senior levels. Each level has different salaries and various other factors on which their salaries depend. 

Let’s have a closer look at each of the levels:


  1. Fresh graduate

The average payment for newly hired software engineers is £42,151 per year, or around £2,292 per month. This figure may change depending on the particular business, the area, the degree of education, and the worker's credentials.


  1. Mid Level

At the midpoint of their careers, software engineers in the UK earn an average of £51,261 a year, or around £3,333 a month. This figure may also change depending on the business, the area, and the individual's credentials.


  1. Senior Level

In the UK, on average, the salary for senior software engineers is £67,500 a year, or roughly £5,417 every month. However, this figure may change depending on the business, the area, and the individual's credentials and expertise.


To sum up, being a software engineer in the UK would pay well. It is definitely a career option that can be explored further, but before entering, make sure you have in-depth knowledge about the field, its various job opportunities, and its future. 


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Question: How do software engineer salaries in London compare to those in other UK cities?

Answer: London offers a better wage for software engineers in the United Kingdom. Londoners make 15–25% more than the national average.  The high cost of living and strong demand in London are reflected in these fees.


Question:  What are the salary trends for software engineers in the UK during the previous few years?

Answer: London offers higher compensation for software engineers. Londoners make 15–25% more than the national average. The high cost of living and strong demand in London are reflected in this premium.


Question: What are the industries that pay the highest for software engineers in the UK?

Answer: Lead software engineer wages in London and software engineer salaries are generally the greatest in the banking and technology sectors. To attract top talent, investment banks, hedge funds, fintech startups, and large technology companies offer the greatest compensation.


Question:  Is the demand for software engineers higher in the UK?

Answer: Yes, there is a significant need for software developers in the UK. By 2028, the technology sector is predicted to develop at a pace of 7.14% per year.


Question:  Are there opportunities available for salary advancement as a software engineer in the UK?

Answer: Yes, there are chances for software engineers in the UK to develop their careers in terms of pay. Software engineers can advance in the organisation and receive salary increases as they acquire more expertise and take on greater responsibility. Additionally, businesses value software engineers who consistently improve their skills, and these individuals typically end up at the top of the list.


Question:  Are there ways to increase software engineer salary UK?

Answer: Gaining additional education and certifications, gaining experience, negotiating salary, and much more are some of the ways to increase your salary.


Question:  Are there salary differences for software engineers working in different cities in the UK?

Answer: Yes, software engineer wages in the UK differ depending on the city in which you reside. For example, software engineers in large cities like London may expect to make around £72,199 per year, while those in smaller locations like Cambridge may make £54,991/year.


Question:  Do the software engineers in the UK receive any additional benefits?

Answer: Benefits and incentives that are included in software engineers' remuneration packages in the UK include paid time off, healthcare insurance, pensions, performance-based bonuses, and chances for professional growth and upskilling. 


Question:  What is the salary of a freshly graduated software engineer and a senior-level software engineer?

Answer: A freshly graduated software engineer can earn up to £42,151 per year, whereas a senior-level software engineer earns up to £67,500 a year.


Question: Does the pay scale increase with the experience?

Answer: Indeed, the pay scale increases depending on how much you can contribute to the company and the field. This is why a senior-level software engineer gets paid more than a freshly graduated person.

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