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Part-time job opportunities is the major pointer that most students consider while planning to choose their study abroad destination. As an international student, you can easily find a variety of part time jobs in Germany. Germany is known not only for its world-class education but also for its excellent part time jobs in Germany for international students during their studies.


So, whether you're looking to support your studies financially, gain work experience, or simply enjoy a new cultural experience, this blog will help you navigate the diverse and exciting world of part time jobs in Germany. Here, we will explore various part time work options available for international students in Germany, providing valuable insights into tips for finding these opportunities. So, let’s begin with the blog. 


Important Points Regarding Part Time Jobs in Germany

Here are some pointers to keep in mind before looking for part time jobs in Germany as an international student: 

  • International part-time workers are allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days annually without being involved in freelancing projects or self-employment. 

  • In the employment market, students from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein have nearly similar rights to German students. They, like German nationals, are eligible for special insurance contributions if they work 20 or more hours per week. 

  • If students desire to work more than the permitted hours, they must obtain approval from their local employment agency and the registration office for foreigners. 

  • International students enrolled in any preparatory or language course may only work during breaks with approval from the Immigration Office and the Federal Employment Agency. 

  • Working hours are usually not imposed on students who work as academic assistants. They will, however, be required to notify the foreigners' office of their employment terms and circumstances. 

  • Students are also exempt from taxation if they work less than 70 days a year. 

  • Working 20+ hours a week is not recommended in most cases; it is against the norms of most German universities, and you will have to pay for health insurance, nursing care insurance, and unemployment insurance.

  • Compliance with Federal Laws is required; failure to do so may result in expulsion from Germany.


How to Find Part Time Jobs in Germany as an International Student

Now, you must be wondering how to find part time jobs in Germany as international students. So, let’s explore that below:


On-Campus Part-Time Jobs

As the name implies, on-campus part-time jobs are available in the university campus. It is an excellent opportunity for international students to work in the relevant field of their subject. Also, on-campus jobs do not require students to move outside the campus and waste time travelling. International students can easily find on-campus part-time jobs by talking to the university administration.


Off-Campus Part-time Jobs

Off-campus is another option for international students. It is easy to find off-campus jobs compared to an on-campus part-time job. The greatest advantage of an off-campus part-time job is that international students get to experience life outside the university campus and explore the multicultural environment in Germany. However, students must obtain authorisation from their institutions to work off-campus part-time. You can find off-campus part time jobs in germany through your connections, advertisements, university carer centres, or online portals like Jobwae and Zenjob.


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Popular Part Time Jobs in Germany for International Students

There are several part time jobs in germany for Indian students, some of them are mentioned below:


On-campus Jobs

  • Lab Assistant

  • Tech Support

  • Resident Assistant

  • Library Assistant

  • Campus Ambassador

  • Campus Guide

  • Student content creator

  • Teaching Assistants


Off-Campus Jobs

  • Data Entry Operator

  • Caretaker (adult or child)

  • Cook

  • Grocery Store Assistant

  • Waiter/ waitress

  • Cashier 

  • Personal Tutor

  • Delivery Boy

  • IT Assistant

  • Sales Assistant

  • Receptionist 


Cost of Living in Germany

The cost of living in Germany for international students is estimated to be less compared to other nations like the UK, the US, and Australia. Further, if we compare it to the average cost of living in the European Union, it is also affordable. The average cost of living in Germany is for international students is estimated to be around 850 euros per month or approximately 10,200 euros a year.


Well, the most exciting fact is that international students can easily cover their cost of living through part-time jobs in Germany while studying there. However, one must keep in mind that students are allowed to earn up to 450 Euros a month without paying taxes. Students who earn more than 450 Euros will be required to obtain tax identification numbers, and a set amount will be withheld from their pay monthly. However, students may be able to obtain this money back after filing their tax returns at the end of the year.



In conclusion, Germany offers a multitude of part time work options for international students, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to enhance their educational experience while maintaining financial stability. From flexible student part time jobs to internships and research assistant positions, there are opportunities to suit various interests and fields of study. However, it's essential to familiarise yourself with the relevant regulations, such as work hour limitations and visa requirements, to make the most of your time in Germany.


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Q: Can international students work in Germany without speaking their native language?

A: Yes, international students can work in Germany even if they do not understand the language. They simply need to apply for positions that accept applicants who do not speak German. If international workers are looking for work in Germany but do not speak German, they can apply for jobs in tech companies or digital departments.


Q: Is it easy to get a part time job in Germany for Indian students?

A: Yes, it is quite easy to obtain part-time employment in Germany because the economy is robust enough to offer a wide range of opportunities to international students.


Q: What is the average part time job salary in Germany?

A: Students earn up to 24,560 EUR per year or 13.85 EUR per hour on average with their part-time job, although the national average income for part-time work in Germany is 12.35 EUR.


Q: Which city is the best for a part time job in Germany?

A: Munich, Germany's third-largest city, is regarded as the greatest place to work part-time in the country. It's because earnings in Munich are significantly higher than the national average. Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Cologne are among the other German cities that provide high-paying part-time jobs.


Q: Do international students pay taxes for part-time jobs?

A: International students working part-time can earn up to 450 Euros per month without having to pay taxes. If you make more than this amount on a monthly basis, you must obtain a tax identification number. This method deducts a set amount from your pay on a monthly basis, but you only get it back at the end of the fiscal year when you file your tax return.

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