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Most international students dream to study in Italy. The historic city is a popular destination among both students and tourists. The presence of hundreds of embassies, international organisations, governmental agencies, and multinational companies makes Rome an ideal destination for international students. The Sapienza University of Rome is a premier Italian public research university.

Introduction to Sapienza University of Rome

The Sapienza University of Rome (also called simply Sapienza or the University of Rome) is 1719 years old public research university in Rome, Italy. Every year, the University welcomes thousands of international students who come to study in Rome. It is a member of the Erasmus+ Programme and has undersigned bilateral agreements with many prestigious foreign universities.

The University has a mission to contribute to the development of society through research, training and international cooperation. It is one of the largest universities in Italy, proudly teaching over 117,000 students overall (the academic year 2020-2021). The University is divided into 11 faculties, a school of advanced studies, a post-graduate school of aerospace engineering, 58 departments, and numerous research centres and service centres.

The Sapienza University acceptance rate is more than 80%, so the students can easily be admitted to this University. Generally, the university only provides one Intake that is only in September.

Why choose Sapienza University

1. Encourages International Research

The University promotes international research by facilitating joint research projects. They regularly host visits of researchers and professors from leading foreign universities and research centres. Also, Researchers' training and career development are supported by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), focusing on innovation.


2. Quality teaching

The University provides high-quality education to international students. It is a place that can fulfil your dreams, educate you and provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to give you an edge in the world. Also, they had partnerships with European and non-European universities to promote the mobility of foreign professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff, as well as participating in a series of EU programmes and activities to promote development cooperation.


3. Multiple facilities

The University has 48 libraries, with four reading rooms open 24 hours a day. Moreover, through the Sapienza Sports Center, the University promotes numerous cultural, social and sporting activities to experience the campus, with over 100,000 square meters of facilities for practising all types of sports, the orchestras and the choirs of Musica Sapienza, the Theatron project, the web radio RadioSapienza.

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Sapienza University of Rome Ranking

According to QS Ranking 2022, the University is ranked 1st in the world for ‘Classics and Ancient History. It is the first time that an Italian university has dominated the international Qs rankings. Therefore, Sapienza University proudly carries this honour. At the same time, the University is ranked 75th for Arts and Humanities (+ 28 positions compared to last year). Also, it stands in 50th place for Natural Science.

Programmes at Sapienza University of Rome

The University offers more than 50+ English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programs. Some of the popular bachelor’s courses like:

  • BSc Applied Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

It is a part of a computer science course which takes three years to complete. The course trains graduates with specific skills in artificial intelligence and the most critical areas of applied computer science. Also, the course will equip the students with a solid cultural background that will allow them to keep pace with the progress of technologies. In addition, solid technical preparation will enable a rapid professional insertion in the information technology sector & communication.

  • BA Classics

The course at the University aims to provide relevant and impactful training in the knowledge of the ancient world, particularly of Greek and Latin languages and literature, ancient history, classical archaeology and the permanence of the classic in medieval, modern and contemporary culture. The teachings of the Course of Studies will tend to be based on a solid but broad vision of the classical world. They will focus on languages and literature; and the strictly cultural, anthropological and reception aspects of ancient civilisations.

  • BA Global Humanities

The Degree in Global Humanities aims to provide students with knowledge and competencies in the social sciences and humanities, privileging a global and transcultural perspective. Flexible curricula characterise the course, carefully planned and devised to preserve the interdisciplinary and complementary structure of the study plans. After the completion of the course, the students can work in social & cultural institutions, both private and public sector, in agencies and associations active in the sector of cultural mediation, hospitality, social policies & cultural politics, etc.
And provides master’s programmes such as:

  • MSc Architecture

The architecture course at the University aims to train an architect who can creatively master all the transformations of anthropic space, bringing architecture and space back into a single bed. Based on the balance between theoretical and cultural knowledge and technical-professional skills, they provide cultural awareness, creative skills and updates on technical aspects and the world of work and production. After pursuing the degree, the students can practice the profession of architecture.

  • MSc Engineering

The engineering course is one of the top courses that international students prefer. The University provides various specializations in engineering, including Chemical, Electronics, Mechanical, Management, etc. This course will equip you with all the skills and innovative techniques required to meet the rapidly changing technology.

  • MSc Design, Multimedia and Visual Communication

The University includes a combination of theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject. It is a two-year program in which the students can acquire the skills, tools and methodologies relevant to designing and producing communicative artefacts. The program aims to train a designer able to conceive and control in its content, aesthetic and technological aspects the communicative artefacts that interact with everyday life, be they analogue or digital.

  • MSc Fashion Studies

The masters in fashion program prepare students for high-level responsibilities in the world of fashion, its relations with communications, figurative arts and entertainment, and a wide range of related fields. Students get an opportunity to acquire skills and specialist knowledge related to the development of the fashion industry, both historically and as an ongoing trend, with particular attention to cultural, symbolic and economic/financial factors. Also, they will enquire about the entrepreneurial and management skills necessary to work in this field.

Fees and Scholarship

The Sapienza University of Rome’s fee ranges from 1000 euros to 2500 euros per year for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Apart from this, the University provides Regional scholarships to International students. After the Scholarship, the fees of the University reduces to up to 156 euros.


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