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Are you seeking information on cheapest accommodation in Germany or housing in Germany? If yes, you are at the right place, as this blog addresses this topic in detail. So read carefully till the end.


Germany is touted as one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations across the globe among aspiring international students owing to its cost-effective and supreme quality education in addition to affordable living.


Additionally, diverse courses, the finest facilities, and top-class research infrastructure make Germany quite desirable among Indian students. So, once you have decided to pursue higher education after receiving an acceptance letter from your desired German university, arranging accommodation in Germany is the most pivotal step.


The blog covers accommodation types, cost of accommodation and housing in Germany for Indian students.


Accommodation in Germany for Indian Students: Types

There are two prominent types of accommodation in Germany for Indian students, and a brief description of both accommodation types is as follows:


Student halls of residence


Students opt for this accommodation due to its low cost, affordability and opportunities for socialisation. Further, low monthly investment and proximity to university campuses are other key features of this accommodation in Germany.


A self-administration committee is there for students living in student halls wherein the administration, in collaboration with the resident tutors, organises social, cultural and sports activities for integrating international students. Indian students can find single rooms, shared apartments, couple apartments, single apartments, single-parent households and rooms for disabled individuals under this accommodation type. The process of renting an available place in halls of residence is as follows:

  • First, submit an online application on the webpage of your desired city’s student union. 

  • You will receive an email containing the applicant’s data and the deadline for submission of the matriculation certificate. 

  • After submission of your matriculation certificate, an early notice will be received via email, which will state that you will be offered a place to stay within 4 to 8 weeks.

  • You will also receive an email with a “Festanschreiben” accommodation offer with a deadline, direct debit authorisation, information concerning the in-charge administrative office, and the lease agreement content. 

  • You need to accept and respond to the offer within the mentioned timeline with the direct debit authorisation if you like it.


Quick accommodation offer

This notice offer is sent to individuals on the waiting list when a room or space is vacant in the hall of residence, mainly to people who responded with direct debit authorisation.


Private accommodation

The option of private accommodation is also available for Indian students concerning accommodation in Germany; though it is expensive, it offers adequate autonomy and privacy. However, the possibility of socialising decreases in the case of this accommodation type. Additionally, rent is relatively high in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Main.


Moreover, you can ask for assistance from the student union of the city or the International office while looking for private accommodation.  


Accommodation in Germany: Best Cities

Germany is not only known for its quality education and excellent universities but also for rendering the unforgettable experience of immersing in the culture and lifestyle of the country. Further, according to the QS World Ranking 2023 list, German cities Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart are ranked 2,6 and 88 among the top 100 best student cities.


Moreover, most international students find these cities the best for studying and housing in Germany.


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Cost of Accommodation in Germany for Indian Students

The cost of accommodation is a prominent concern for international students when deciding to study in Germany. As per the German Academic Exchange Service, students spend around 900 EUR in Germany house rent per month.


According to official data, 298 EUR are spent on accommodation in Germany every month besides living expenses by international students. However, some students opting for cheapest accommodation in Germany spend around 218 EUR for the same period encompassing living expenses.


Therefore, accommodation expense totally depends on international students’ preferences concerning accommodation in Germany. A brief overview of Germany house rent per month is given below to help you determine cheapest house rent in Germany.

Accommodation type 

Average cost in INR

Residence halls

21,345 – 29,885



Private accommodation


Further, accommodation expenses in the top cities are given as follows:


Average in INR












Q. What type of accommodation options are available for Indian students in Germany?

A. Student halls of residence and private accommodations are the two main accommodation types available for Indian students in Germany.


Q. Is it possible to obtain campus accommodation in Germany?

A. Yes, it is possible to get, though it is quite rare and competitive. However, you may apply for student halls of residence if you are willing to stay nearer to the university campus.


Q. What will be my average cost of living in Germany as an Indian student?

A. It depends on your accommodation choice and the city you choose to live in as an international student in Germany. On average, it can vary between 20,000 – 1,00,000 INR or 248 EUR – 1239 EUR.


Q. Which is the cheaper accommodation option in Germany?

A. Student halls of residence is the cheaper accommodation option for staying in Germany as an international student among all the available options.


Q. What is the Germany house rent per month for international students?

A. You will require around 900 EUR monthly as house rent in Germany.



In summary, it is inferred that Indian students can take advantage of Student Halls of Residence by applying early and following the required guidelines, as it serves as the cheapest accommodation in Germany for Indian students. However, Germany house rent per month for international students varies according to their chosen city.


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