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With more than eight lakh international students, Canada is among the world's most popular destinations for studying abroad. The high quality of education at an affordable fee, a cosmopolitan environment with a high standard of living, and a world-renowned degree with huge career opportunities attract numerous international students to study in Canada. Apart from this, overseas students are also allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours while studying there.
Since Canada is an English-speaking country and most of the courses offered in universities are English-taught, students have to prove their language skills. One of the most common ways to prove language skills is through an English proficiency test. PTE is one of the most common tests that international students might appear for. In this blog, let’s explore the PTE accepted universities in Canada.


What is PTE?


Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a widely accepted English proficiency exam; almost 90% of the universities and colleges in Canada accept the test. There are two types of PTE tests one is general, and another is academic. Students who wish to study abroad generally have to appear for the academic exam. PTE Academic is a two-hour computer-based test taken at a friendly test centre environment. The exam consists of three parts: Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening. Students can get PTE result in just 48 hours. The test scores of PTE are valid for 2 years. The number of questions in each section and duration is mentioned in the table below:



Number of Questions


Part-1 Speaking & Writing

7 different types of questions

54-67 minutes

Part-2 Reading

5 different types of questions

29-30 minutes

Part-3 Listening

8 questions

30-43 minutes


Top PTE Accepting Universities in Canada


Canada is home to some of the world's most prominent and research-intensive universities. Almost all the top Canadian universities and Colleges accept the PTE score of a student. A list of universities accepting PTE in Canada is mentioned below.



Top Courses


The University of British Columbia

International economics, Food market analysis, Media studies, First Nations and indigenous studies, Applied animal biology, Social Work, Ethnomusicology

A minimum overall band score of 65

McMaster University

Arts and Humanities, Business and Management, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and, Medicines, Natural Sciences

A minimum overall band score of 63

University of Alberta

Humanities, Sciences, Creative Arts, Business, Engineering, Health Sciences

A minimum overall band score of 61

University of Ottawa

Teaching & Education, Law, Accounting & Commerce, Business & Management Studies, Arts (Fine/ Visual / Performing)

Minimum overall band score between 52-55

Trent University

Anthropology, Arts & Science, Entrepreneurship, Communications, Information Systems

A minimum overall band score of 59

Cape Breton University

Business & Management, Hospitality, Social Science, Engineering

A minimum overall band score of 59

Western University

American Cultural Studies, Archaeology and Biological, Anthropology, Financial Economics, Commercial Aviation Management, Anthropology, Applied Mathematics

A minimum overall band score of 58

Brock University

Child health, Biochemistry, Sports Management, Kinesiology, Design

A minimum overall band score of 55

Queen's University Kingston

Nursing, BBA, Geoengineering, Data Analytics, Social Science

A minimum overall band score of 60

Simon Fraser University

Publishing, Mass Communication & Media, Animation, Psychology

A minimum overall band score of 65

Concordia University

Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Economics and Business, Neuroscience

A minimum overall band score of 61

University Canada West

MBA, Business Communication, Project Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Supply Chain Management

A minimum overall band score of 58

University of Northern

Human Resources, MBA, Media & Journalism, Information Technology, Biosciences, Renewable Energy

A minimum overall band score of 65

University of British Columbia

Urban Forestry, Global Resource Systems, Philosophy, politics, and economics

A minimum overall band score of 65

St. Thomas University

Environmental Engineering, Hospitality & Hotel Management, MBA, Construction Management, Psychology

A minimum overall band score of 50

Nipissing University

Nursing, History, Sociology, Kinesiology, Education, Mathematics

A minimum overall band score of 58




Q: How much PTE score is required for Canada?
A: The PTE score required to study in Canada varies from university to university. However, the minimum overall score required to apply in Canadian universities is 50.

Q: Does Canada accept the Pearson Test of English for a student visa?
A: Yes, PTE is accepted in the Non-SDS student visa category.

Q: Which is better for Canada, PTE or IELTS?
A: The difficulty level of both exams are similar. However, IELTS is a more widely accepted test as compared to PTE. All Canadian universities accept IELTS, and colleges, whereas PTE is only accepted by 90% of universities and colleges.

Q: Are PTE scores necessary for admission to Canada?
A: Any of the one English proficiency tests is necessary to enrol in Canadian universities. PTE is one of the most commonly accepted English proficiency tests for which students might appear.

Q: Which university accept PTE in Canada?
A: PTE is a widely accepted English proficiency test. Almost 90% of the universities in Canada accept PTE.


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