SAT Exam Fees 2024: Registration Fees, Late Fees & Other Cost

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When you plan to appear in the SAT, it is important to first register for the exam. And to successfully register for the 2024 exam, you need to pay the SAT Exam Fees. However, the SAT Exam Registration Fees may vary depending on the country.


Do you know how much cost is incurred in appearing for SAT 2024? If not, then don’t worry! In this blog, we have provided you with the complete details of the SAT Exam Fees 2024. Whether you live in India or another country, this blog will give you every detail of SAT exam registration fees, along with fee waivers, cancellation fees, rescheduling fees, and the process of paying the fees.


So, read the blog and get ready to register for the 2024 exam.


SAT Exam Fees 2024

Before registering for the SAT 2024, it is essential to be aware of the SAT Exam Fees 2024. Knowing the SAT exam fees 2024 is one of the crucial factors in the course of preparing for the SAT exam. As per the latest update, the SAT exam fee in the USA is $60. Candidates who want to take the SAT Exam outside the USA have to pay the regional cost, which is $43.



SAT Exam Fees in India

Below, you will find the SAT Exam Fees in India for different exam types. 

Exam Type

SAT Exam Fees + Regional Fee in India (USD)

SAT Exam Fees + Regional Fee in India (Indian Rupees)

SAT with Essay


INR 9,675

SAT without Essay


INR 8,532

SAT Subject Tests


INR 9,179

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SAT Exam Registration Fees for Rescheduling

 The official authority provides the flexibility to students to reschedule the exam if they are not available on the exam date. These SAT Exam Fees for rescheduling are as follows - 

  • Modification of Test Centre - A $25 fee will need to be paid if, after enrolling, you need to change the centre of your SAT exam.

  • Late Registration - There will be a cost of $30 if you register after the usual deadline. It is advised to register as soon as possible to prevent this extra cost.

  • Waitlist Fee - There will be an additional charge to be added to the waitlist for a particular test centre in order to secure a seat. 

  • Register to Reschedule by Phone – If you want to reschedule the exam by phone, then there will be a charge of $15. 

Additional Services

SAT Costs


SAT Test Centre Fee (Select Location Only)

$24 (INR 2005.92)

This cost is charged to choose the SAT centre only.

SAT centre changes

$25 (INR 2064.59)

This cost is incurred for changing the SAT centre only.

SAT Late registration fee

$30 (INR 2477.51)

This cost is incurred for registering after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline.

Waitlist fee

$53 (INR 4376.93)

This will be charged only if you're admitted to the test center on test day.

Register to Reschedule by Phone

$15 (INR 1253.70)

This cost will be charged only if you're registered by Phone. 

SAT Exam Fees for Cancellation

If applicants want to cancel their exam, they have to pay some amount as a cancellation fee charge. These SAT Exam Fees 2024 are as follows - 

  • SAT cancellation fee - The cost of $25 needs to be paid by international candidates if they want to cancel the exam. 

  • SAT Late cancellation fee - There will be a charge of $35 to cancel their registration after the deadline.

Additional Services

SAT Costs


SAT cancellation fee

$25 (INR 2064.59)

This cost is incurred for cancelling the registration.

SAT Late cancellation fee

$35 (INR 2890.42)

This cost is incurred for cancelling registration after the deadline provided for cancellation.

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Additional Cost for SAT Exam Fees 2024 – Score Service Fees

Apart from the above SAT exam fees 2024, there are some additional costs for SAT Exam Fees in India.




Additional score reports

$14 (per report) (fee waiver available)

INR 992

Rush reports

$31 + $12 (additional score reports fees apply)

INR 2,563 + INR 992

Receive results via phone

$15 (per call)

INR 1,240

SAT student answer service

$16 (fee waiver available)

INR 1323

SAT FAQs student service

$16 (fee waiver available)

INR 1,323

Archived scores

$31 + $12 (additional score reports fees apply)

INR 2,563 + INR 992

SAT Exam Fee Waiver

It is crucial to recognise that qualified students who can prove their financial necessity can apply for the SAT Exam Fee Waiver. The registration fee and the cost of sending score reports to up to four universities or scholarship programs are covered by fee exemptions. It is important to remember that price exemptions do not apply to additional costs, including those associated with taking numerous exams or language exams that require listening.


Payment Mode for SAT Exam Fee

Students from many nations apply to take the SAT. To accommodate every desire, there are many ways to pay for the SAT exam fees 2024. The two accepted payment methods are PayPal and credit cards (Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Diners Club, and JCB).


How to Pay the SAT Exam Fees in India?

There are two ways to pay the SAT Exam Fees 2024 - Online & Mail.


Online Method to Pay the SAT Exam Fees in India

Students need to be aware that to pay for the SAT exam fees online, they must have their College Board account information and their registration confirmation number. To make an online payment, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - Go to the College Board website and, open your College Board account and log in.

  • Step 2 - Select "My SAT" by clicking on "Register for the SAT" click.

  • Step 3 - Decide the test's date and venue and press "Continue".

  • Step 4 - After checking the registration details, select "Continue".

  • Step 5 – Select "Pay Now” and enter the necessary PayPal or payment card details.

  • Step 6 - Press the "Submit" button.


Mail Method to Pay the SAT Exam Fees in India

The cost of the SAT exam can also be paid by check or money order sent by mail to students. Don't forget to get and print the College Board website's SAT Registration Fee Payment Form.


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In conclusion, candidates who want to register, reschedule, or cancel their SAT Exam have to pay a certain amount to complete the process. However, this amount may vary depending on which test type you appear in and when you want to reschedule and cancel your exam. Above, we have covered every information on SAT Exam Fees in India. Knowing the SAT exam fees 2024 before registering for the exam is essential for every student.


We hope you enjoyed reading the blog. If you would like to get a deeper insight into SAT Exam, we encourage you to speak with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Our counsellors will provide you with guidance throughout your study abroad. Get help with the application process, SOPs, and filing for a visa. Visit us and get one-to-one counselling, or avail yourself of free video counselling via our website. We will be happy to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us at or 1800-1230-00011.



Q1. Can students appear in the SAT Exam after 12th?

Ans. Yes, students who want to study undergraduate courses can appear for the SAT Exam after completing their 12th class.


Q2. Can Indian students get scholarships through the SAT?

Ans. Yes, Indian students are eligible for SAT scholarships. However, they must have a good score on the SAT and satisfy the other eligibility criteria.


Q3. Is the SAT a challenging test? 

Ans. The SAT exam may be harder than it seems, while having a big influence on undergraduate college admissions. Success depends on taking into account several variables, understanding the most recent SAT format, and setting aside time to retake the previous year's questions.


Q4. Is it possible to take the SAT for free? 

Ans. Yes, if an applicant has financial issues, the SAT exam expenses may be waived.


Q5. What is the cost of the SAT exam in India?
Ans. The SAT exam fees in India is $60 (INR 4970) plus a $43 (INR 3562) regional charge. For Indian applicants, this means that the total exam cost is now $103 (INR 8532).

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